FTX - PayID/Osko removed from HiveEx

Anyone noticed how HiveEx recently had its PAYID removed? Banking system jumping on the heads of third parties servicing crypto?

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  • Banks are moving to an opt in system with crypto.
    You will need to contact your bank and sign a form stating you understand the “risks” etc.
    I know for one my bank (ANZ) already blocks crypto exchange transactions unless you have contacted them first

    • Not share if that is that case for this instance.

      I was unable to deposit to FTX yesterday via HiveEx using PAYID (error PAYID doesn't exist). But was able to deposit via Binance PAYID portal.

      For reference I was using Up Banking.

      • Oh damn I use Up all the time for crypto I love it so easy to use. So could you send it with Up via BSB and account number?

        • +1

          Never thought to try BSB/Acc No.

          However, checked the PayID again and it seems to be working - so there shouldn't be an issue transferring funds via PayID on FTX platform now.

  • Hmmm, I haven't noticed this one yet. That's no good, hopefully it's an easy agreement to sign and hopefully it's one way not both. The last thing we need is more barriers to entry/exit. This doesn't affect crypto.com yet. I like how they have the highest returns compared to any other card and it's a one off $500 investment that has only grown bigger and bigger for the investor unlike credit card fees which just go straight down the toilet. Should have gotten on here the moment Coles mastercard capped their 1% return rate at $3,000/month.

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