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Quilton 4 Ply Absorba Paper Towel (60 Sheets/Roll) 12 Count $13 (Min Qty: 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Quilton 4 Ply Absorba Paper Towel (60 Sheets per Roll) 12 count $13 (minimum order of 2 which takes it to $26) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

Delivers in 2-5 weeks

Delivery Update: Delivers in 1-2 months

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP. ONly has 2 rolls left!

    • Will they last for 2-3 weeks 😬😬

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    Use your left over TP from the last shortage .

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    delivery 2 to 5 weeks, by the time you get this the current wave will be over

    • But we'll have a new one. Let's be ready.

  • Super OIL Absorbent | Certified Food Safe

    Putting this on a paper towel is like putting "Superb Sweetness" on a sugar bag.

    • No quite, some brands they seem not very keen to suck in oil spills. Said that I have no experience with this

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        Said that I have no experience with this

        Yeah… :)

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    No thanks never pay more than 50c a roll

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      can you put the link for less 50c a roll

      • Aldi. Kmart. Reject shop.

        • yeah but you have to go there to get it. how much time is wasting and if you need to use your car, can you add petrol as well ?

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            how much time is wasting

            Funny you say this given this isn't going to even be dispatched for 2-5 weeks. Requires a minimum order of 24 rolls too. It's not like you can't buy other things from the shop while you're there and Reject Shop delivers via Doordash too :)

            If your postie is shit like mine, he sometimes just takes packages back to the post office to pick up anyway.

            • @decc0: i am not saying you need to buy this one as i am asking where to get the less 50 c paper towel and how much cost gonna get there.
              There are many plenty of paper towel you can get. handee, kleenex from CW, coles as well if you dont want to wait for 2-5 weeks.

      • Amazon just had the 45 pack 3 ply for $20 yesterday. I know because a bought a couple packs earlier this week.

        In fact it was $18 for s&s the prior week.

        Check in daily as the price constantly changes.

    • This is kitchen towel. Not toilet roll

    • That's tp

  • Deliver in 2 -5 weeks? wtf?

    • Some of us prefer to wipe our asses with paper towels.

      • Some of us prefer to wipe our asses with paper towels.

        Are you one of them ?

        • Would that information help you sleep at night?

          I think there's a website for that, not judging though, whatever floats your boat.

    • You realise that's a different product yeh? Lol

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    Anyone have any feedback on this vs Tuffy?

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      this one is the best

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    D: the regular quilton 3 ply x 45 rolls on amazon is listed for $63 lol

    • Was $20 only yesterday and earlier in the week.

    • Amazon AU stock sold out. Defaults to the next available seller being a store called "Deal First"

      • Should rename to jack first

    • Yeah people on s&s is better cancel

  • When you have no toilet paper, anything works

    • Be careful with putting in the toilet, as paper towels don't break as easily as TP and because of that it can clog the toilet or ducts.

  • Tuffy is cheaper

  • So cut into squares, split into 2 ply,

    You have rolled gold, money making dunny paper!

  • These feel like they have some sort of sheen to it, doesn't feel as good to use for normal use, but I suppose its better for oil.

    Do NOT use these for TP.

  • If you don’t work from home you won’t need that much toilet paper.

  • Absorba the Greek

  • Back in stock

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