Advice for Improving Our Wi-Fi

The 5GHz absolutely did the trick. Speed is exactly the same even down the other end of the apartment now! Just needed to logon and enable 5GHz on my router and move the devices over to that band!

PS5 is showing after a speed test 27Mbps (our current plan fastest speed) instead of previously dropping out and getting a max of 11Mbps before.

THANKS HEAPS EVERYONE I am stoked with this result. Now we can just upgrade the speed if we wanna double it or something and I know it will work well. especially thanks to those that encouraged trying 5GHz before spending any money.

Hey guys,

I just moved into my gf’s apartment and she’s had NBN for 6 months and been relatively stable 25mbps as per her plan when you’re close to it. The problem is I’ve brought my gaming consoles and other devices with me to the place and mainly situate them in the spare room/office that’s down towards the other end of the apartment down a short hallway.

I’ve noticed the connection down this end of the apartment/our master bedroom is weak and I’ve begun to notice dropouts of my PS5 connecting to the internet - I am obviously looking at a range/strength solution here that’s suitable.

Please note - there’s only one port for the NBN so it needs to stay in the living room area I can’t move it

I’ve thought about upgrading the speed but I don’t know if this directly address the problem; Should I be getting either

A) a better beefier router to help with this

B) get a range extender even though sometimes they are useless for people. But this is only an apartment with 2 bedroom and not a house with multiple floors so maybe it could work?

C) go the whole hog and get mesh network going - but is this a bit overkill?

Thanks, any advice is much appreciated.

Some notes after reading comments:
I’m not exploring the Ethernet as a solution it needs to be wifi the way we have the apartment setup and I’m not looking for the best possible speeds, just strengthening and stabilising.

Also the modem and router we have are just entry level Aussie broadband set that they sent out to us so I’m guessing isn’t 5ghz capable.


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    To test your PS5 - you play the console pretty close to the modem for 1-2 days, if the problem is the same then it could be your NBN not enough bandwidth. If the problem is not there then you will need mesh to 'extend' the wifi. Don't use extender.

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    Please note - there’s only one port for the NBN so it needs to stay in the living room area I can’t move it

    That's where Powerline can help. Plug one end to this box, plug another to more central location.

    That aside, often people posting wifi problem type as if other can telepathically visualise their place and setup. How far is the "other end of apartment"? Is it concrete between the router and your PS5? Are you using 2.4GHz and 5GHz network? What is your router model? What are you doing on PS5 when you notice drop outs? Does your online sesh time out? Are you downloading games in the background? Watching Netflix as well? When the ps5 drops out, can your gf still surf the net on her laptop?

    • It’s just a couple of regular apartment walls, not concrete. I would estimate it’s about 8metres through 2 walls from the modem to my desk setup in the spare room

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        8 metres? Is … not range/reception issue. As such, option b and c won't improve your situation.

        if you are sure no other devices are streaming or your ps5 is doing background download, your symptoms sounds like 2.4Ghz wifi congestion issue , where your gf neighbours are sharing the channels and resulting in dropouts. You ought to try move into 5GHz network. Let us know the router model. I can't find what "entry level router from ABB" is on their website. Their website showing a mesh capable router and Google wifi, all support 5GHz.

        • Ok i've found the router model its a Netcomm NF18MESH and i dont think it has 5GHz capability.

          Later today im going to login to the router and see if changing to one of the less busy channels has strenthens it in the other rooms

          • @Mike0707: It totally has 5Ghz capability. Don't bother with changing 2.4Ghz channel - what works today won't work another day.

            Suggest you follow guide to set up 5Ghz network, and then connect your ps5 to that network


            • @avoidfullprice: I had a look and yes thanks for that definitely has 5ghz too. When I see in my router settings though. It shows 5 devices are currently connected 2.4ghz and 5 devices are connected to 5ghz. And both lists have largely the same devices in it :S like my my Mike-PC is connected to both ghz for example.

              Cant see my PS5 on there but I’m guessing its one of them in the list and our phones are others and my iPad is another etc.

              The 2.4ghz channel is set to Auto (so probably the most busy default one)

              • @Mike0707: This could happen when both networks are set to same name, which leaves the connecting device like your mobile or ps5 to pick the "strongest" signal. However due to physics, signal on 2.4Ghz attenuate less over distance compare to 5Ghz, so your ps5 might pick up 2.4Ghz, which is busier and then leads to dropouts

                In this instance, rename the 5Ghz to something else such as xxxx-5. Then reconnect your ps5 to it.

