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45% off Any Three 'Patriot' Undies at AussieBum - Australian Made & Free Postage Anywhere!


Buy any three Australian Made underwear from the AussieBum 'Patriot' range for only $32.50 a saving of up to 45% (or $27.35). So for about $11 each you get quality Australian Made undies with free delivery, a steal right?

Please note: Prices exclude GST and is only applied at the final stage of check-out.

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  • where does it say they are Australian made ???

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      Label on my undies. They don't really celebrate it much online.

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      if you look closely enough at the link's picture, if you look at guy's crotch in the middle it's stated slightly to the right it's there, trust me on that one.

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      And they don't fade after 10 washes, unlike black, and dark colored Bonds trunks do.=)

      • Agreed. Can't get better then Aussie made. I've had mine for four years, still in great condition and AussieBum don't disintegrate after 12 months like everything made overseas.

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          If everyone wears them for 4 years, Aussiebum will go out of business soon!!!

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    I thought I would support an Australian company buy buying a pair. +1 for 40% off and free shipping for orders of only one pair. -1 for a deceptive catalouge/checkout process that doesn't include GST until the very last stage (and AFTER payment with PAYPAL when you think it will cost less than it actually does).

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    I feel awkward looking through this website. So much… junk.

  • no deal on boxers?

  • I don't want the la-li-lu-le-lo to have any idea of what my genital size is.

  • what good reason is there for excluding GST if not to make your prices seem lower than they are?

    • For international buyers, maybe?

      • Judging from the choice of promotional images used in thier marketing, after Sydney I'm guessing they get a lot of business out of San Francisco and Berlin. Hot stuff coming through!

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    the branding of these shorts makes me feel like a flag wearing bogan.. just being honest here guys

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    No discount at all and not including GST in the pricing is deceptive. Wouldn't recommend anyone buying from them. Was being charged the total price via PayPal until I cancelled.

  • +1

    Not sure why its so hard to have an Australian and International pricing website. Most sites select whether VAT/GST/other taxes are included once you select the State and/or Country your shipping to. Not hard Aussie Bum to have a little flag to choose your country. Shouldn't be too hard to basically x 1.1 all prices if Australia is selected.

  • Aussie made, non aussie prices..

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