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[XB1, XSX] The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY Edition $3.48 @ Gamivo (Argentina VPN Required for Redeeming Game Code)


Price now lower - Price updated and included service fee

The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition for $2.39 + $1.09 Service fee - $3.48 AUD I believe the XSX free upgrade is coming soon so good time to buy. Argentina VPN required to redeem through Microsoft. I used UrbanVPN extension in Chrome and it worked fine.

There are a few "Offers" options to buy from at Gamivo - I chose StoForY just because it had done more orders than most others and had good feedback.

Instructions as per previous Argentina VPN deals:

1) Purchase game from your chosen seller on Gamivo, ensuring you turn OFF Customer Protection Program and Gamivo Smart and to avoid being signed up to a monthly subscription or being charged extra.
Once you have bought it and have your code, Enable chosen VPN extension in Google Chrome, set region to Argentina.
2) Go to redeem.microsoft.com and log in using your Microsoft/Xbox account.
3) Redeem purchased code.

Game will then be in your Xbox console library to download.

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  • how do you avoid service fee? cause i they wanna charge me an extra $1.11? so its not really $2.90

    • Not sure. I put in DLCOMPARE code, paid with Paypal and just made sure I unticked all the "smart" offer things. Didn't seem to get a service fee and my bank shows $2.90 charged

      • ok i created a new account cause i thought it maybe it was due to linking my google account. Nope, still service fee.
        Changed it to USD instead of AUD, still service fee.

        do you have your region set to something other than "outside of EU" ?

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          I think he’s paid the service fee but just didn’t know. The price he saying is in USD, which includes the service fee.

          I ended up paying AUS$3.77 total

          • @Psygnosis: Thanks got it, title has now changed with the us and aud pricing… service fee is unavoidable sigh…

            • @bowtiehoon: Happy for it to be updated if unobtainable…..my AU bank account is clearly showing $2.90 AUD charge though. But the email confirmation however is showing €1.87 which might explain something. I put Outside EU too. Oh well still a bargain for an extra dollar

              • @summit: nah i dont care about that, i just wanted to get the $1.11 off or work out how you did it? lol
                Sadly changing the money to EUR still applies a service fee.

                I bought it anyways earlier, btw it shows up in the paypal activity as payment fee

                • @bowtiehoon: wish I knew how I did it, somehow I was just lucky. Every time I try to do it now I get a service fee show up too. Definitely no service fee for me the first time

    • +2

      I'm pretty sure that price is in USD. I paid 3.83AUD via PayPal. Still a bargain!

      • Paid usd2.74 / aud3.85
        For some reason, even connected on VPN, it was displayed as $3.85 on checkout page.
        So the $1.1 additional doesn't seem to be a "service fee" but just Forex rate.

        Edit: need to be still connected to vpn to activate: redeem.microsoft.com

        Edit: I may have forgotten to apply the DLCOMPARE code. Price at checkout should then have been aud3.76

  • +1

    Damn I thought that this was for PC. If it was I would have jumped on it.

  • kurezi prisu~

  • 25 character code required - how does DLCompare work for others? What's the code required?

    • DLCOMPARE is the code to use at checkout, not to redeem on the Microsoft website.

    • put the code in your shipping cart, before checking out

  • -1

    Got an error when redeeming:

    " "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. The error has been recorded and we will investigate. Please try to redeem your code later."

    Not sure what I've done wrong : (

  • Thanks Op.

  • +1

    If anyone else had the issue of the game not showing up on your Xbox, I restarted my console and this fixed it.

  • Ended up paying $3.77 AUD great deal thanks OP

  • what's this SMART business that saved you a dollar? Also haven't seen why we need to put in a code, is it aleady built into the link?

    • Best Deals, Certified!
      Gamivo Smart is a VIP subscription that guarantees lowest prices.
      Why is it worth considering? Check out those awesome perks!
      All for €1.99/month

      Looks like it's a subscription. So save $0.67 now, but get charged a lot more if you don't realise you subscribed though the discount.

  • Wonder what the next gen upgrade could have in store for us considering it’s already running at 4K60 on Series X

  • +4

    Worked like a treat! For those asking about taxes/surcharges, they are there, for purchasers "Outside EU", but just 'uncheck' the CPP or SMART options before checking out, that way you're avoiding any bogus 'protection' subscriptions which aren't necessary since you can check out via PayPal.

    (Also don't make the mistake I did, and log into an ARG VPN before purchase, only necessary afterwards to redeem the code at the respective ARG Microsoft site)

  • Do we need to do anything with our xbox accounts for this?

    • I've enabled chrome VPN (TunnelBear free account. Havent used it for a while, but its what I normally use for xbox geo-redemptions like this) and set it to Argentina and turned it on
    • IP lookup from https://www.whatismyip.com shows Argentina
    • Login to redeem.microsoft.com and it says "Redeem your code or gift card. It'll be added to [email protected] (Australia)".
    • I enter the code and it says "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account".

