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Coles Roasted & Salted Cashews 800g $9, in-Store and Online @ Coles


Usual price is like $17- $18. Works out to be around $11 a Kilo, which is probably the cheapest in recent times.

Minimum amount for C&C is $50.

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    These are well roasted (jv level roasting)

    • I wonder how jv likes his nuts… jv: if you’re out there — how do you like your nuts?

      I think I prefer mine raw. And unsalted — because I find most nuts are naturally salty

      • -3

        Haha those nutes don't take showers I suppose. Same ones who don't wash after they go wee.

      • +1

        jv doesn't have nuts. Well unless she has a partner and keeps his in a jar…

        • He

  • +5

    This price is nuts!

    • +1

      I seed what you did there…

    • Even price better if you check out with cashewrewards

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    Any unsalted on special?

    • I didn't see the unsalted variant on special today

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        You might consider Woolies unsalted one, not that cheap as Coles, $9 for 750g.

        • Yes , Woolies unsalted one -roasted for same price - Currently $9 for 750g.

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      Wash them in water the chuck in the over. Wonder if it would work fine

      • Absolutely would. I might do that myself without the washing as my only complaint about the pack I bought before Christmas is that I would've preferred them to be slightly more dry roasted. But they were still great quality.

      • +1

        I actually tried thanks to your comment - 20min in the oven, worked like a charm! the extra roasting is actually quite nice (was worried I had overcooked them after they darkened a bit)

  • I noticed these in-store and grabbed a pack. These seem to taste better than the Aldi variant.

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    Yep this special was $10 in January and December, so $9 is a great price. Bought a pack just before Christmas, very nice quality.

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    Got a pack a few weeks ago. Anyone else find that they taste way to salty? As in there's too much fine salt everywhere? I mix in with unsalted nut mix, to mellow it out, but just intrigued on others thoughts.

    • +1

      Towards the end of the bag I'd agree with you, I don't like all the little crumbs mixed with salt in the bottom but whilst I'm eating the majority I quite like the salt levels. They're definitely higher than they should be for binge eating a bag but I like that I can stop once the salt gets overwhelming and then I still have some nuts left for later

      • True. Maybe the want to binge eat is my problem! Salt is very subjective too, like sugar.

    • support, I did the same mix :)

    • Agree 100%. Last time I mixed half a bag of this with a full bag of unsalted from Woolies and STILL found it too salty.
      In fact the saltiness tasted about the same - which made me think they have supersaturated the salt

  • +1

    Great for bulking, good protein and fats. They’re expensive so this is a good deal to add extra cals to your diet if needed.

  • I remember the times when it was $18 per kil routinely. Good times.

  • I get shortness of breath every time i eat cashews.. i thought it was some allergic reaction but its pretty common. Anyone else have this happen?

  • Easily reached my Flybuys $30 minimum spend for this week

    • What deal do you have that's $30?

      • Flybuys app. Spend $30 at Coles each week, for 3 weeks, for 10,000 points.
        Thats a massive 55% saving!!

        If you don't scan your Flybuys for a few weeks then the deals improve, as they try to win you back.

        • Yeah I've gotten them down to $50 before but never $30.

  • Personally I'm not a fan of the Coles cashews, there's too much salt and after just a few I start to feel a bit queasy. I bought a couple of bags just before Christmas and I won't buy them again. I don't have any problem with the Woolworths ones, which have a lot less salt.

    • As others have said I quite like the loaded salt as, well, I like lots of salt and it stops me eating too many. I find with cashews in particular I will just keep eating them if they aren't salted.

  • +1

    I went to my local this morning, and did not see this. I then opened up Ozbargain, to find this deal again. Searched for coles, then searched for cashews, and this deal was nowhere to be seen. Now that I'm home, I can see it again. wtf. This is nuts.

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