Common Whitelisted Domains for Pi-hole - Cashrewards / ShopBack

Hi all

I run Pi-hole at home and largely it works a treat. I saw someone else post a while back about some scripts that were created to compliment the functionality but allow some common tracking sites to be whitelisted. I have been onto that site and am curious about others who may use these scripts.

I typically use Brave as my browser but I wonder whether that is overkill considering I am running Pi-hole. I also wonder if the ad blocking that Brave employs would mean that even with the whitelisted domains from above, some tracking from say ShopBack or Cashrewards wouldn't work anyway.

Anybody who uses any of this got any advice they could share?



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    You can whitelist domain in the admin console isn't it

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    Unlikely you'd be able to whitelist every affiliate domain and not run into any issues.

    Just use a non blocks, non pi hole browser for any affiliate/cashback purchases. Enough posts about claims not being approved without just adding more things to cause it not to work.

    • This is what I had done to date, I change the DNS via a switcher to usually use Google's DNS and then switch back once done.

      Although I often forget to switch back unfortunately.

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    PiHole Switch browser add-on ftw

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