75" or 85" TV with HDR Recommendations

I'm looking for a new TV, either 75" or 85" with HDR. Don't really need any smart TV features as I will be connecting a laptop to it to watch Netflix, Youtube and free to air TV.

Don't have a budget, however I want good value for money. I want the most bang for my buck.


  • TCL c725 or c727

    • Why? How does the TCL compare with the Samsung, Sony and LG models?

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    Why you wanna connect a laptop to watch Netflix & Youtube. The inbuilt app is far easier

    • lol they eventually slow down , lag and suck.

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        I have used my Sony smart TV for 4 years and the apps is smooth and fast, with latest updates.
        Don't know why you would be bothered to physically connect a HDMI cable everytime to hook up the laptop to TV and have to control it using the keyboard and mouse.
        Also have to adjust the TV screen picture settings to get the picture quality right from a laptop connection.
        Smart TV remote you just control it from your seat and can even use voice command.

        • My experience with smart TVs is that they are very limited, the processor is quite slow. This is from a LG smart TV.

          A laptop is way more versatile. No need to update the Youtube or Netflix app for example. I can easily browse the net if I want to, it just works way better. The laptop will be permanently connected to the TV, I have no other use for it.

          I use a Logitech wireless keyboard with a touchpad for the control, its way better than any remote.

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            @techlead: Fair enough. Odd way to watch YT or Netflix on a TV.

            • @yellowfever: How else can I watch Netflix and YT on a big screen? I have a projector at the moment, but I want to change to a TV instead.

              I want to watch media on a big screen.

              • @techlead: You can cast content from your phone easily. The largest issue you will have with wanting to use external devices to control your TV is that you won't take advantage of some features on higher end televisions (e.g. those that support Dolby Vision) and in some cases will run into issues with transcoding. The happy medium ground would be using the TV operating system to do everything, and then switch over to something built for purpose such as the Nvidia Shield once/if the TV starts slowing down due to updates.

                • @Tyrx: I messed around with the Google Chrome cast, and Microsoft's version of it. Google Chrome is quite restrictive in what you can cast (youtube app no problems, but hard to do a whole screen and when I do, its just a clone of a phone screen, I don't want my phone screen blown up to a 85" screen size lol) and Microsoft's one is a good idea if it worked. I find that the screen lags, so its good for powerpoint presentations but not so good for movies and other video media.

              • @techlead: Just use the in built YT or Netflix app in the TV! It works so well.
                So much work plugging in a $500-1000 laptop and dragging out the keyboard and mouse. What a nuisance.

                I can tell you that picture quality is much better using TV app, than using a laptop web browser connected to the TV

                • @yellowfever: I use the logitech K830, its amazing.

                  Why would the picture quality be better on the TV app than via a web browser on a laptop? Is that true? I will do some research.

                  • @techlead: A TV isn't designed well to be a laptop monitor hence you'll have to adjust the settings to get the optimum quality when connecting a laptop via HDMI to view via a web browser.

                    Whereas an inbuilt YT/NF app works well straight out of the box without the need to adjust picture settings.

                    It's not say say you can't get equal or better picture quality using a laptop, as long as your graphics card is capable and you're willing to adjust settings on the TV to get the best tuned picture setting.
                    But it's such a hassle to get to this point.

                    I'm sure there benefits of being able to use a web browser with your own keyboard and better flexibility etc.

        • i use a shield pro and use to use a htpc.

          guess OP only has a lappy? maybe wants to watch some adult movies off the laptop or acquired video files .. who knows.

          • @Philthy: No need for adult movies, I can do the real thing.

            You have touched on a good point, its very easy for me to play video files than via a smart TV. Especially 4k 20+GB video files.

      • No processor on a TV is better than a laptop processor

        • get a shield pro! youll love it more than connecting lappy all the time.

          shirld pro plus a form of storage (nas or large external hdd) and jus go.

  • Just go 83" or wait till April 100" oled

    • I think there will be a first adopters' tax on the 100" OLED. I wouldn't be getting value for money.

  • Any thoughts on the Samsung QN90A 75"?

    • I just got this exact model. It's a superb TV and dare I say almost unmatched for bright room viewing. For dark room viewing, sure it cannot compete with OLED, but I think it's about the best you could ask of current LCD tech. For the price I got (a tad over 2K), I don't think anything comes close.

      • For the 75" model? I can't find it anywhere for $2k, not even close.

        • Yes I got it from Samsung Partner Store, the price was unreal I must admit.

          • @rookie317: Is that the education store? That's amazing price. I just gonna pay the $4500+ price. It looks very good.

            • @techlead: No it's for employees of certain companies that are considered Samsung partners. I did use a code that's exclusively for Google employees so yeah it's not easily accessible. It has been sub $4K before so you might wanna look around. Another option is the 85" QN85A which will probably get you mostly there all things considered. I think I've seen it sub $4.5K.

              • @rookie317: I reckon it would be unlikely for it to go sub $4k anytime soon. With the chip shortage and the supply chain issues.

                Samsung will be bringing out a new generation of TV screens later this year as well, they showcased it in CES, looks quite good. Can't remember what fancy name they called it, but its micro LED technology instead of mini LED.

                The QN85A would be a compromise, I don't mind paying more, just want bang for my buck. For example, I can afford to buy the $15k 98" QN90A, but I don't want to because its not worth it. Paying so much more for just a little more screen real estate.

                • @techlead: I think you're pretty dead set on the QN90A, and that's perfectly fine since it's an amazing TV. The only reason I mentioned the 85" QN85A specifically is because it has a VA panel, all others are ADS, even QN90A in Australia I think.

                  Samsung is coming out with micro LED that will probably cost as much as a house down payment and QD OLED tech, I doubt you'll want to pay premium for first gen tech either way. Their NEO QLED range isn't gonna get huge improvement which is why I decided to buy 2021 model instead. I figure we're at the limit of mini led FALD.

                  I did consider the 98" QN90A but figured if I want something that big, might as well get a really good triple laser projector like the Hisense L9G (ALR screen included) for one third the price and have a dedicated dark room for it.

                  With regards to mini LED, I think your options are pretty limited, the LG QNED range isn't that well received, Sony doesn't make one, Hisense U9G is good on paper but little to no review + no demo anywhere. TCL C825 seems to be actually pretty good bang for bucks though.

                  EDIT: I got the QN90A specifically for my living room which is pretty bright with windows + skylights, I'd definitely get OLED for my entertainment room though.

                  • @rookie317: Hmm, good point about the VA panel…

                    I will do more research

          • @rookie317: How much do I have to pay you to get that price for me 😁

            • @neezy: Unfortunately that's over. Friend was dumbstruck at the price I got it and wanted one but now its' $4k+ :/

              • @rookie317: I think everyone on here would be dumbstruck, lol. That's an insane price. I've only seen the 65 discounted.
                Anyway, I still got about 6month before I need a tv/move homes so maybe newer models will come out by thn and this price will drop 🤞🏽

  • We bought a Sony X90J 75" from Costco Moorabbin for $2800 the other week. Excellent all round tv,

    • Nice, but this TV only has full array LED. I want the mini LED ones, its a better technology for deeper blacks.

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