[WA] Was in a 3 Car Accident Being The One at The Front and Insurance Can't Contact The First Car

Hey guys,

Just want to get some ideas on what I can or should do in this scenario.

Was involved in an accident where the car behind me was rear ended and ended up hitting my car after the impact. I got the details from the car behind me, but not from the car behind the car that hit me (if that makes sense)?

Now apparently the dude behind me lost the details of the dude behind him and Youi is saying that because of that I have to pay my excess in order to fix the rear bumper…

I was always under the assumption that the person behind you was at fault and in a multiple car accident then the person just didn't give enough space.

The first car I'm pretty sure was a write-off as the whole front was bent and he couldn't drive it home so there is a police report for it (I didn't do one because mine is a minor damage to my bumper).

Thanks for the help! First time car owner here so not sure what to do.

EDIT: Apparently there is a police report for it. Car 2 guy said he's gonna get it from the police and forward it to me, then Youi said they will follow up on that. Very lazy of Youi to expect me to chase those details as they should do it from the beginning.

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    Personal view, the dude losing the details is not your fault. You've provided Youi with the driver that hit you, so your end of the bargain is completed. I would review your PDS and then push back against Youi.

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      Great advice.

      Surely the pds has to have some clarity on it otherwise its a ridiculous situation.

      Youi would be chasing the middle cars details. The rear cars details should be irrelevant as your claim is between you and the car behind.

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        I was always under the assumption that the person behind you was at fault and in a multiple car accident then the person just didn't give enough space.

        lazy of Youi to expect me to chase those details as they should do it from the beginning.

        Why OP didn't get the last guy's info "from the beginning" too then eh? Pfft

    • I agree, but Youi is pushing back on that saying that I should have grabbed the details from the last person's car

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        That shouldn't be right as they are not directly responsible for your damage, the middle car is. The middle car can then chase any responsibility for your car from the rearmost car.

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        Youi are one of the laziest insurers I have ever had the displeasure of using. Switch when your next renewal is due.

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          Strange, I have made 3 claims through them, house and car and found them to be great.

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            @singlemalt72: Probably different when they need to do a bit of extra work.
            They are sounding extremely lazy in this situation

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          Same opinion here, Youi are simply terrible to deal with. Avoid.

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        Just thinking here…isn't it ultimately the driver & car that hit the car behind you the cause of yours(and the car behind you) damage? That is, would the car behind you have hit you at all, if he hadn't been heavily rear-ended by the car behind him?
        At the very least, I'm not at all surprised that Youi do need the main players details, along with those of the car behind. I don't need to remind you that you should have got those at the time, but surely the police would help you directly if the middle guy doesn't send details on, as he's said he would.
        I also have found Youi to be very good, to the extent that when my car was significantly damaged in a car park, and I couldn't provide the details, as I wasn't there at the time of damage, they kindly waived my paying the excess - as such, I am very happy with them as my insurer.
        I wish you well in getting it all sorted out, as I'm sure you will.đź‘Ť

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        That's rubbish.
        Only the car behind you made contact with your car.
        Anything else is irrelevant

        How is OP to know what happened behind the car that hit him.?
        OP is in no position to determine this.

        Its up to the driver behind OP to get the details of the driver that rammed him

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          That's rubbish.

          Everything you've written in the above post is rubbish!

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            @bobbified: Elaborate.

            • @smartazz104: I did over here….

              Also, if you read the posts from other users who have experienced that kind of a collision, you can see what they've said about who was actually held responsible.

          • @bobbified: Do you think bobbified is boxtrot19? That's the only way this comment makes sense. Anyway, diff person.

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        Lol. I wonder what would have happened when there were multiple cars (say 15 or more) involved and in fact you wouldn’t be sure who was first. Youi would tell to go figure or else get all 15 drivers’ details.

        How on earth is this even ethical. You should ideally be getting the ones who hit you (even if multiple).

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        That is bad, NRMA will never do this.

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        I must say I find it amazing that the guy behind has lost the rearmost guys details. I wonder if there was a deal made.

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      Youi wants the details of the at-fault driver.

      And the car that hit OP wasn't at-fault at all, he was rammed forward by the car behind.

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        It's the car that hit them though. That car can claim from the one behind.

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          No. The car that hit OP was not in any way at-fault, so Youi can't claim anything from them.

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            @trapper: The car that hit OP is at fault. He was likely too close.

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              @mattyman: That is only the case if the car behind him failed to stop, if I stop successful behind you after you emergency break and I am then pushed into you by another car your claim is completely with the car behind me as is mine.

