A section for good deals on frequently required items

I was just thinking that perhaps it would be good to have a section on the site that had the cheapest / best deals (by some form of consensus) for a select few items that are commonly required by people. May need to have multiple sections for different cities though, as not all broadband suppliers function in all capital cities. I know sometimes the best value is debatable. But if you just want to look for a good value mobile / broadband plan its a bit tricky to find on here at the moment. Plus a good code for online pizza can be tricky to find at times, but with enough searching there is nearly always a $4.95 code active.

For Example:

Mobile Phone Prepaid - Best pre-paid plan
Mobile Phone Postpaid - Best post-paid plan
Broadband Internet Naked - Cheapest provider of naked broadband
Broadband Internet Non-Naked - Cheapest provider of Non-naked broadband
Blank DVD's - Cheapest place to currently purchase blank dvd's
Pizza Pick Up - Cheapest Active Pizza Code for a single pick up pizza
Pizza Delivery - Cheapest Active Pizza Code for a delivered pizza

etc etc.



    For the broad plan you can use whirlpool


    That's what the Wiki is for — although I admit that it still needs a bit of organisation at the moment.


    There's a wiki?! -coughs- Ah…too lazy to visit. XD I like forums, though. Even though the one here doesn't have an 'all unread posts' page. T_T

    Problem with the best deals thing is people will have to keep updating it otherwise it'll be useless…not to mention a lot of deals expire too. Hrmm I'm not sure. Good idea, though. :) I find it amusing how I have to wade through some pizza deals to find the one I want, too, heh.