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Spend $200, Save $50 | Spend $100, Save $20 on Homewares, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories & Beauty @ Target



Homewares, clothing, footwear, accessories & beauty

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    Spend $100 and save $200 is definitely the better of the two options!

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      Lol sorry a typo

      • I'm just teasing ya. Thanks for posting :)

  • Wait what? Spend 100 to get $200 off? Huh?

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      Lol sorry

      • Can you please also put a $ sign in front of 100.

    • Now it’s $20…

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    It should be SPEND $100 SAVE $20

  • Lame. Just bought a new booster seat :(

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      Just return it lol

  • No toys? No Lego?

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    Dont forget to combine with 18% cashback from cashback rewards

    Are you sure? I cannot see these promo codes on the Target page on CR, and it says quite clearly on the page:

    Cashback is ineligible on all Gaming & Music category items; on purchase or redemption of gift cards; on purchases made via the Target app; when using promo codes not listed on Cashrewards.

  • I ordered the school uniforms, I thought it was 20% and 25% off not cash dumb me, if I just spent another $30 I could have saved $50 not only 20 oh well done now, Target don't offer edit your order :(

    • Cancel and reorder?

      • I called to edit and they said I couldn't so I said ID like to cancel it and they said it can take an hour to cancel and there's no guarantee of it being cancelled so I didn't want to risk it and the items are all uniform they sell quickly may not be there when I try and reorder.

        And I called 20 minutes after I ordered

        • Then do your new order first, and then return the original order

          • @GenghisGun: It's already been shipped, i would need to return the whole order to the shop

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