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                @gromit: This.

                Source: I was the front car in a 3 car accident. middle car was pushed into me by rear car.

                Rear car was deemed at fault.

                • @anzacpaul: I was the middle car in a 3 car accident - rear car was also deemed at fault and also hit with a neg driving charge. The front two cars had come to a stop and the third hit me, pushing my car into the front car, with considerable damage.

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                  @anzacpaul: I was the front car in a 3 car accident and my insurance company only wanted the details of the car that hit me, not the car that hit them, even after explaining what happened.

                  They only care about the car that hit you because they then go to the insurer of the person that hit you, who will then go to the insurer of the car that hit them.

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              @mattyman: Rubbish. I was rear ended while stopped in traffic with a perfectly normal distance between me and the car in front of me. It still pushed me into their car.

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        The at fault driver from OPs point of view is the one that rear-ended OP
        Regardless of how it happened
        That has always been the way the cookie crumbles.

        Blaming the driver 3 cars back is a tall ask.
        Would never win in court.

        Too many ifs, buts and maybes

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          No there isn't. Middle car did nothing wrong. Rear car made impact with middle car, which caused middle car to hit front car. Rear car is at fault.

          Source: I have been in this exact position.

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          Would you still have the same view if the middle car was parked? with no driver even there at all…

          The cookie only crumbles for the guy who caused the accident. Not any of the random stuff he hit, or rammed into other things.

    • don't think it works like that, what they want for you to be able to waive the excess is for you to identify the at fault driver. The person behind him has no liability and is not at fault as it wasn't his fault and he is under no obligation to do much to assist. He really should have collected the details of the at fault driver.

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    Yep you're correct, it should be the one at the front chases the person behind them who then chases the person behind them for damages.

    Youi sound like they're doing the dodgy.

    They just need to chase up the guy behind you. It's then up to the guy behind you's insurance to chase the guy behind them.

    If the guy in the middle or last doesn't have insurance that's when it gets messy. Though still, not your problem

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      I thought so, but Youi is pushing back saying that I should have grabbed the details from the last person's car, which is frustrating!

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        It could be that the person behind you is insured with YOUI as well.

        Tell youi to get YOUIED and contact the ombudsman.

        • or the last car is with YOUI

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      The middle driver isn't at fault for anything though, he was rammed into OP.

      Both of them need to chase up the guy at the back who caused the entire accident, he is the only one responsible.

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        The process is that the middle driver could have driven into the OP first then the 3rd driver drove into the middle driver.

        So unfortunately the middle driver will have to shoulder the insurance process and pass it onto the third guy as technically the third guy never hit the first one

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          That's not the process at all.

          You can't just blame some innocent party and expect them to go and find the at-fault person for you.

          Your only claim is with the person who caused the accident.

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            @trapper: But the last person didn't hit you?
            How can you claim against someone who hasn't crashed into your car

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              @Drakesy: How can you claim? Well it is a legal claim right, so if not settled earlier you would ultimately need to prove it in court. (If you have insurance they do this for you)

              ie, driver A rammed car B into my car, so I want $ from driver A to pay for my damages.

              There is no way you could successfully sue the driver of car B who did nothing wrong.

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            @trapper: How can you assume the party is innocent without checking and going straight to 3rd car. What if car B pressed the accelerator after being rammed. Too many "if's". Insurer needs to start their investigation from some point and that point should be from who hit OP, they need to do the work to get to the ultimate outcome, it's what you pay them for.

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            @trapper: It's not up to you to determine who is at fault though, it's up to the insurance companies. The only fact that your insurance company knows is that the car behind you hit you in the back. That's it. Everything else is speculation. They contact the insurance company of that driver, who will then say "oh yeh this driver has filed a claim with this other driver who hit them in the back in this same incident". If they deem that rear driver to be at fault, they will be the one that pays the excess and the other 2 won't.

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          This is correct, the insurance daisy chains all the way down.
          I was the at fault car in one of these before :(

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      Yep you're correct, it should be the one at the front chases the person behind them who then chases the person behind them for damages.

      That's not actually right.

      In a multi-car front-to-rear collision, the insurance companies deem the very last car to be at-fault and they're responsible for the damage to ALL the vehicles in front, with the exception of:

      • where there is video or other evidence (such as an independent witness) that points the finger at the car in the middle hitting the car(s) in front first, before the last car came along and joined them. And even then, it's very hard to argue that the last car, hitting and pushing the cars in front, wouldn't have caused all the damage anyway.

