Anyway to un-screw my new Uber Eats account?

Hey all,

I recently registered a new Uber Eats account and mainly due to my impatience it's now rejecting all Promo codes.

What's happened so far:

  • Registered a new UE account with mobile & email
  • Got impatient waiting for the $30 off code and manually added a $20 off first order code
  • Added $10 UE credit to the account and tried to order a $31 meal
  • Got a message from the app saying that I am NOT eligible to the $20 promote and order wouldn't proceed unless I unselect it
  • Few days later, I finally received a $30 off email but now I cannot redeem it probably because there is already a $20 off voucher sitting in my account

It doesn't seem to be a way contacting support without an order either; which means I am kinda stuck.

Any idea how I could possible proceed from here? Or do I have to cut loss and just spend that $10 UE money on something at an inflated price?


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    Cut your losses and live happy rather that stress over $10. Life’s too short mate!

    • That's probably what I would end up doing anyway but since I went through all the effort registering, buying $10 UE gc etc I am getting bit sentimental on it >_<

    • Not to mention effort of writing all these up too. I am in a loss trap now.

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        With each reply you're just costing yourself an ounce of disappointment

  • Cancel the account and see if they offer any deals to return.

  • I have the same problem,
    But it's regarding un-screwing something else…

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    Start up a 5th Uber eats account and try that one

  • Don't stress over such a small amount of money.

    Make money doing other signups for credit cards, bank accounts, match betting etc.

  • delete your account. you will never be able to use promo on that mobile number again. once deleted, after 30 days they will email you a voucher for your $10 credit to use on a future account

    • Woah really? Just because I manually added a discount code?

      • uber detected something that tells them you're not actually a new customer. Possibly a debit card, address or IMEI

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    Just go the food places yourself saves you waiting an hour and getting cold food most of the time. Plus it helps them out more than being slugged 25% to UE

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