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Get 50% off Healthy Homemade Dog Treats with Free Shipping (Min Spend $20) @ ThreePawsBakery on Etsy


Hello from ThreePaws!

We're excited to offer a discount of 50% off (min spend $20) our range of handmade dog treats. We also offer free shipping Australia wide.

Just use OZB50OFF at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/ThreePawsBakery

Feel free to share with friends.

Edit: We're going to continue to run this promo until the end of Jan, so get in quick :)

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Etsy ThreePawsBakery
Etsy ThreePawsBakery

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    Any relation to Two Dogs Lemonade?

    • Nope, no relation to them.

  • Thank you OP. Placed an order for my dogs and my sister's dogs :)

    • Amazing, thank you!

      Please let us know how they go when you get them.

      • Received my order today and I'm genuinely surprised that my fussy dogs love them. They are usually very suspicious of new food and eat a small piece out of curiosity but this time, they licked off all the crumb.
        Thanks again for the deal and great treats for my dogs OP :)

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          That's great to hear they went down a treat.

          Thanks for letting us know! We'd love a review on Etsy if you get an email from them ❤️☺️

  • I'm all for supporting small business that provide yummy treats for my four legged friend and I really really wanted to hit the purchase button, especially with 50% off!
    But looking at the ingredients list, I question if I should be giving my mate things like parsley, banana, oregano, pumpkin seeds, chickpea flour, buckwheat flour, Chia seeds, buckwheat seeds, etc etc.

    Yes I buy mid-high range kibble for my dog, that has a whole bunch of stuff on the ingredients list. But for some reason I trust that more than a random etsy store.
    If you had some treats that were majority meat based I'd be all for it.
    Just some honest feedback from a potential customer! All the best!

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      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

      All of the ingredients in our treats serve a purpose and are actually good for your dog, unlike a lot of the filler you'll find such as whole-wheat flour and other things in a lot of treats.

      Things like parsley, pumpkin seeds and chickpea flour are good for your dogs digestion, coat and more.

      We wouldn't put anything in our treats that we haven't researched well, or feed our own dogs (and I'll be honest, I eat one or two fresh out of the oven too).

      Meat isn't something we've considered adding to our treats, but maybe if there's enough interest in the future we will.


      • Is there an industry requirement for you to have some sort of a food license. Do you have some sort of insurance? What happens if a pet falls ill or dies after consuming your products.

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          Hi Rack,

          Whilst there is the Australian Pet Food Standard AS5812 (PFIAA), it is opt in.

          Since it does give you access to displaying logos that boost consumer confidence, we're looking at getting accredited with this (but are_ not_ at the moment). It would also be a necessity to sell in stores like Coles or Woolworths to meet these standards. Online, not so much.

          Our treats don't have any meat, are baked with little moisture, and have a natural preservative in them to reduce spoilage concerns.

  • Thanks op!

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      No worries, I can see your order in Etsy, let us know how they go !

  • Vegetarian dog treats… wut.

  • Have bought some this morning. I'm sure he'll love them. Thanks op!

    • Ah that was you! Thank you.

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