Mowing Nature Strip Shared with Neighbour

When there is a small patch of nature strip that is shared with neighbour do you mow them all when you do your yard?
or only do half on your property and leaving the other half untouched?

I noticed that a few nature strips in the suburb are half mowed even though it is easy to mow them all by either party.


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    Depends on your neighbour. These maybe are the unspoken things you do… small things you do in the neighbourhood.

    small patch

    Would mow it, if your neighbour isn’t OCD…

    tit for tat goes both ways, for good and bad.

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    If you do it once of twice there will be expectation set. My neighbour does half. Thats the norm anyways in our suburb.

    Up to you OP if you are comfortable do it. Else leave it neighbour

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    We just take turns, just an unspoken courtesy.
    If you're going to mow your half it seems petty to not mow the other side, unless neighbour has replaced it with their own choice of grass and is particular about how it's cut.

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      My (new) neighbour has planted native grasses, and does not want it to be mowed at all. Fine by me.

      But all of this only works if you communicate to your neighbour. That seems to be missing in so many of these posts about neighbours.

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    If it is not too much effort, then do it. It mowing their side takes you more than 20min, i'll say leave it.

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      even 5 min I'd say leave it, 20 min I can do my whole front yard and the main part of nature strip in front of house..let alone worrying about old mate next doors

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        I have edged my neighbour's area just to make it look consistent to mine. It also depends on my energy level that day. But definitely not all the time that I would put in the same effort.

        • hope your neighbour appreciates you :) haha i know my one doesnt!

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    How small? I've got a piece that's maybe 30cm on one neighbours side and I mow the lot as it takes seconds but the other side is 2/3 the width of their property and I don't touch it.

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      That's exactly what we have. Neighbor has one full strip, about 30cm is on our side of the fence. They always mow it. It would be kind of pointless for us to try mowing just that tiny part, and just as pointless for them to ignore it.

      If in doubt, talk to your neighbor. Fortunately we are on friendly terms, so it is no big deal to discuss if there is an issue.

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    my neighbour did my whole front nature strip once. I did theirs in return. from there for the last 10 years we just do each others whenever we mow. it takes 5 mins extra and keeps the front very neat.

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      my neighbour did my whole front nature strip once. I did theirs in return. from there for the last 10 years we just do each others whenever we mow. it takes 5 mins extra and keeps the front very neat.


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        I do the same, but in return he brings over any excess veggies he grows. Also he’s in his 80s. Makes the street look tidy anyway.

  • I do it and so does my neighbour. It just looks strange when you see only half of the strip cut short and the other half long but I don't know if I'd always do it if my neighbour didn't take his turn…

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      I always have to laugh when I see half mown nature strips of say 30cm, especially the ones cut down exactly half way down the line at the fence line where two different fences meet.. like mate the time it took for you to line the mower up you could have just done the extra 30cm lmfao

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        Haha yeah, I get it if it's a huge nature strip and it would take you 30 minutes to cut, but anything less than 5-10 mins is not a big deal especially if you both take turns to do it.

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    Just do it.

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    I used to edge a neighbour's nature strip for him after finishing mine, his health wasn't too good.

    It only took a few more minutes and made both our properties look tidier.

    If you have a good neighbour it's something you just do. If they're ferals - stuff 'em.

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    It’s a small patch, say 4 sqm shared equally.
    It’d take 30 seconds to mow the other half.
    It looks so strange that the patch on the other side left untouched and I’m thinking how petty it is to leave like that.

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      For 4sqm I would suggest it take more effort to mow half of it than it would to mow the whole thing!

  • I noticed that a few nature strips in the suburb are half mowed even though it is easy to mow them all by either party.

    Probably petty situations where they've had a falling out or a particular request to not do it.

  • I just do it all if I have the mower out. It is an extra 60 seconds.

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    I normally just mow their section, leaving my section for them to mow.

  • If I mowed my neighbours nature strip it would add an extra hour - no thanks.

    It's 1000m x 10m

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      Their nature strip is five times bigger than my house.

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        You have a 2000m² house?

        Holy crap batman.

        • Damn, I meant 50 times. Do you live next to a national park?

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      Is your neighbour an airport?

  • If you like to mow it because it improves the look of your property, then simply ask your neighbour if they mind if you mow it while you do your lawn.
    If it doesn't effect you, then just mow your side.
    I would say mow it, but the polite thing is to ask, and some people can be obsessive or just very possessive about their property.

