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BOBOVR M2 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 $99 Delivered @ ShenZhen Amazon AU


New Quest 2 head strap that has just became available on Amazon AU. This is the official company selling the product as it has been posted on the Bobovr Twitter. It Comes with both the head strap and a battery for extra battery life. One of the best straps you can get for the Quest 2 and at a really good price as well. These have been selling out really fast in other regions.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • hmm i think this is around 80 at ali ? so not too bad if local stock + amazon aswell

    but these 2 looks similar with half the price if you dont need battery


    • Thanks for the link! will give this one a try as it is more budget friendly for me hehe

    • +3

      Neither of those include a battery

    • +3

      Mine was great too, until it split and broke while I was wearing it… fortunately, no damage to the Quest, but I'm super paranoid about it.

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      Oculus/Meta Elite strap, everyone claims theirs have no problem until they split and crack…

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    i have this strap without the battery, bought it off Ali for $23USD and arrived in 2 weeks.

    Love it, so much more comfortable than the out of the box strap, highly recommend

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    Could I just plug a USB cable into the side of the normal headset and then plug it into a portable battery charger in my pocket? And not buy this

    • +1

      Yeah you can, that's what I do. Then I either use velcro cable ties to attach it to the back of the headset or just put the battery in my pocket

      • Awesome, does any normal USB cable work or do you need a special cable?

        Thanks for saving me $100 :)

        • +1

          I'd still suggest buying a proper strap even without an included battery, it's a massive upgrade. I bought the Kiwi one from AliExpress, it's much, much more comfortable than the default jockstrap. Planning on doing the velcro thing with it.

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            @GSDan: Have a Kiwi strap and confirm it's the goods

        • Yes but, depending on both the battery and the cable, it may only supply enough power to keep the Quest battery from draining, not charge it (which is still OK).
          For the best results you want a PD compatible battery and a properly rated cable.

    • That's what I am doing with mine. I have the Oculium VR head strap, similar style to this BoboVR strap. It is connected to a 10,000mAh Cygnett power back in my pocket with a 1m magnetic USB-C cable.

      • +1

        I have the Oculium and a 10k (200g) powerbank.

        I can do the pocket thing for many games, but for Eleven TT, it's a bit bothersome to have a cable there.

        I can't even buy this BoboVR option as its OOS on ali and Amazon AU don't ship it to NZ.

        • Yes, I don't connect the powerbank with certain games such as Eleven Table Tennis or Thrill of the Fight, because the USB cable may get in the way.

          • @edfoo: Yeah, it's a shame though for me, didn't know when I bought the Oculium kits and the powerbank [specifically for this], that it still would be far less than ideal for my favourite game.

            I guess that's the naivety/dumb tax kicking in as I'll eventually be stumping up for the Bobo or whatever is good at the time / when it's available/in a few months.

            I suppose the 10K powerbank will undoubtedly be useful elsewhere.

            • @Bisky1: I personally don't find that 10K powerbank useless in this case, because most of the time I do have it connected and it gives me a total of over 6 hours gameplay.

        • I play TT with it in my pocket no prob, do you have 90 degree USB b connector cable , that way it's flush against quest 2 and just run it down inside your shirt, I don't feel it at all

          • @botchie: Yes, the USB cable is 90 degree angle as well as magnetic connector, so it can detach safely if the cable is accidentally pulled.

  • So what's everyone playing on quest 2? I don't get the hype.

    • +8

      Porn. Lots of VR porn.

      • Really? Most of it seems average at best

        • +1

          You need the good 8k stuff.

    • +6

      Beat Saber?

    • +6

      I use the Quest 2 predominantly as a PC-VR headset. After having owned the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S, both which were required to be connected to a PC with cable, playing PC-VR wirelessly with the Quest 2 is a whole new experience! The freedom of movement creates a much more immersive experience. These days, there is an extensive library of games and experiences to choose from depending on your personal taste.

    • Lone Echo 1 & 2, and PC VR via steam.

    • demeo is awesome.

    • It is a bit limited. But there's still enough to be fun!

      The climb was a great intro. Please don't touch anything shows how great they can be at room escapes. Looking forward to red matter and I expect you to die. VR is also the rightful home for rail shooters.

      Need to buy myself a cable for moss and hl alyx

    • +3

      Mostly PCVR titles like H3VR, HL Alyx, Into the radius, Pavlov, VTOL vr, etc. Only a few actual quest games like walkabout mini golf, onward and recently garden of the sea. Upgraded from of vive just for wireless as it was cheaper than the wifi adaptor on its own. Totally worth it.

    • I had always been disappointed with VR over the years trying it in stores, but I recently got one and the technology has seriously improved. It's very immersive now.

      Ironically though, my most played game on there is PokerStarz VR (which I find very immersive and realistic as well)

    • Blade and Sorcery with star wars mods is a dream

    • +1

      If you just use it to play half life alyx it's well worth the cash

    • +6

      50-60% less? 🤣

      Prove it and I'll buy you one, free.

  • I bought the bobovr M2 with the bobovr F2 a few months ago from aliexpress for $90. It's a shame that this doesn't come with the F2.

    • +1

      Did yours come with the battery?
      All of the listing's I've seen on Aliexpress have the M2(headset)/F2(air vent) for $90 but does not include the battery as it is the old version.

      This is the new revised model, the M2 Pro.
      It has many improvements from the older M2 and comes with a battery.

      • +1

        Not OP but you’re right. I bought the fan, case and headstrap and it came out to $174 with a 12.12 coupon code on aliexpress.

      • +1

        Yeah it was the regular bobovr M2 that I bought with the F2 (no battery).

  • i don't like this design because the dial at the back sticks out. The genuine oculus strap, the knob is flush with the band itself so you can sit back on your gaming chair and it won't hurt. This is the main reason I skipped the Index. That and Valve doesn't want to sell it to us.

    If you don't have a high back chair with headrest, then it doesn't matter.

  • Bought this from aliexpress and it’s fantastic. Would recommend.

  • +1

    Got one, cheers

  • +1

    Omg I just bought this from Aliexpress a few weeks ago! It didn’t even take that long to get here. Highly recommend.

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    I've got this and the kiwi elite upgraded strap and I definitely recommend the kiwi strap over this. It's bulkier and the weight distribution is still a bit more front heavy, which means it would slip with action heavy games (eg. Thrill of the fight). The added weight makes micro movement like tilting your head a bit more taxing too. Keep in mind I'm a 165cm Asian so might have a smaller head size. I added battery to the kiwi too

    • Yeah I got kiwi one for about $50, then got a good ankler battery pack 10,000mpah that I keep in my pocket and get solid 6 hrs extra , all for prob $70

  • Damn, been checking for this to come on Amazon for weeks and it's out of stock before I even saw it.

    Ozbargain sucks sometimes!

    OOS on aliexpress too :(

  • +2

    I've had my quest 2 for over a year now and I just recently bought the kiwi headstrap. Can't believe I didn't buy one sooner. Game changer imo

  • +1

    Back in stock.

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