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[PC, macOS] Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper 2, Dungeon Keeper Gold A$2.09 each @ GOG


Good Price. Enjoy :)

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    Dungeon Keeper 2 is still a great game to play. Was a spiritual successor ever made? Like Two Point Hospital is a is spiritual successor to Theme Hospital?

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      Did you check out War for the Overworld ?

      • Nice, thanks! No I haven't yet but will when I see it go on sale now.

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      An Ozbargainer has become unhappy because he has no DK3.

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    Bloody classics

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    Sim City 2000 (special edition) also $2.09

  • 2 bucks is a very good deal for Dungeon keeper.

    Very easy to get a couple of hours out of messing around with it.

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    “The hospital administrator is cheating!”

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      "Patients are asked not to die in the corridor"

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        "Morgue patients are asked to be as quiet as possible"

    • Came to post this and found a fellow cheater beat me to it!

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    Purchase Theme Hospital and use it with https://corsixth.com/ for updated graphics. There is an android version of it too.

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      Not updated graphics, just higher res, zoom etc. I'm also a contributor to that project.

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    RIP Bullfrog

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    Back to childhood here I come!

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    Blast from the past. Played Theme Hospital when I was a teen.

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      I also played it, there are two of us then.

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        I remember you have to build toilets and people go in there for a poo, used to make me laugh, probably still would.

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      I only ever had the demo and played it as much as you would a full game. I really should give this a go hahaha

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    These were the games of my childhood. Along with The Settlers 2 and Age of Empires. I played them for hundreds of hours. Great price - i already own them

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      You remember KKnD? Good old Melbourne House developed

      • I have actually never heard of that one - just looked it up, it would've been right up my street.

      • kknd2 was baller, but then CNC series came along…

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    theme hospital is gooooold

  • Ahhh the memories…

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    Theme Hospital is a great classic.

    You can also use the GoG installer files for CorsixTH, if you want to play with some experimental things like higher resolutions or on Linux.

    • or on your Android phone. do not get from playstore, but from corsixth website. playstore one wants to read all files and other contentious permissions and isn't by corsixth, but an illegal copy of it.

      you just need the game data files, which are searchable from various places.

      • open source application

        someone clones it

        illegal copy


        • They cloned someones work, added spyware, pretending to be somethng else. No recognition of where they copied from, so yes - illegal,

  • theme hospital

    wow I spent like hours and hours after school on it

  • Bought Theme Hospital but unfortunately none of the installer links on GOG work to download.. good tip re the CorsixTH link, will try that if I can get GOG to fix the link.

  • arr yes, the old Bloaty Head syndrome… good ol' Theme Hospital.

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    where's Sim Tower @?

  • Is there a way to split these games away from the DOS box setup and play them on a classic Win9x machine?

  • Theme Hospital worth 20x that price.

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      I have original big box game for theme hospital and theme pack made for dos and windows 3.1 :D

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        It's one of the very best of all time, no cap.

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    PS5 sits in the corner gathering dust while I get excited about adding too much salt to chips and driving drink prices increasingly higher…

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    Dungeon Keeper was so good, I remember the avatar in the last stage took so long to kill, even with 2 horned reapers and a bunch of dragons/bile demons ganging up on him.

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    What a game, man, what a game.

  • nothing beats Rollercoaster Tycoon :)

  • Another good one is Theme Park also $2.09

    I played Theme Hospital for hours. Anyone play the new PS5 version?

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