expired Preowned Xbox 4GB Slim - $168 (EB Games)


For those that missed out on the several xbox deals in the past 6 months, this seems quite decent. It comes with 12 month warranty so I think it is good!

EB Games Australia

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    Not a very good deal for a preowned, new ones pop up very often for the same price or less.

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    This was around 150 brand new a few month back


      Yea that one is from Harvey Norman. I'm very lucky to get both $150 Xbox and $88 Kinect


      Phat model?

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    With new xbox slims are there better cooler one's then other's like the Xenon, Jasper cooling chips in first xbox's?

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      yea something called a PS3, hands down cooler !


        Yeah Buddy lol they are a lot cooler I own a 45NM CPU GPU one and can hardley here it's on.

        Anyways I was just asking about what Lot number I should look for with 360's I had that damn many of them over the year lol.


    Hmm, so very very tempted. I've been waiting for the amazing prices to come back…


    Anyone know where I can get one new online around that same price?


      Sure. If a DSE staff member has an attack of conscience and puts up their reserved Xbox 360 250GB Slim for the announced sale price of $100.

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    I wouldn't buy any of this garbage then again was looking at a cheap preowned psp or something