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Wacaco Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine $139 Delivered @ Central Coast Coffee


I have one and it's great for real espresso at work - although beware it requires a proper burr grinder as it is a traditional non-pressurised 52 mm basket. I bought a second from these guys delivered but they seem like a small retailer so might be limited stock. Usual price is about $189 delivered locally.

Picopresso is Wacaco's most compact and pro-oriented of our portable espresso machines. This specialty coffee espresso machine features a naked portafilter, so users will see delicious creamy espresso flowing directly from a standard 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket during the brewing process. With the Picopresso there are no shortcuts. Each home brewer must master the art of manual espresso making by dialing in the correct grind size, tamping, and perfecting pulling technique – their reward; an authentic cafe-quality espresso that will rival any expensive high-end machine.

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    i got the nanopress and used it in america, was a life saver!

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    That's a good price! got mine for $151..

  • Gotta say, the nanopresso for coffee pods is amazing. Decent results workout the hassle of grinding your own beans, etc. Sure you have to deal with the pods but convenience over other considerations is kinda the point here.

    If only they had a pod converter for this model too :-)

    • But you said Nanopresso is amazing for the purpose.

      Why would you want to convert the much larger basket of Picopresso to use pods? The point of this model is to have a proper basket for ground coffee.

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        Well, lighter and smaller overall volume, I guess.

    • How does it deal with dented pods? I find when travelling with some aluminium pods, they get dented and some machines don't that very much :(

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        Depends on how it's dented. The seal forms around the lip of the capsule and you'd have to get enough of a puncture through the other end so you get enough water through.

  • How does the end product compare to aeropress?

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      You get espresso with Picopresso.

      • What do you get out of aeropress? something closer to french press?

        • I'd say Aeropress is more like a mokka pot/stove top coffee maker.

          French press has little pressure.

    • Yep it is true espresso approx 9 bar, with a real non pressurised basket

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    Great little device making real espresso. Works with 20g LaPavoni basket for those who want extra kick. 51mm basket. Needs a decent hand grinder along with kettle/jetboil to work. Fresh med/dark beans is a must if u want crema.

  • How does this compare to the Nanopresso?


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      I only have the picopresso but the nanopresso uses only 8 gm basket and a pressurised system by default (although can be converted to non-pressurised apparently). You need to buy the barista attachment to increase the dose to 16 gm. The pico is about 18 gm at baseline, but can use bigger la pavoni baskets as stated above and the build quality is higher.

  • Try these guys coastal blend beans. One of the best I’ve tried ! Wish they could do deals on here as shipping is pricey if you just want a bag

  • Can you use cold water with Nanopresso?

  • Is this website legit??? 139 seems to be too good to be true

    • apparently it's a real roaster - i have bought - will let you know if I get a shipping notification

      • Its been 7 days and the order still has not yet shipped for me, any luck on your end?

        Edit: Never mind, just saw on their website they won't be shipping anything until the 17th

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          yah lame i wonder if i missed this from the first advert

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          Interesting, I read that as they won't be shipping their beans until they're roasted on the 17th. Probably applies to everything for a small outfit.

  • $159 now?

    • Yup, sold out at $139.

  • I must say. I'm with James on this one:

    • That's for the nanopresso, no review from him about the picopresso yet

      • Oh ok. My bad.
        What’s the difference

      • Given his general tendency, I don't think his opinion's going to be any different for the Pico. Basically if you don't need a small-batch, portable espresso maker, then this gadget isn't for you.

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    Mine arrived today in case anyone worried re the delay still.

    • Same here. Arrived today in Melb. Hopefully wont take too many trials to dial in the grind. Looking forwards to checking out their beans too.

  • If you are like me and missed this offer, it is on ebay from a different seller (for $149 delivered)

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