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Ostritch Original Travel Pillow Sleepy Blue $90 (Was $149) Delivered / C&C @ Myer Online


The world is so stressful these days. It can all be too much at times. Bury your head in the sand in comfort with the Ostritch Original Travel Pillow Sleepy Blue. Only $90, on clearance at Myer Online.

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    • The second image is much better. Can I link that one instead somehow?

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        This photo: https://myer-media.com.au/wcsstore/MyerCatalogAssetStore/ima... — people in line are like "WTF is that thing?!"

        • They're not in line, they're just following instructions to evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion. Someone saw something so they said something.

      • 'much better'. Really? :)

        • It shows you how you use it. This photo doesn't really show much.

          • @ozbs25: The photo showed how not to use it. The model's head was tilted forward and to the side, and the pillow did nothing for him.

            • @alvian: I'm talking about the photo where the model has their head on their desk.

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      this is for a lonely traveller.

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    I like it!

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      multi function pillow, hope it help you have a happy ending

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      I can use myer points so myer is better for me.

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        You posted on OzBargain though, not on OzBetterForMe

    • Bonus points for the lady in the semi fetal position under her desk though.

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        It's a guy…

        • It is too. Maybe I should get one, this is all too much for me…

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            It is too. Maybe I should get one

            I don't think the guy comes with it…

          • @ozbs25: Once again, the pillow did nothing in this photo. The guy was resting on his forearm and the pillow provided no support to his head and neck but for a little cushioning for his cheek.

    • how do I choose if I want blue or grey? :) do they send random colour?

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      That's a fake.

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      Looks like it could be a cheap knockoff though. It's not from the same brand. Don't know if I trust ChenJieWoDeKeJi. Just launched with no feedback yet.

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    Looks naughty

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      You are using it wrong…

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      Looks naughty

      in a gloryously wholesome way.

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    I'm surprised you can wear this in an airport?

    Literally your whole face is covered, people would be suss lol

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      kinda looks like a plush version of a BDSM face mask…from what i've been told by friends.

      • Epic. Will definately sell more if its sold as that.

  • I want to try one. Sleeping on a plane is impossible for me. Not having to worry about a pillow direction might just sort that out.

  • In all seriousness, we bought a mini travel version from the same brand before - https://www.myer.com.au/p/ostrichpillow-ostrichpillow-light-...
    Very good quality and about on par with that price point ($50, down from $80)

    • How hot does it get? It looks pretty plush.

      • Never was an issue as I mainly used it on the plane (hence aircon was roaring), the beads are quite small too so compared to standard travel pillows I think it heats up less?

    • Second this. The "light" version is more versatile and less ridiculous.

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    Doubles as Bioshock's "Boys of Silence" helmet 👍🏼

  • The face opening is quite useless during covid times - you still have to mask up!

  • This is my favourite travel pillow. Much better than a neck roll. Mine cost about $15 five years ago on ebay.

  • Needs the covid version

  • Ali express copies from about $25.

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