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JB Hi-Fi: 20% off DVD, Blu Ray and 4K: 2 for $24 New Release Movies + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store)


Was looking at buying Old on Bluray at $29 then saw it had the 2 for $30 ticket on it on the webpage. I couldn't find the titles on the site, so a google search took me to the page. Quite a few newish releases in the bunch.

When I bought the 2 for 30 in store, my price was $24, though this may be a mistake by the agent, I'm not sure. Seems on the website now there is 20% off all Blu Rays. Stealth sale!

Titles Include:

Fast And The Furious 9
A Quiet Place Part II
Wrath Of Man
Don't Breathe 2
Gunpowder Milkshake
Judas And The Black Messiah
The Forever Purge

Edit: There are also some older 4K titles in the 2 for 30 sale too.

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    Wouldn't surprise me if they've started a 20% off DVD/BluRay's sale for Australia Day Public Holiday. Update: Can confirm that 20% off DVD/BluRay and 4K is now online.

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      Yep, edited to reflect the 20% off that just started online. Maybe there will be a Wicked Wednesday with an extra 5% off.

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    I hope JB Hifi 2 is as good as the first movie.

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    Was hoping this was case for No Time to Die

    • Me too

    • It has the 20% off banner and prices for 'No Time to Die', but no strike through showing old price (google has old price). I will probably skip the steelbook since JB didn't have the previous Bond releases on steelbook.

      • +2

        Old price for the steelbook was $49.98 or something like that. Ludicrous price of course. Tempted with this discount though.

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      Doesn’t get released til 26/01/22 so the discount will probably update tomorrow….I already got a copy from Zaavi cos the UK already released it 23 December. 👍

      • Looks like the discount was already applied but doesn’t show the original price.

    • +1

      I know the movie wasn't great… but wow

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    Has there normally been a further % email for Australia Day promo or just the 20% off and is it just the one day Australia Day or goes on for a few days?

  • 2 for $40 stacks too, comes down to $32.

  • Wrath of the man is surprisingly good.

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