How Long Do Big W EFTPOS Refunds Take?

I always thought they were more or less instant. Been waiting several hours now.

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    Could take few days. Store refunds are not instant.

  • I don’t recall ever getting a refund at BIG W, but I’ll presume it is very similar to Woolworths, as Woolworths and BIG W have very similar point-of-sale systems and generally similar business processes…

    • Refunds processed through the EFTPOS network (i.e. Savings or Cheque) should appear in your account pretty much immediately, but if it happens after 8pm or 9pm Sydney/Melbourne time, the funds may only be available the next business day (I.e. today).

    • Refunds processed through the credit networks (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) usually take between 2 and 4 business days to appear on your account.

    Silly question time:

    • Which network was the refund processed through? If you have the return receipt, it will tell you this.

    • Did you use the card you think you used to process the refund? For example, you may have accidentally used a different card in your mobile wallet to the one you wanted to use.

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    Always insert your card and choose savings for refunds , waiting problem over.

  • Last time I did it all I did was to walk into th store and hand it to the service counter and get money back on the spot

  • Did you pull your card out before it said remove card and still got charged? If so it takes a few days to refund.

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    I learnt from a retail store that if you want instant refund on credit card, insert your card and enter your PIN. Do not paywave / paypass / tap it.

  • I recently had an online order cancelled as the item was out of stock at the time of processing and the c/c refund took a couple of days. Big W advised via email that it would take 3-5 working days, depending on your financial institution.

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    Pro tip, when being issues a refund insert your card and select the Savings option. It goes through EFTPOS which goes into your account straight away. If you "Tap" or use "Credit" then it goes trough the Mastercard /Visa system which could take 1 - 5 days.

    • thanks mate! I used to use eftpos-savings option before the paywave nonsense came out

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