[FEATURE] How about a "I bought this" button ? The + and - button do a decent job but how about refining this even more.....

How about a "I bought this" button ?

The + and - button do a decent job of seperating the seed from the chaff. But how about adding another additional layer of granularity in voting / promoting a deal by allowing ozbargainers to claim that they bought a certain deal.

Few privacy concerns here where people may or may not want their purchases to be publicly displayed, but for certain deals I guess they wouldn't mind. This might also help and people can be reminded over time to go back and post feedback on some deal that they bought in the past…

For me I would love to go back in history and look at all the deals I bought from ozbargain to calculate all the theoretical savings I made by spending $ on stuff I never wanted in the first place ;-)



    Interesting suggestion. This would also give a rough idea regarding how many registered users actually bought a particular deal - like having "Total items bought" on the first page. Will not be accurate because compared to Members there are always more 'Guests' online, who also buy the deal. Also don't see it working for deals with storewide promotions. - Nevertheless, it would make for a good feature.


      Agree to everything you have pointed out, also many are too lazy to even click the + vote even though they say they like the deal in the comments.

      I guess, this would also be good for ozbargain to actually "sort of prove / claim " the amount of business that came through them.

      Might help in the future with their hosting costs / advertising / selling the site ( no no no no no )

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