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LEGO CREATOR 10295 Porsche 911 $183.99 (Was $229.99) + Delivery @ ShopForMe


Pretty sure this is the lowest I have seen this go for locally?
I have sitting here ready to build I got from Lego. So not gonna buy another.
But it looks sooo good.

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  • anyone bought from this site before can share their experience?


    • +1

      I've purchased 6 sets from them since Dec 2020. No problems.

  • It's a great model isn't it

    • Dunno, looks a bit cheap and crappy to me….nothing like their Technic GT3RS but I suppose it's not the same price either.

      • +4

        Weird I am the other way. I much prefer the creator expert cars to the Technic ones.
        (I have every creator expert car. and will get Delorean when announced for April… rumor)
        Each to their own I guess

        • To be fair the technic set is over double the price of this one. I also prefer the Creator sets. They use just the right amount of parts to make a good looking model and they're a good size to put on a shelf.

    • Really nice looking. Looks great next to the Ford GT. There's also an alternate Lambo build on rebrickable IIRC, though I have only built the 911.

      Re: the comment that it's "nothing like the GT3RS" - but of course, one is a display model (creator expert) the other is a technically impressive set (technic set).

      IMO the 911 is the better looking set.

      • Agree, can't imagine the GT3 pulling off the Targa look :)

  • has anyone bought from this store before?

    few red flags for me:
    No abn listed on the website.
    No phone number.
    Cant checkout without creating an account.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/shopforme.com.au
      There's been plenty of deals from shopforme. The last time I bought from them was 2018 and I didn't experience any dramas.

    • Hmm. Just looking back and I have used them a few times. I recall one was a "scratch and dent" sale and the box was pristine. Don't recall any problems. YMMV.

    • Have placed 4 orders with them (6 sets) in the last 14 months. All arrived within 6 days. (To Sydney Metro.)

  • Dayummmmm what a beaut. Would love to build but don’t have space lmao

  • +3

    There's some awesome alternate builds as well using this model. Lamborghini Contach and Batmobile (which will be in white) are two. They've been designed to not need any additional pieces.

    • +2

      What the hell the Contach looks amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayrYK943iz8

      • Wow. It looks better than the Porsche

        • Having built it the Lambo is pretty flimsy, definetely a display only piece. Looks great especially with a different windshield.

          • @Merlict: I bought the instructions and got a knock-off for $70. Yet to build it though. Shame it's a little flimsy, but will be a display piece for me anyway.

    • Was coming here to say the same. Plenty of great looking alternative builds for this. I'll certainly be building that Batmobile.

  • The iconic G body 911 does not convert well into Lego. In fact I think it looks pretty shite.

  • Anyone know if pick up in store is available?
    Looks like they’re at Coburg North Vic but their FB has a pinned post from last year that says online only.

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