Extra Firm Mattress (Firm as a Piece of Wood) Recommendation

Buying for Asian parents, they used to love a brand that was in the city but they have closed down.

Now I have tried to get them to test a “normal” mattress but they will not be moved…..they want a mattress as if they were sleeping onto of a Kmart yoga matt.


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    Bed of nails DIY?

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    Prince mattress in Auburn, go to their warehouse and try their firm mattress before buying, I tried & bought Kmart, Ikea and few others, but for "Asian back" this is the one.

    • Great thanks

  • Did you try IKEA firm mattress

    • Didn’t think they would be crazy firm, will have a look

      • I am sleeping on one. I thought I would save you the trouble, it is not Asian parents firm. ;)

  • The place we got ours from a few years ago had a model called “The Brick”. Sorry, can’t remember the store but it was one of the chains.

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    My rents like Seahorse (chinese brand) https://seahorsemattresses.com.au/

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    Firm as a Piece of Wood

    Then get a piece of wood? :p

    • I should lol

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    I used to sleep on a thin futon on floorboards. Loved it, but ended up purchasing a proper mattress when my partner started staying over more.

    I went and purchased the zzz atelier super firm off ebay that is posted here every so often. It's cheap, and has has held up well for the last couple of years. It's not quite as hard as the futon but it suits me, and elicits complaints from others so it must be pretty hard.

    Otherwise if they wanted super firm and still sleep on a raised bed, you could buy some pine planks and run them perpendicular to the slats so there's a solid platform, and put a futon on top.

    • you could buy some pine planks and run them perpendicular to the slats so there's a solid platform, and put a futon on top.

      Good point.

      Or sold hard wood floor boards and cut to size, slot them in.

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    buy MDF / chipboard cut to size and put in place of mattress. Then go to clark rubber and get the right thickness foam. Done! Lot cheaper in the long run too.

    • My wife's friend was also on the lookout for a firm mattress. She just ended up having her husband spray the old mattress top with protein. Stiff as a board on all counts.

  • Sleeping duck extra firm

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    Can't offer any recommendation, but know exactly what you are talking about … pulled into this hotel in Shanghai and honestly had to pull back the sheets to see if there was actually a mattress under there.

    Holy hell, that was not a great few days.

  • Try this mattress or another one from their range - I have one and it is like sleeping on a park bench so added a latex topper. Love it now because it is so supportive. Shop said it is very popular with Asian people who prefer a very firm mattress. Mainly coir - coconut fibre.


  • a firm Memory foam mattress. I picked the medium firm one for my back but I can't sleep on it anymore because of my bad shoulders, so I had to get a softer mattress (RU in Tassie?)

  • @zman09 , did you buy one ? I am in similar situation and will go through the suggestions above.

    Any suggestions for Melbourne local shops?

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