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    My neighbours have a slightly bigger strip than us, maybe 60:40.
    When we moved in I mowed theirs when I did mine 2 times, favour was never reciprocated so I stopped.

    • My neighbour knew I didn't have any mowing tools. Didn't even bother lol . No expectations from me and none from him

      • Do you pay someone to do your lawns?

        • I got the tools some weeks back. Do it myself

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    First world problems.

  • If they are not total a**holes, I would just do it every time. Probably taken longer to create this post and read the replies than it would to mow their share of a 4sqm lawn the next 10 times you are out there.

  • Mowed my neighbours nature strip several times but when I was away I notice they mowed theirs and left mine so I stopped. It not a big nature strip. They do tend to leave it for long periods where I would do mine fortnightly

  • Depends on the neighbour. I do my neighbours as they are elderly and its quick and easy for me. I only share a small patch with them.

    But in previous houses and areas, I've generally just done my half.

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    I noticed that a few nature strips in the suburb are half mowed even though it is easy to mow them all by either party.

    you'd have to consider if they hire contractors to mow their lawn.

    • exactly why i dont mow the other half of the nature strip.

    • Good point. But I noticed that the edge wasn't done so it wasn't contractors hired.

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    Neighbour is a lease and I'm pretty sure they have a professional gardener do the mowing regularly. They didn't bother to do the small section adjoining my long strip several times, so I've stopped doing it for them.

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    My Neighbor was paying Jim's to do his nature strip a couple of times a month, his front garden has fake grass so just the Nature strip, our nature strips are separated by his driveway but my front lawn is not that big and to mow his nature strip on top of mine would add like 2 minutes, so I told him to save the $40.00 a month and I would do it. Been doing it now for 4 years since we moved in, every now and then he will bring me a 6 pack or some Indian food, totally worth the trade…

  • i mow my neighbors when i do my lawn and his is long, he mows mine when he does his and mine is long, its the whole of
    20 metres squared though. i have a ride on too, so sometimes i just keep going and going, its piss easy

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    I make sure I mow a VERY obvious line in the sand where my nature strip ends and the neighbour starts…………

    no of course not, I am not a child like OP…. I just mow the bastard so both our houses dont look like we belong on struggle street.

    If he gets out there b4 me he mows mine. its just what good neighbours do. they dont need to ask the echo chamber on oz-neighbours how to be a decent human

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    Out of courtesy I used to always do my neighbours side but they would never do ours even though it would only take another 2 minutes to do. Then they became the neighbours from hell, stopped talking nicely & became very unfriendly towards us so I stopped doing their side. Will never talk to them again after what they have done to us. There's a hard line separation that I do not mow past.

  • I usually do the short laneway, both sides of the path (ie ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’) beside our property. Takes under 5 min and makes our place look a lot tidier. If the neighbours do it, then I don’t have to, just they don’t mow as often since becoming a single parent household. I don’t mind who does it, just keeping it tidy.

    Last year other neighbours were away a while, so I quickly mowed their front lawn before they got home. all the other lawns in the street were done and it made the street look a lot better. Took about 20min. Few weeks later I came home and found that neighbour mowing my front yard to repay me.

    Good neighbours will share the load.

  • Our Neighbour regularly mows our nature strip which isn't much at all. I would then mow theirs if its a bit long and use the line trimmer to tidy their side up.

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    I also do my neighbours landing strip but the (profanity) never does mine

  • This kinda depends on your relationship, if you don't even know your neighbours names, it might seem normal to just mow half. If you've taken 10 seconds to get to know your neighbour, just mow it all, do it as a gesture of friendship, even if it's not reciprocated.

    I live rural and our "nature strip" is 80+m long, I don't mow their strip, I feel that's a little invasive.

  • I did until the neighbour came out and then recut it shorter on his half. I keep mine a bit longer so it stays green and doesn't need to be watered. He liked it shaved and waters everyday. Now we don't have a nature strip

  • I mowed my neighbour’s 3 (standard size) lawns for 5 years until they moved away. I helped them because we were and still are close friends.

  • I do the neighbours to left and right. The neighbour on left just usually does his and the small area shared with my boundary. Neighbour on right does same as me. Takes a few min long and builds good neighbourhood relationships.

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