      After a collision, a driver should get the details of ALL other drivers involved (and of course any independant witnesses too!)

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        Do you have a reference to where that comes from please bobbified? I don't doubt you at all but am interested.

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          Years ago, I was a claims assessor and determining liability was part of that. There's no actual 'laws' on it and "the car at the end" being responsible for all was an agreement between the insurance companies. I never saw or heard of the idea getting challenged in court and I think it would be interesting if it did. Although, it would be difficult to prove otherwise (on the balance of probability).

          It would really suck if you're the last car in a 5 car incident and had no insurance! Throw a couple of expensive cars in the mix and may as well just become bankrupt! lol

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            @bobbified: If you do enough damage you could even become bankrupt with full insurance.

            Would need to be millions of damage though.

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              @trapper: The typical insurance indemnifies you for $20 million or something like that - you'd need to run into and write off a few Bugatti Chirons to get to that point! 🤣

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                @bobbified: A few taxis as they charge you for every day they are out

              • @bobbified: What could hypothetically happen in that scenario? Would you be in debt? Or do you just pay your excess and insurance pays 20mil and you're off scot free?

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                  @dabs: The insurance company pays out the first $20 million and then if the party that sustains the loss decides that the amount doesn't cover their losses, they can sue the at-fault party for the difference (in the same way they would sue if that party didn't have insurance).

                  The only catch is, the insurance company represents the at-fault party and to pay out the first $20 million, it means that liability is no longer in question. So it's just a matter of the court ordering the at-fault party to pay the difference. Filing for bankruptcy might be a good option then!

                  Good thing is, I never saw any cases where the loss was anywhere near the $20 million figure. I guess it's theoretically possible where, say, someone caused a truck loaded with flammable chemicals to hit a building and the whole thing went up in flames.

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                    @bobbified: Thanks for the reply. I will remember to keep my future accident damages to not a dollar more than $20 million.

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            @bobbified: Thanks for the background.

            As a side wouldn’t touch Youi at all - the couple of times I tried to get online quotes that were ridiculous I then ended up getting several calls asking me how I wanted to pay for it.

          • @bobbified: There is no such agreement between insurance companies. LOL

            I do agree with you that after a collision, a driver should get the details of ALL other drivers involved and any independent witnesses.

            All OP needs to say is the car behind me hit me in the rear and here are their details. I can GUARANTEE that if Youi doesn't waive the excess and OP goes to AFCA the excess will be reimbursed/waived.

            • @DKZ370:

              There is no such agreement between insurance companies. LOL

              If you're looking for a legal document that outlines the exact clauses like a contract, you're not going to find it. All the companies worked on that understanding to reduce claims handling costs. I haven't been an assessor since the early 2000s, but not much has changed in terms of liability. The only change has been the pop up of a number of "budget insurers".

              I can GUARANTEE that if Youi doesn't waive the excess and OP goes to AFCA the excess will be reimbursed/waived.

              The OP should've provided the last driver's details (being the driver at fault) and that's a requirement as per their conditions in the PDS. I don't disagree with you that AFCA would eventually order the waiving of the excess. Youi know this, but they (and other budget insurers) like to try these types of things on in the hope of getting away with it.

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        How does that work if the middle car was not the legal distance and had stopped right up against the first car’s ass? Why should the third car also pay for that damage when the middle car was at fault for not stopping far enough back?

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          How does that work if the middle car was not the legal distance and had stopped right up against the first car’s ass?

          errr…. what 'legal distance'?

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        Exactly this. How is the original reply so highly voted?!

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    So to simplify you were stationery at an intersection (car 1) and the car behind you (car 2) was also stationery, but along came a 3rd car that wasn't paying attention and hit car 2, which in turn hit you?

    No blame can rest on car 2 irrespective of the room between you…..it's all car 3's fault

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      That's right, that's Youi is saying but I didn't get the details of car 3, only car 2 but car 2 lost the details of car 3! really messy

      • OP … yet in your previous post - it contradicts this exact post … "The first car I'm pretty sure was a write-off as the whole front was bent and he couldn't drive it home so there is a police report for it (I didn't do one because mine is a minor damage to my bumper)."

        Which is correct ???
        Is your car the 1st or 2nd involved in this multi-car incident???'

        Lastly, youi? yeah … need to be really specific when making a claim.
        They tend to pick up on inconsistencies more than other insurers (which may let such things slide).

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    I am not familar with those too, but out of curiosity…
    If there is a police report, can't you get the details from the police as you were involved in the accident?

