Regaine Men's Extra Strength Foam 4x 60g $78.74 Delivered, in-Store or C&C (Was $157.48) @ Chemist Warehouse


Not ready to let go? Neither am I.

Donate generously to big pharma but look great while doing it.

In-store or free shipping over $50.

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    Might want to say what it actually is..
    I'm not ready to let my extra strength foam go either :P

  • Unfortunately mine from this deal has only just shipped. I can certainly say after 12 months it works.

    • sponsored?

      • I work for a competitor of Chemist Warehouse so I'll slag them and say get your Regaine from us instead /s

        No I have a receding hairline and at the front it was starting to thin out. Regaine has thickened that back up and the areas where I've lost it have a bit of hair back now too.

        • Regaine has thickened that back up and the areas where I've lost it have a bit of hair back now too.

          Do you have before and after picture ? :)

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            @HolyCr4p: Nah but I feel this image is accurate. Early you can get it the better. I wish I had started 4 years ago when it hadn't gone back so much.

            The foam is certainly better than the liquid too.

            • @Clear: Thanks.
              Now that I’ve admitted…. I’ve committed
              To doing something about it and ordered this.

              • @Z80: It's not unusual for you to shed some hair when you first start. For me it wasn't bad. People noticed results after about 2 months and to me it felt like 4 months.

                • @Clear: Hair shedding for me was quite noticeable but it came good about 3 months later.

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              @Clear: How is the foam better? I feel like a lot of it got wasted on the hair when massaging it in while the liquid could be directly applied to the roots.

              For me, I think it kept my hair but didn’t grow any back, it wasn’t thicker. I made the leap of stopping since once you use this, you have to use it for life even if there is no result… so make sure you are actually receding and it doesn’t work for everyone. Using this for front hair line seems to be hit or miss

  • I'm curious. How does this work?

    • See your healthcare professional

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        Yes, also keep in mind people with skin issues shouldn’t use this.
        There’s oral treatments but keep in mind those have other side effects too, in the bedroom.

        People have reported that natural approaches like pumpkin seed or saw palmetto MAY work.

        Take this as-is, and seek professional help if unsure.

      • Just curious. I have more hair than optimal 😁

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      It contains Minoxidil which is a drug that was discovered during a failed attempt to treat ulcers. Didn't work on ulcers but ended up resulting in widening blood vessels so they used it as a blood pressure treatment and got it approved. Thing was that one of the side effects of people on the blood pressure meds, who happened to have the tendency to be middle aged, was that they would recover hair loss. Then they figured that when you make it into a liquid and apply it to the areas you want hair to grow in that you have less side effects and more benefits. Hence regaine or rogaine. There are generics but not many in the market. It's the only topical hair-loss remedy that's been scientifically proven to work. It does work best if you start using it at the start of hair loss. It isn't a miracle cure. So if you look like Patrick Stewart you're not going to ever get your hair back using it and a transplant is the way to go. But if you're a dude in his mid-30s who is starting to see some hair loss and likely will go bald in the next few decades this is probably the best way to limit that or delay it or reverse it. It does take work. You have to use it regularly and on a dry scalp. So you have to be pedantic about use.

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      Minoxidil is the key ingredient in this product. There are generic (and cheaper) products that contain Minoxidil at the same strengths. Liquid and foam are the standard options with the addition of a dermarolling application.

      All Minoxidil products have the same goal - attempt to keep follicles out of telogen (resting) phase and in anagen (growth) phase. The efficacy seems to hold around 1-2 years, then slowly plateaus after that, providing you continue the regime (unless Finasteride is also in your system). If you stop the regime, you'll quickly return to the point you should have been at had you never started.

      Unfortunately, there are only a few options that can be relied upon for treatment, and this is one of them in the meantime, until we receive results and approval from things like Stemson, Kintor and/or RCH-01 - all great concepts but still with that illusive release date of "in a few years".

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    I used the liquid at one stage and it worked for a couple years, I stopped using it a couple years back because one of the ingredients is a potential carcinogen. Can't remember which ingredient, and maybe it not in the foam one. It did work though, got worse for about a month then the hair came back noticably thicker. Pick your poison I guess.
    Currently I'm somewhere between Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicholas Cage.

    • Currently I'm somewhere between Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicholas Cage.

      I feel you brother 😂

  • Looks like normal everyday Chemist Warehouse prices? I dont think I have ever seen it for $157.48 at CW.