                When router set to auto, it picks the quietest channel at time of reboot. In a crowded apartment setting, my experience is it doesn't help much compare to picking a 5Ghz channel.

                Hope this helps with the dropouts

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    What kind of NBN router is it? 2.4 or 5g wifi? You may want to check if it isn't on the most commonly used frequencies and shift the wifi to less used.

    Given it's an apartment - don't discount ethernet over power too as a tricky way to get access to the router not using wifi.

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      This, apartment buildings have 40 million wifi signals going on, pretty easy for the issue not to be range but simple being drowned out. 10 years ago just switching to 5ghz solved a lot of problems because it wasn't heavily used.

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    Just get a small mesh system - they are the only thing that really work. We have the TP Link Deco and they work well

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    C) go the whole hog and get mesh network going - but is this a bit overkill?

    This…. TP Link Deco series is good.

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    Ethernet cable solves everything for a few bucks.

    • Yeah but who wants an ethernet cable snaking thru their apartment?

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      Nah that’s not a solution, we’re not having an Ethernet cable stretch down the hallway and throw the middle of the apartment. It must be wifi and this post is about improving it with the current circumstances. I don’t need breakneck speeds, just reasonable and stable

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    Mesh is just two or three small routers, check the tp link deco M5.

  • Unifi

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    Put an extender halfway between you and the router, not near you and far from the router. Huge difference.

  • cheap mesh routers will probably solve your problem, I used to Kogan ones ($130) for like a year and they worked fine and be the best option - no separate networks, no cables running everywhere and they benefit every other wifi device in your house. I've since switched to Eero's but they're not all that much useful/better.

  • Avoid extenders.
    Avoid power line adapters.
    You'd be building your house on sand. They work… kinda… but not well, and not consistently.

    First try to go with the option that doesn't require you to spend money.

    If you are sure it is your wifi, knowing that it is in an apartment try this:
    On an android device download a wifi app like
    On an iOS device try an app like
    (There might be better options, and others can chime in), but those are two that I know off the top of my head.)

    With these apps check to see what the least congested channel is in your apartment. Try different spots (like where the ps5 is right now). Find the channel with the least congestion from your neighbours. For 2.4Ghz, channels 1, 6, and 11 are your best choice as they give maximum throughput and minimal interference with their neighbouring channels. But again, you want to use the one that fewer of your neighbours are.

    Try connecting to 5Ghz if your router supports it, as that gives more options in terms of channels (though with other potential issues).

    When you know what channel works best, set your router to use it.

    If your router just isn't cutting the mustard, upgrade it. Unifi is good, but check online to see if you are up to configuring it yourself. Asus range is good. Netgear range is good. But I'm kind of out of the loop with the latest models. Whatever you get, make sure your type of nbn is compatible (post with more information if you want more specific advice, but I'd recommend you look at the Whirlpool forums also).

  • i cannot imagine how even a middling router cant cover even a large apartment

    i'm using a pair of razer routers, one portal and the new one

    if you use a desktop on the other end of the house i would recommened a router in bridge mode… ie. your router acts as an receiver and you can share the wifi signal at the opposite end of the house

    • Wow this is pretty cool, never heard of this

    • I have my PC in that same office but it isn’t always on so using it as a shared wifi signal all the time isn’t really ideal. I’d just rather do mesh at this point right?

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    A 2 bedroom apartment should only require one decent router. You don’t need mesh, it will just complicate things.

    I’m not sure on current models but my ASUS RT-AC68U is excellent.

    Definitely get a wifi analyser program. A laptop would be best and ensure your router is not on a congested wifi channel.

    • Hmm ok, yeah Looked it up can get it for 179 from Amazon, looks like a more than good enough router to connect to the NBN modem.

      I’m not sure I follow about the laptop and congested wifi. How do I do this and what is the idea here?

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        It Takes A Neighborhood To Fix Bad Wireless

        It's an old article but the principles of interference due to channel overlap are still the same.

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        Congested wifi, noisy crowd, you trying to speak with your friend, you two can't hear each other (drop outs)

        • yeah i mean this is true

          use a wifi scanner and see how crazy it is with all the wifi out there in units


          move to 5ghz for high performance devices

          keep 2.4 for stuff that doesnt matter

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