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1kg Aussie Grown Flavoured Macadamia Nuts & 500g Macadamia Honey $79 Delivered (Was $99) + Extra Multi-Buy Discounts @ MacNutHut

Sweet N’ Spicy Macadamia Gift Pack

To launch our new Sweet N’ Spicy Macadamia Gift Pack we are running a $20 OFF deal for 3 days only!

Get 1KG of our delicious Aussie Grown Flavoured Macadamia Nuts & 500g of Australian Macadamia Honey for just $79!

The gift pack contains:
  • 500g Australian Macadamia Honey
  • 500g Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts
  • 300g Chocolate Macadamia Trio
  • 100g Moroccan Macadamia Nuts
  • 100g Hot Chilli Macadamia Nuts
Multi-Buy Discounts

Get further discounts by ordering more of any product in our shop, including multiple gift packs:

  • Order any 3+ packs get 5% OFF
  • Order any 5+ packs get 10% OFF
  • Order any 7+ packs get 15% OFF

These discounts are auto-applied to your cart and require no coupon code.


We offer FREE POSTAGE on all orders over $50.

About Us

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support OzB users!

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  • Noooooooo - silly WA :(

    • -8

      lol stfu

    • Sorry about that. 👎

      Once we have our Macadamia butter ready we plan on having it as a substitute for Western Australia and Tasmania.

      • @macnuthut they want to be isolated from Australia.. please .. let us not upset them

  • Just ordered! Can't wait to try them :)

    • Awesome, we will have those out to you very soon 🙂

  • Just wondering how the pricing works for this?
    On your store, the individual items are:
    - 500g Australian Macadamia Honey $12
    - 500g Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts $30
    - 300g Chocolate Macadamia Trio $25
    Which add up to $67, and the other two:
    - 100g Moroccan Macadamia Nuts
    - 100g Hot Chilli Macadamia Nuts
    don't have direct pricing attached to them, but if I just take $60/kg from the more expensive (of Hot Chilli and Moroccan), then that's $12 which is exactly $79 (coincidentally the sale price listed).

    Of course, you won't be selling 100g packs at the same price/kg as 500g packs, but let's say it's 50% more expensive for them. That would make it $18. So adding up to ~$85.

    I'm just curious where the extra $14 of cost comes from?

    Don't get me wrong, I've tried your macadamias and they're good. But this just doesn't make sense to me…

    • +3

      Hi Aleigh, firstly thanks for the positive feedback - We're glad you liked them and hope to see you order some more 😊

      As to the pricing, unfortunately it isn't as cut-and-dried as that.

      The 500g packs that we sell on our website are packaged directly by our processor, ready to send out to customers with no further labour involved.

      Any other quantity for example the 300g and 100g packs have to be repackaged separately by us. This is done in a clean refrigerated environment on our farm. Therefore there are labour/ time costs associated with this and it isn't as simple as looking at a per kilo price on each product.

      Furthermore as the quantity rises so does the weight and in turn the postage fees too. Whilst we offer free postage above $50 we simply don't have the margins on these products to eliminate this cost entirely.

      We believe it's still great value as a gift pack under $100 and even more so when it's on sale as it is now.

      I hope that clarifies things for you, unfortunately sometimes these are the small things that make it harder for small businesses to be as competitive, however we try our best!

      • I see. Thanks for the clarification. While I won't be buying this one due to my general lack of a sweet tooth, I look forward to your other offerings :)

  • You seem to enjoy using OzB as an advertising platform, right? Posting every 1-3 weeks offering 5% discounts.

    Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamia Nuts:
    Subtotal $87.00
    Coupon: 5off -$4.35
    Total $82.65 (including shipping)

    I'd say 1.5kg of macadamia nuts for $82 should not be considered a bargain, unless they are style 0, which I doubt.

    • +2

      That's the beauty of ozBargain - You're free to post your own deal up if you can find a better one 🙂

      The hundreds of other ozBargain users that have placed orders with us seem to enjoy the deals being posted.

  • Just a reminder that this sale ends midnight AEST. Thanks for your support!

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