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LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 - $849.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Price seems pretty good for those with memberships. Been keeping an eye out for this and also the Millennium Falcon.

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    nice price for this set.
    already got one and waiting for the AT-AT UCS price to go down a bit.

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    Check out the Chinese knock offs if you're not a purist - you can certainly save a bit of coin. Had a good experience with MOULD KING's UCS millennium Falcon at a fraction of the lego cost.

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      wow, that IS indeed a bit of coin saved and lets face it unless you want to keep the box for display, does it really matter the plastic bricks are not out of legit lego factory?

      • I did find the quality of the bricks to be lower, and don't stick together as well. But yes, there is coin to be saved

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      Is /r/lepin leaking?

    • That SandCrawler is amazeballs! Step up Lego!

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      On the 2nd hand market the built LEGO will retain 80% of its value if you keep all the pieces and Instructions, Lepin 2nd hand is worth nothing to anyone.

      • This is pretty much the reasoning to fork out for official LEGO. Holding it's value. The chinese knock offs still cost $200-$300. Money which you will never be able to recoup because most people wouldn't drop that on a used and fake set.

        • I'd drop 100-200 on one of these large sets from a knock off. But, obviously, that's just me.

          • @nitens: They are still more like $300-400 for the big sets like the falcon. And risk them not fitting as well together / separating easily and coming apart on display. Don't get me wrong I've considered them, especially for the out of print sets like ucs x-wing/y-wing/b-wing. And also MOC sets that could cost huge money to purchase the legit bricks piecemeal
            But it's still $400 for an "ok" imitation. Still haven't pulled the trigger on any but I have no room for my legit sets let alone any more knockoffs lol

            • @Burnzie86: If you read above I bought one when in China (significantly cheaper than online) years ago and had a ball putting it together. In terms of build I had few issues other than some inconsistent colours on a few pieces, but only noticeable to me who knew what I was looking at. In terms of fitting, everything was about as good as lego for my kit. Not that this is any guarantee their quality controls is anywhere near the same.

              I flipped it for about what I paid for it to give someone else a go. But if someone was flipping a second hand set for a reduced price compared to the online I'd totally give it a go. I tend to buy for the build not the resale, collecting or status.

          • @nitens: you can't get large sets at that number (100-200) you are saying. have a browse on aliexpress. you have to deal with missing pieces (lego are very good at sending you replacements), dodgy seller and any related dramas.

            the imitations have its place, like if i want to build train tracks for my lego trains to go around my entire house (inside and outside), I'd probably start on knockoff tracks which makes it cheaper.

            • @slowmo: @slowmo, there are many large sets you can get for 100-200, obviously pricing ratios gotta apply here, you can't expect to buy something like MF or UCS Star Destroyer for 100-200. Usually about 1/3 of Lego pricing. So for these 300-400 is more reasonable.

              I had no problem and plenty of fun putting Disney Castle together with the kids, which was about $150 at the time.

              @nitens, totally agree, not everything is about buying and flipping.

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        Lepin 2nd hand is worth nothing to anyone.

        Money which you will never be able to recoup because most people wouldn't drop that on a used and fake set.

        Not everyone treats everything like property to be flipped …

        • Totally agree. This is what I was saying… I'd totally buy another big kit that's a knock off for a couple of hundred contrary to everyone saying they're worthless to everyone.

    • Resell value of Lego goes up once sets retires. Knockoffs have significantly less retail value even after the Lego set retires. In the long term you would actually save more with the Lego version as you could sell it more or break even.

    • Also the Mould King Monarch is cooler and cheaper than this.

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    Ooh, it's an older price, but it checks out. Very nice, tempting! I want it, but already have the SSD, so much grey… maybe should hold off for the AT-AT too.
    Might be time to sell off some old UCS sets to fund this though. Decisions.

    • that's what stopped me from contemplating AT-AT. There's just so much grey that yeah it looks super boring.

    • I see what you did there….

    • I had the 2002 imperial star destroyer. The build was boring and the thing fell apart just by looking at it.

      What i also discovered is lego will always release updated star wars ucs sets. There will be another millennium falcon. Another imperial shuttle. Heck, a third version of the imperial star destroyer. It pretty much screws with value.

      So.. Only buy it if you want to build and keep it on display.

  • Oos

  • Clicked ADD TO CART - Item insufficient stock for Cart… :( Ozbargained!

  • Oos

  • Wonder if kept in box unopened it would go up in value

    • Sort of. In 10 years or so they'll release another version. That's just what they do with star wars ucs. Sell at the right time when discontinued, sure you'll make coin. But expect to make a loss if you still have it when the next variant comes out.

      By the time there's a third one of these people won't see any good reason to get #2 instead of #3. They'll be much the same. And people will buy what's cheapest.

      They are getting away with re-releases now been because there's new piece shapes, more colours, bigger sets, studless design. There's not really any big improvements left to make in the next iteration.

      • how a many have you sold for profit and how much did you make?

          1. I'm not a lego leechseller, i just know what I'm doing from being an AFOL and cheapskate for many years
          2. I wouldn't buy this if i did want a profit
        • another AFOL here, sometimes its not the profit. I can still choose not to sell and add the parts into my collection. I still end up with more parts :)

          being able to sell old sets (built or unbuilt) at a profit is just a plus, because I know that profit will go back into buying newer UCS/expert sets. so i'm still ahead in the long term.

          if i can't/won't sell those older sets, i'll give it to my kids next time.

          some sets are never coming back tho, like the big architecture series.

          i'd pay good coin for some of the classic space sets if they are unopened, but that's just me.

    • The box is pretty big and heavy so you'd need somewhere to store it, then lug it around with you if you move house…

  • I thought the prices of GPU are crazily expensive at the moment until I see the prices of these LEGO Star Wars collection O.o

    • These are truely massive sets really only aimed at die hard fans of lego/star wars. This is at a discount, they RRP at $1099.

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