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500g Aussie Certified Organic Honey Roasted Macadamias $27.75 Delivered (25% off) @ Nom Nuts

The Deal

To celebrate the launch of our new online farm shop we are running a 10-25% OFF sale site wide.

These Organic Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts are a bargain with a saving of $18.50 per kilo.

These are delicious premium quality organic Macadamia nuts that are sold directly from the farm they are grown on.

Nimbin Organic Macadamia Nuts are:
  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Contain 100% Australian ingredients
  • Grown with no sprays, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers

We offer FREE delivery on all orders with no minimum spend.

About Us

Based in Nimbin, New South Wales our aim is to bring you the cleanest Macadamia nuts that can be grown. Our small-scale farm is half planted with around 1000 Macadamia trees and the other half is natural rain forest.

We do not believe in spraying, instead we try to support the beneficial insects who help keep the rest in control. We feed the soil with natural composts and minerals to balance the losses from each years crops.

Nothing artificial or industrial chemical based is used on the property. Our lifestyle follows the same theme, we eat clean and organic as much as possible. So naturally our farming methods follow suit.

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  • +1

    About time someone's offering a decent discount.

    • Thanks for your support. We wanted to make a good first impression.

  • hi rep,
    Just wondering how these are packaged…eg. vacuum sealed?
    Was wanting to buy it as gifts for friends.

    • +3

      Hi there, yes they come sealed in a triple layer foil pack which keeps their freshness and provides the longest shelf life possible.

      • Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply

  • Why are Macadamia nuts so darn expensive compared to others I wonder ? However for Aussie produce this is a decent deal !

    • Hi, Macadamias are the most nutritious of all nuts. With anything, you pay more based on the quality of the product.

    • For anyone curious about the real answer and not some corporate marketing "it's nutritious" answer (whatever 'nutritious' means), it's because macadamia nuts are significantly harder to grow. They can only be in certain climates which coincide with coffee production, and given how much demand there is for coffee, macadamia production has sort of been sidelined.

  • +1

    @ Num Nuts? 😅

    • +4

      We tried that name but it was taken. :)

  • Are these just honey or sugar also. If so how much sugar?

    • Hi Jklaro, they have organic raw sugar not refined sugar. Less than 5% is sugar, this is needed for coverage.

      • OK I'll try them out. Thanks.

        • Great, you won't be disappointed. Thanks for your support :)

  • +1

    deez nuts

  • That's plain nuts!

    • +1

      These are actually honey roasted but our plain ones are on sale too!

  • Macadamias may be harmful to people who suffer from nut allergies. We do not use the same equipment for the preparation of any other food products.

    Glad to read this! Our little one has an allergy to a few other tree nuts but no issue with macadamia. Just grabbed some macadamia meal.

    • It's an important one. Thanks for your support! We will have that out to you shortly :)

  • Thanks, got one to try

    • Thanks for your support. Enjoy :)

  • Do you deliver to WA? Heard there’s restrictions

    • We use Australia post, it may take a little longer but it will get there. If you order today it will be dispatched tomorrow.

  • Glad you put the savoury ones on sale too. Ordered some dry roasted and salted ones.

    • Thanks for the support! Let us know what you think of them when they arrive.

      • They're good! I could've done with a bit less salt personally but still delicious and nice roast level.

  • Afterpay not working? Getting this error

    All types provided in payment_method_types are invalid. Please ensure the provided types are activated in your dashboard (https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/payments/settings) and your account is enabled for any preview features that you are trying to use.

    • +1

      Sorry! Teething issues with the new website. Should be fixed and up and running now. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. :)

      • Cool thanks, worked fine :)

        • Thanks for picking up on that for us! We will have your order out to you soon :)

  • Ordered last night, just shipped. Thanks for the deal, OP.

    • Welcome, let us know what you think once you've tried them! :)

  • Ordered 500 grams . Hopefully good.

    • We're confident you'll love them, thanks for the support!

      • Very nice nuts. Just ordered another 500 grams. Thanks OP

  • Just to let everyone know these are style 4-5 nuts, which means they are only half and quarter kernels. Taste is good but giving the size the price is not a bargain.

    • They're style 4 which is standard for flavoured Macadamia nuts as well as being certified organic, which means they aren't competing with regular Macadamia nuts on price. They are actually the cheapest organic Macadamias online even without the sale price. The 25% sale also covers our style 0 raw Macadamias too if that's what people wish to buy instead.

      • A few times Costco was selling style 1 roasted macadamia nuts for around $40/kg. That's why I said this deal " is not a bargain".

  • Best nuts I've ever purchased

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