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Free US Stock Brokerage and $2.50 ASX Stock Brokerage for 1 Year @ Tiger Brokers


Free US Stock Brokerage and $2.50 ASX Stock Brokerage for 1 Year for the first 10,000 new customers who fund their account with as little as 1 cent.

If you fund the account with $10,000 you get a free share of Apple (~$170USD) and a chance to win a Tesla share (~$900USD).

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Referee gets $10 voucher upon sign up & special rates for 1 year. Referrer gets $50 or $100 voucher depending on their amount of deposit and special rates up to 900 days.

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Tiger Brokers

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  • Terms for the apple free stock? Seems too good to be true

      • Thanks, minimum 5 trades before you can withdraw.

        • And you have to drop $10k (in cash or shares transferred) into the account within 7 days of opening to get your fee apples.

      • And can we take out the $10k also the apple sale proceeds?

        • The apple sale can be transferred to you bank after 2 business days.

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    Looks like $2.50 brokerage is not really the reality…

    It's 0.025% commission (minimum $2.5) plus 0.025% platform fee (minimum $2.5) with one of these being waived for the first year.
    So, $2.50 if your trade is less than $10,000, otherwise it's higher.

    They also then charge 10% GST on top so it's $5.50 minimum (or $2.75 for the first year).
    Still not bad! 25c cheaper than Stake. But just a few things to consider.

    Also can't find anything about CHESS, so I assume it's not CHESS sponsored.

    • +5

      for $0.50 extra and none of that hassle, and confirmed CHESS sponsorship no reason to use these over Stake for ASX

      • no stop loss on stake.

  • Wow, so many of these apps around now.
    Any advice on which one would be best one for my son to invest into quality US stocks (fractional shares)?
    Looking at a regular smaller investment of say $300 a fortnight.

    • Interactive Brokers is the lowest cost, but it's UI can be complex and intimidating.

      Superhero for something simpler and at a modest cost.

      Other suggestions welcomed.

      • Thanks for the reply mate.
        Reading the info on Superhero, the only fee for trading in US in the 70bps on the FX, or am I missing something?

        • I thought it was 50bps FX for Superhero; have they recently increased it? 70 bps would put them on a par with Stake.

          Regarding Interactive Brokers I think the deposit requirement is $2K not $20K but happy to be corrected again..

      • It looks like the Intreractive Brokers needs $20K to start, so that rules him out of that one.

      • I would check out Unhedged, it's similar to superhero (but algorithms trading) you do pay a performance fee of 20% for any above market profits. It really performed very well a couple of weeks ago when the market fell. Unhedged.com.au (do your own research)

      • Charles Schwab is $0 brokerage

  • Any thoughts on the pricing for trading US Options and the Currency Conversion fees they charge?

    Both seem very reasonable and the currency conversion fee appears to be cheaper than any other platforms available to AU investors (except IB)?

  • +2


    Can I request the Tiger Brokers to be added to the Referrals list.

    Here are the Referral conditions.

    Refer friends to make >= 3000 deposit.
    Stock voucher package of $50 AUD.

    Refer friends to make >= 10000 deposit.
    Stock voucher package of $100 AUD.

    Every 2 successful referrals of deposit >= 100
    1 Lucky draw chance to win rewards


    • It's added now. Someone reported your comment to let us know.


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