    • +1

      I wasn't part of the police report as I drove away after getting car 2 details as it was a minor scratch in the bumper. Apparently there is a police report and I'm currently trying to get a hold of that.

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  • You should have got the details of the last car.

    I had a similiar thing happen where I was the middle car. I just told the front person the details of the back car and I never dealt with them again.

    • Smart! I'll know for next time, thanks!

  • Was recently in a 3 car, where I was the middle car. Because car 3 was the one at fault (she was flying in a 60 zone), I only gave drivers 3 details to my insurance

    • what did driver 1 do? did he also give drivers 3 details to the insurance or he got your details too?

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      That's right - the last car is responsible for all the damage.

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    That totally sucks and I would fight that for sure. Thanks for for tip, wont be considering Youi in future.

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    I was always under the assumption that the person behind you was at fault and in a multiple car accident then the person just didn't give enough space.

    Not always, at least in my experience anyway!

    I was in the middle of three cars in a similar situation. It happened at a red light that had been red for at least 15 seconds (so it wasn't someone hoping everyone else to run the lights etc), and I was hit quite hard from behind as the guy wasn't paying attention (their words, not mine). I left plenty of space (could see a bit of road and the tyres of the car in front) and the momentum of the of the hit took me into the bumper of the guy in front. I wasn't holding the brake very hard at the time of the impact was my car was already stationary so I was applying just enough pressure so it wasn't rolling forward, and the impact just took me right into the car in front.

    I took everyone's details and took photos just in case. As far as I know, the car I hit claimed off the car that hit me. I kept my no claim bonus and my premiums didn't change.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are ok!

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      This makes so much more sense. If the middle car is doing nothing and properly stopped then it's the last car's fault for the whole shebang. It's like someone hitting a parked car and then the parked car hits you - it's not the parked car's fault.

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    its in the name


    youi have to follow it up lol

    because that's what insurance is for.. youi to do legwork

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    In an accident always get details of all drivers involved.

    In this case luckily there is a police report, so OP should have no problem getting details of the other driver.

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    I can't believe people actually use Youi.

    • Are they really that bad? I signed up after they offered me a good price and are one of the best reviewed on product review. Who would you recommend?

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    usually if its a conventional pile up where car #3 hits car #2 and it goes into car#1 then car #3 carries the entire bill

    and normally all car#1 and #2 need is the license plate of car#3 PLUS preferably the DRL of driver of car#3

    its up to any reputable insurance company to go after car#3

    is driver of car#3 has no insurance well then insurance companies of car#1 and #2 have to compensate their customers and its up to the respective companies to go legal… car#3 is a deadbeat… that aint car#1 or #2's problem

    however i dont know what is the 'new normal' for next gen companies like Youi who see to want to 'revolutionise' car insurance to the detriment of the customer it seems

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    Had this exact scenario with AAMI. Not your issue, you've provided the required details and their hedging because they can't get it from the guys insurance. They are bluffing. Contact the insurance ombudsman.
    Here's a good read

    • What ended up happening in your case?

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    At least the premium was cheap.

    Now you can invest all that money you saved into time to resolve all the issues a competent insurer would normally do.

    • +1

      its a learning experience for You and a efficency thing for Youi

  • How would you know if car 2 is covering for a friend in car 3?

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    Youi is a complete rip off, so I would’ve hoped that they would at least be no fuss with their claims. Went through a quote for car insurance with them and their figure was more than double what I was quoted with RAC, even after a promotional offer.

    • +3

      It got worse when their sales rep called me and literally prompted me to lie about my situation (not driving everyday, parked in a garage etc.) so he could get close to my RACV quote. I regretted giving them my phone number for that quote.

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    Youi, you get what you pay for.

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    Typical insurance company trying to weasel out of paying.

    You should have just gave them the contact details of driver 2 and said you got hit from behind from him/her. Thats it. Let them do the rest.

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    Insurance companies are pretty scummy in general and have all these conditions.
    I'd suggest taking this opportunity to realise that Youi are no exception to the norm, and hence you should shop around for better pricing.
    Regardless of how cheap the insurance company is, they are almost all as likely as each other to give you grief when you need to claim. So you most as well pay the least you can for the insurance coverage.

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    Youi. Lol. That was a mistake.

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    sounds lazy on the part of whoever is managing your case/you talked to on the phone.

    but in retrospect its best to get details of all parties involved in the accident even if you think you know who is at blame.

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    first time im hearing anyone actually uses youi.

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    Youi is a dog of an insurer, and not in a good way.

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