Moderator: Urbanathlon emailed OzBargain that the code is unauthorised/internal leak, and is not available for public. They have emailed to those who tried to use the code to explain the situation.

Hi All,

I notice the deal has become unpublished for some reason.
Did all those who signed up get an email to confirm your entry?
I got no email - signed up approx 8.30 this morning.

Was looking to combine it with the deal I got for a dozen Krispy Kremes lol..

But seriously, guess no email = no registration right?



    Urbanathlon "offer" was posted here:


    However I have removed that post this morning "pending investigation". Urbanathlon emailed me this morning saying that there is no such thing as free entry and request the deal to be removed.

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    I entered got an email with a bib number I hope they honor it


    They cancelled my rego - no biggie. Not going to pay $95 for it.