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Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Soap 1L, Milk & Honey Refill $3.25 ($2.93 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime /$39+) @ Amazon AU


Same price from Coles

MOISTURISING HAND WASH: Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Soap uses a moisturising formula which contains 100 percent natural honey and moisturising milk

SOFT AND SMOOTH HANDS: Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Soap removes germs and is pH balanced for healthy, beautiful skin

LIGHT AND SWEET HONEY SCENT: With a smooth milky notes, it feels like the warm sun on a cold day

FREE FROM: Parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, alcohol, silicones, soap, gluten, BPA, and animal derived ingredients

REFILL AND SAVE: With our 1L Palmolive Naturals Liquid Hand Wash Soap enough for 4 x 250mL pumps

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  • Coles has same price this week

    • Did you find any on the shelf? At $2.93?

      • +1

        Actually I bought it from Coles yesterday for $3.25 and found Amazon have the same price today and posted.

      • And free delivery at your door if prime. Even with coles gift card with probably 4% off is still cheaper at Amazon. If you buy the coles or woolworths branded one for $3, then coles or woolworths is cheaper with discounted gift cards and reward points. So the ultimate question, is the palmolive one a lot better than the coles or the woolworths branded one.

        • I think it is better. At half price is a no brainer. Rhyme is for free.

  • Does anyone prefer the dettol soaps over palmolive?

    • They're all antibacterial aren't they? Shouldn't use that type so as to avoid helping development of superbugs.

      • I wasn't sure on your claim but a quick Google search seems to confirm your concern. I wasn't aware of this.

        • On the internet we'll always find the information confirming our theory. The danger about superbugs is misuse of antibiotics

          • @Laziofogna: Yes, I'm aware of the concerns around the abuse of antibiotics. But are you saying the issue with antibacterial soaps is false? Serious question.

            • @bboz: No, I am saying is if you are looking for a claim that confirms it you can find that, if you look for the exact opposite you'll find that. What I think at the end it does not matter, in any case would not change whatever is the reality. All I know is I don't think we'll stop washing our hands.

              • +1

                @Laziofogna: "All I know is I don't think we'll stop washing our hands." but this is not about washing hands in general, it's about washing hands with antibacterial soap.

              • +1

                @Laziofogna: Disagree - look up the concept of selective pressure.

                In essence, unless something wipes out what it's targeting 100% in first use, then overuse of it will selectively promote growth of anything resistant. Even if only 0.01% of total are initially resistant, each use will promote survival of the resistant until they are the dominant organisms/strains.

                Same concept for antibiotics, anti-bacterial agents in soap, and yes, even vaccines.

                Bacteria also have very promiscuous ways of sharing their resistance elements with each other, therefore most medical/infectious disease professional bodies recommend limiting anti-bacterial agent overuse.

                Should only use when absolutely necessary, as if overused will become ineffective when you really need it.

                Most soaps (without "anti-bacterial" agents) stop most dangerous bugs from impacting healthy individuals, by breaking down cell membranes or viral coats, so are sufficient on their own without anti-bacterial agents added. Also anti-bacterial does not necessarily mean anti-viral. Current recommendations for hand hygiene (alcohol sprays/gels and standard soap) are more than sufficient to deal with COVID - you do not need anti-bacterial soap for this.

                Overuse of anti-bacterial soaps will just make the anti-bacterial agent less effective over time for individuals or environments that overuse them.

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                  @opposablethumbs: I agree with you on everything. I just don't trust these soaps are really antibacterial, it might just something they add to soothe anxious people. I, like you, ordered the non antibacterial today,👍

                  • +1

                    @Laziofogna: Agreed, the only difference in the anti-bacterial versions appears to be the herbal extracts e.g. "white tea" or "lime oil".

                    If they do truly kill 99.99% of germs as they claim, then that will dwindle with repeated use due to selective pressure described above.

                    Also agree, is more likely cynical marketing targeting unfounded anxieties to sell product than anything with evidence of greater utility compared to the standard soap mixes.

  • Thanks OP, got some.

  • Also $2.93 ea with S & S for my preferred choice, Aloe Vera & Chamomile (not anti-bacterial) :-).


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