    You can also get the cheaper Wagner brand with the same 5% minoxidil for $50 for 3 x 60ml.

    • Wagner brand is topical solution. The foam is much better.

      • How? The foam is much harder to get to the roots of the hair, a lot of the foam gets lost on hair strands…

      • Depends on what a person likes. I find the solution more effective as I can apply it straight to my scalp without having it to waste it on go through hair.

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    Love these posts. Good to know I'm saving $78 a month shaving it off.

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      78 over 4 months

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      I started dipping my toes into stuff like this but quickly realised the costs will add up. Grew a beard and shaved my head. I'm no prize, but I don't look ridiculous either.

      • Agreed, if you're old enough to be balding and can't spare ~$300 a year then you shouldn't be focusing on your appearance and should focus on sorting out your life.

      • You look better because you maintain it yourself. Much easier to shave it smooth and apply moisturiser and look clean compared to maintaining hair with gel, wax, shampoo, conditioner, and hairdryers. Hairdryers are the worst.

  • Anyone who uses this noticed water retention in the face?

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    You need to accept your fate.

    Just get it over and done with.

  • I used minoxidil (hair a gain) a few years back, and I wished I didn't. I started to get migraines which I never had. It was particularly bad when you get a throbbing migraine attack as you wake up. It was so bad that I had to stay in bed the whole day. And these attacks can happen anytime.

    When I stopped using minoxidil, the migraine is still there.

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      When I stopped using minoxidil, the migraine is still there.

      So maybe it was something else

  • Reading this thread has honestly made me a little bit sad.
    Are people so self conscious about baldness they'll go to the expense, trouble, and potential health effects to buy this stuff?

    I'm not giving you a hard time, I myself am going bald too (got a little Friar Tuck going on on the back of my head). But its normal/natural to go grey, go bald, go wrinkly as you get older.

    Just let it happen. If everyone just accepted that fact there wouldn't be this massive multi-billion dollar business that sells cosmetic crap to males and females under the guise of you "feeling better about yourself". Like seriously, who the f cares how much hair or wrinkles you have? If they do, then they shouldn't be a part of your life.

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      While I'm not fussed about future baldness, if someone wants to keep their hair and there is a way to do so, go for it.

      For some people it's a huge issue and they don't want to just let it happen. If it makes a brother happy, spend up and keep those hair follicles.

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      How old were you when you started balding? If it happened at 18, would you have the same response?

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      everyone is different. Some people like wearing nice clothes, some people couldnt care less. Some people like nice cars and others its just A to B.

      Not everyone is the same.

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    PSA - don't use this if you have cats. Even a tiny amount can kill them. Just sleeping on a pillow you use is enough.

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      Came here to say this.

    • What about dogs?

    • It is harmful to females as well

  • I got one from overseas which has got same % of Minoxidil but has 0.1% Finasteride as well, without any alcohol. Trying it for 1 month only so can’t really say if it is working.

    Anyone knows how many times a day do we apply it?

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      Where did you get if from?!

      • India. They have heaps of brands selling so many combinations of it. I prefer the one without alcohol though it is slightly more expensive but doesn’t leaves that “hey look this guy applies minoxidil” residue in hair(well maybe just a little)

  • I lost lots of hair using minoxidile probably because I was touching my hair more often to apply the product and it didn't help as much as I wish. I used it for maybe 6 months until I decided to stop it.
    For me it didn't work but was annoying to use because you also need to wait until you put gel in your hair.

  • Thanks, will give it a try.

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    just embrace balding and shave down to zero.

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    Derm needling is the only option i know that doesn’t include chemicals that will also work but not as good as chemicals. Derek from more plates more dates you tube channel has tried almost everything.

    • What’s his opinion on this?

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    Use Finasteride 1mg together with Rogaine will help your hair grow. after months will get results.

    • Where I can buy finasteride ? I don't have prescriptions

      • Need prescriptions from your doctor.

  • I still havent receive my order from my last order from end of December!! tried to contact chemistwarehouse via email but no answer. Can someone assist me how to get their attention? order still not shipped yet! :(

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    Finesteride works to stop hairloss but will make you choose between your hair and having a functional penis. Even at .25mg a day peformance in the bedroom is negatively affected.

    Its like that Rick and Morty episode where you get granted a wish to be irresistible to woman….but your inpotent lol thats Finesteride

  • Instead of wasting money on this crap, just save up for a couple of years and do the Lewis Hamilton.

  • How is this brand compared to Hair a Gain which had good reviews on CW?

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