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Officeworks Ethereal Office/Study Desk $39 + Delivery


I've been looking for a simple, slimline desk for the study, and found this on the OW site. It's on clearance for $39, which I figure is not a bad price for what it is. The site says there's limited stock, and it's a bit of a hassle to find out the availability only at the checkout, but it looks like it's ok for my area (Sydney).

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  • Extra $40 delivery for my location.. Or spend an extra $16 for free delivery apparently.

  • The OWNEPTUNE (listed here previously) for $59 is a great desk too. It's actually 2 l-shaped desks, but you can separate them and use them independently of each other. OWNEPTUNE is a tempered glass desk which looks very neat and you can order it to your store for free pickup.


    Looks like QLD is sold out?

  • out of stock

  • I am pretty sure office works has some guy looking through stock levels. Once stock is gone her reduces the price on the website to something weirdly low.

    Also this is out of stock in the Caboolture area.

  • Not that much of a bargain. Only $10 cheaper than normal price of $49 as per Google cache.

    Was thinking of buying as in stock for me in Melb.

  • add a chair and u have a $50 logitech g27 setup

  • are there any other cheap tables out there?