Massage Chair

Hi Friends
I'm just after a good Massage Chair that will last for few years. looking to spend up $1000. Any suggestion? I have no idea where to start, what brand, which shops (online, ebay, instore)
something like this one

Thanks in advance.



    That seems like a good price for the functions. Mum got a similar looking one for about $2000 from LeCornu.
    Not sure if you'll finda branded one at a retail store for under $1000 though. OSIM are at least a couple k's.


      Cheers mate thanks but what you look for in Massage chair? what are the good brands to look for or compare to?


        The number of functions - some massage chairs dont massage your feet (the base), imo it makes a big difference, especially if you're on the feet all day.
        The material- the one mum got was a fairly cheap one, made of fake leather. After a few years, the material where your back goes starts to wear, particularly the upper back.

        Im not too familiar with brands, but I do know two popular but expensive brands - OSIM and OGAWA.
        I do recommend trying them out first before buying if you can.


    I tried a Panasonic massage chair in Miami and it was better than any other I have tried.

    Unfortunately at that time they were not available in Australia. I emailed Panasonic but they did not reply.

    The next occasion I remembered to check again a few years later it seemed that they had actually brought them in at some stage but had already discontinued them. FFUUUUUUUUUU

    Anyway, if you can import one, get a Panasonic.

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