Storage rental options?


My house is nearly full with stuff that we rarely use and my wife would not agree to through away, are there any cheap storage rentals in the market?

Most stuff are old furniture, toys, lego, snow gear etc etc…ideally I want a decent empty room space where i can buy boxes and fill it up.

I've done some searching and it comes up prices very expensive, for a closet 1.5.x1.4 it would cost $200+ a month in Kennards, bascially I'm not storing anything precious so don't need it to be highly secured, just a dry indoor room with a lock would do, and I don't mind if the location is a little far as I think I won't be using any of this stuff any time soon.

Thanks, appreciate any help and advise.


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    If you’re not fussed with it being secure, try some community Facebook groups and see if anyone has a spare garage space or even apartment storage space you can lease from

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    If you can’t fit it in your house and you have no intention of using it why is it staying and potentially costing you money?

    If you plan on using it, why not substitute it out now for what you wont use and sell that?

    All other logic failing…

    Build a shed.

    Or hit up some family/friends with space and strike up a deal.

    • If I was in charge I would just give it all away or throw everything out, last time on the free bulky collection day I throwed out a few and my wife and kid picked about half back…

      Some stuff just takes alot of room, like snow gear, we only went once a few years back, bought alot of stuff that takes a lot room, also my wife collects Lego, probably there's
      nearly 100 boxes of unopened lego

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        100 boxes of unopened lego and you don’t need secure storage?

      • Like telling the kids the dogs going to live on the farm when it gets too old…

        Time to take it to store “on the farm” and forget where the farm you stored it at is.

        But seriously, that much lego… sell it or secure it.

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        nearly 100 boxes of unopened lego

        I'm not storing anything precious

        I can guarantee you without a doubt that your wife does NOT agree with your valuation of her collection

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        100 boxes of unopened LEGO is not a collector. That’s a hoarder with LEGO speculation tendencies.

        If it’s meant to be an investment, you are going to throw away all your gains by paying for storage. Sell it.

        LEGO is for building, it’s not an investment.

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    Unless you have a sentimental attachment just sell it and buy back later if you need it.

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    Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permissions.

    Give it all to charity adn say you got robbed on the way to storage unit

  • the cheapest oprion is one of those taxibox type things, they can store it on site, or some type of container storage yard

  • I just looked up taxibox storage rate, its 129 monthly with 15% long term discount. There are other companies that do similar, can still shop around/.

    • Thanks, this is quite interesting, so they lease you a large container to put in your backyard.

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    Contact the producers of "hoarders". You'll probably get paid to do the show, plus you'll get rid of the crap, and sell the Lego. Rather than paying for storage, you'll be making money, and getting rid of junk.

  • I'm renting a 1m X 3m storage at National Storage for $69/month in Tullmarine VIC

  • I once had a storage unit after I lived overseas. It seemed reasonably cheap at the time ($120 p/m) but over time (years) even this adds up to mega money and ends up running into the thousands that could be better spent or saved. Once your stuff is stored in it, it becomes hard to "unstore" it. It's an ordeal. If you can possibly avoid going down that route, do avoid getting a unit. If you have the room build a small shed for sports gear or create storage in your garage roof.

    My advice: sell (or donate) everything you don't use. Strongly consider selling anything you might use. Be objective, scale back the Lego and make coin. It may prove cheaper in the long run to donate (letting someone else have use of it now) and re-buy when genuinely required than to store it long term.

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    Paying to store stuff you don't use or need…

    Sell it. Get rid of it.

  • Once it goes there, it won't come back. Are you prepared to pay storage fees long term?

  • I’ve been paying $220 a month for a HUGE storage space at Fort Knox (first two months were 50% off) so shop around other than Kennards. Everything from a 2.5bd unit in this storage locker/space

  • My old mate Clarrie once said to buy a cheap caravan for storage

  • or similar peer to peer site?

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