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[SA, Short Dated] Korudo Crisp Dry Japanese Lager Can 5% 24x 350ml (BB 5/2/22) $30 @ Dan Murphy's (Gepps Cross)


Local Dan's had half a pallet of these cartons going out for $30ea.
Short dated 05/02/22.

Grabbed a slab for myself to try

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    they're made by Orion beer in Okinawa Japan.
    pretty much Orion, just branded differently for Australian market

    • Didn't know about this one, curious which one is closer to Orion, this or Monsuta.

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      OP can you please confirm the brewery origin?

      Bottled Asahi sold in Australia is brewed by Coopers in Adelaide but bottled Sapporo is brewed in China.
      If you're getting Sapporo, always buy cans.

      Edit: Sapporo cans are brewed in Japan.

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        Sapporo 500ml cans are made by Coopers now

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        I thought the Sapporos are brewed in Vietnam now?

        I haven't been able to find any Sapporos sourced from Japan for a while now, only the Asahi Super Dry cans still imported from Japan.

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          Some are definitely brewed on Vietnam from memory.

          • @Kaboda: If you were looking at the ones at Dan, both bottle and cans are brewed in Vietnam.

            Kirins are bottled in Melb as are most of their Japanese beers with the exception of Ashahi Super Dry 500ml cans and Black that's imported from Japan,

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        Brewed and canned in Japan


  • damn just looked up my local dan's (sydney) and it's like $60 a carton…. :(

  • What short date?

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      Short Dated 5/2/22

      It means nothing, beer is fine for ages after the expiry.

      In-store only, online shows the members pricing.

      • Excatly…. What short date? Means nothing

    • Like, a best before, but with beer, it is normally fine for + 6 months or more after this date.

  • Wow!!! I would get 2 cases if I was you.

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    Thanks, grabbed a carton. Still plenty left.

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    Not a good beer at all… $30 a case is about what it's worth. On par with John Boston in my opinion.

    • I wasn't a fan of the John Boston Larger, but the Pale Ale and the IPA (now deleted line) is and was a little ripper.

      Anyone tried the naked label Larger cans from Liquorland? ($25 for 12 x 500ml cans)

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