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Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquid 900ml $3.51 ($3.16 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


According to camels hasn't been this cheap since March last year.

Morning Fresh Lemon Dishwashing Liquid, 900mL $3.51 ($3.16 S&S)

350mL also on sale

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is this only suitable for use in the morning ?

    • +3

      Only if you want guaranteed morning freshness. Use at other times at your own peril, for chrisie's sake.

      • :)))

    • No.

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      It's when the glory happens

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    Link does not show deal!

  • +1

    Dishes have been piling up waiting for this deal.

  • this or earth choice? We got kids and looking for something in budget and lesser chemically loaded.

    • +3

      not sure if you'll find a detergent without chemicals, that's how they do their job. Once you rinse the dishes the 'chemicals' are all gone from them.

    • +2

      Get them to use gloves? I don't Earth choice might be gentle on hands but doesn't actually clean grease as well.

  • Thanks OP. Perfect timing.

  • Damn! Paid $3.28 last week.

  • Thanks Op. Mine is running out and I prefer this to the Palmolive version which leaves a smell on the dishes. Not sure sure I want to be eating dishing washing liquid.

    • maybe it works the same way fabric softners work. it has a built in liquid wax, which makes things shine more in case of dish detergent giving a false sense of dishes being cleaner, and in case of softner wax clings to clothes to impart the smell days and weeks after the wash

      • +1

        Maybe. It just felt wierd to me as I drank my coffee from the mug and I still could smell the lemon flavor from the mug. The taste seem abit different too but that could be my mind playing tricks

  • I was at someone house recently and they didn't rinse the suds off the washed dishes…….omg what>?!?

    • +4

      My old housemate used to do the dishes like this. He also did the dishes by filling the sink and then not scraping food scraps etc into the bin before submerging all the dirty dishes. He was effectively washing everything in a pool of food scrap soup. Then he wouldn't rinse the suds afterwards. I pretty much rewashed anything he washed before I used it.

      • that is just yuck

    • I have seen many doing dishes this way. I would wash my dishes again before using.

    • they didn't rinse the suds off the washed dishes…….omg what>?!?

      OMG!?!? What did our parents do with their suds?!?! Tea towel or let it dry…and no one died…aarrgghh

    • I checked my 400ml Morning Fresh there is NO usage instructions. So I went on the website, there is very little information. Most webstores has the usage directions…

      This is woolies

      "Fill your sink with water, then squeeze in one squirt of Morning Fresh to clean a sink full of dishes."

      How much is one squirt? How big is the sink? Most lazy instructions ever, I'm not surprised not printed on the bottles.

      USE COMMON SENSE. Wash Detergent isn't a drink.

  • +1

    Lemon seems like it’s back in stock

  • +1

    I like power soak and clean tandil from Aldi.

    Very cheap and won the choice test for effectiveness.

    • I find that less detergent is needed when washing with Tandil than Morning Fresh. MF suds don’t last long and I end up using more. Stocking up on Tandil is why I’ll pay a visit to Aldi.

      • Exactly. Morning fresh used to be great but I think had been watered down over the years.

        Tandil power soak and clean is cheap but very concentrated. Don't need much, it's a thick liquid.

        • +1

          I went from Morning fresh to Tandil but have bought a couple of these anyway.

          The only thing about Tandil is that the spout is a bit too big so it squirts out more than needed if you're not careful. No one else in the house takes care and they squirt way too much and we go through it quickly.

          • @Matt88: Split product into two bottles, add water. Now it last 2x longer.

        • As soon as you have the Bio-Degradeable on the packaging it's original purpose is halfed.

  • +1

    I feel like such an grown up when I buy deals like this

  • Q: How do you find these deals on Amazon? Or do you only find them by camels?

    • +2

      I got an email notification of the price drop from camels.

      • Cheers. I signed up to their site.

  • gosh i hate ozbargain, i had sub and save on the lemon, due soon, because you bastards, its out of stock. so i lost that item scheduled!!!!


  • This vs the $1 1L generic eco bottle that all the stores sell? What's the difference? Don't they all do the same thing?

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