Any Good nbn Deals Going on Atm for 6 Months?

Hey guys,

My 6 months are up with spintel, any good NBN deals atm for another 6 months? Thanks


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    Internode 59.95 per month for first 6 months 50 mbps

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    Any Good nbn Deals Going on Atm for 6 Months?


  • Worst ever experience from BELONG, they disconnected my 30 NBN plan after being with them for 5 years without my knowledge and after lodging support email (can't talk to human being BTW) they asked me to re-join / re-apply at much higher price!! WTF.. To make it worse, they refusing to refund me the remaining 25days left of the already paid month. I will have no option but to lodge formal complain to the Telecommunication OMBUDSMAN. NOT HAPPY JAN.
    Joined MORE at cheaper rate, higher speed, much better service with people you can call them in case you need help.

    • Yeah, I'm also not happy with Belong. I think customer service is the most important aspect of an NBN provider. Had a technical issue and 3 weeks later, it was still not addressed. Told the rep to call me at 11 am, they call me at 10 am. What's the point of asking? Just call whenever.

      It's so hard to find a human on Belong so I will never go back.

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