    Have tried with both chrome and firefox, but it looks like the MS site is still detecting my location using something other than IP address.

    EDIT: I just got an "unusual log in to your account" email from MS which shows the location as Columbia, so it looks like TunnelBear is having an issue with my tunnel endpoint as Columbia != Argentina.

    • Yelp Tunnelbear didn't work for me either. So i switched to UrbanVPN extension

  • Worked fine with Surfshark

  • Can anyone please explain how to redeem the code?
    I have Tunnelbear VPN installed and Argentina selected.
    I have gone to whatismyip.com and confirmed it is showing an Argentina IP address.
    When i go to redeem.microsoft.com, i am still logged in and when i try to redeem code it says "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account."

    • As someone else mentioned above, tunnel bear doesn't work for some reason.

  • +1

    I've logged over 300hrs according to Steam, currently on 2nd playthrough since 2016. I doubt I'd play on console because mods on PC look so amazing but just incase, thanks OP.

  • Would pay a 100 today If u could. Fantastic game

  • Has anyone tried playing after redeeming? i.e. with VPN off? The gamivo websites says "Region locked product - can only be redeemed and played in AR region." Note the "and played". After redeeming can this been played without having to keep VPN running on the network connected to Argentina?

    • +1

      Answering my own question - yes it can be played in Australia with VPN off. After redeeming the code via VPN, then downloading game, it plays without issue.

      Just watch out you don't fall for the hidden monthly subscription cost like I dod for Gamivo SMART.

  • Anyone having issues seeing the gamivo payment methods? It just sits on that screen but it's just an empty grey box

  • I've tried every combo I can think of on Gamivo and can't get it lower than A$7.41. The lowest it shows before choosing payment method is $3.00, then when I select either Paypal, Visa or Mastercard, the price jumps to A$7.41.

    • You're using the code dlcompare?

      • Eventually managed to get it down to A$7.07 using Paypal as payment type. The problem was I could not find any way to avoid the 'Gamivo SMART subscription' being invisibly added to the order. So the cost breakdown was A$2.66 for the game, A$1.11 for the payment fee and A$3.30 for the 'SMART subscription'.

        Got code and was able to redeem it.

        • +1

          Make sure that's not a continuous charge to your PayPal dude

          • +1

            @Dvbargain: Yes, thanks for the heads-up, didn't occur to mean it would be an ongoing periodic subscription.

          • +1

            @Dvbargain: Huge thank you Dvbargin!

            Yes, Gamivo had signed me up for a monthly payment of $3.30 without my permission. I deactivated their automatic payment authorisation in Paypal (which I hadn't authorised).

            To deactivate the subscription on the Gamivo website is also very very well hidden and there was no documentation I could find. To do it - go to 'Settings', then 'Gamivo Smart', then on the bottom of that page, in small font and light grey colour (to obviously hide it), is a link for 'Deactivate Gamivo Smart'. One you fill out the reason, it doesn't deactivate immediately - they state they will send an email in 1 day with a deactivation link.

            SCAM written all over it.

            Watch out people you don't get caught by this like I did.

              • @ShouldIBuyIt: While there may be benefits to the subscription, I am more concerned how they obtain signups and how the make it very hard to cancel. This Gamivo Smart certainly ticks the scam boxes in my view:

                1) There was no option to avoid the subscription. When I selected buy I was given 2 choices - standard price or smart price. I chose standard price and selected the store the key was coming from. Then entered the voucher code, then chose payment type. There were option to decline a support offering for, if I remember $0.11. Then when I selected the payment type the subscription price was added on. BUT - there was no indication what the additional $3.30 was nor was their any indication you were authorising a recurring monthly payment of $3.30.

                2) They deliberately make it hard to cancel. Try to work out how to cancel the subscription. Is there anything on any of the regular Smart info pages? Other than text saying it can be cancelled at anytime (without telling you how or a link to that option), there is nothing. Similar, no documentation or help. You have to dig around to find it under settings, hidden at the bottom of a page in small font and grey colour to blend with the background.

                • @airtime: I wouldn't go until saying it is dodgy, but on mobile you had to opt out:
                  - first screen, the "Protection" subscription
                  - second screen, the CPP/SMART subscription.

                  Was already highlighted by fellow member

                  Imo the OP needs updates cause that deal is not straightforward as is.

                  Also, you don't need Vpn to get the code, but to apply it

                  • @ShouldIBuyIt: Yes, OP is lacking in detail.

                    Really needs much more detail to walk OzBarginers through the purchase process to i) select the store ii) avoid support and subscription options and iii) when VPN is required or not (only required for redemption). Also would be good to know what browsers work best with purchase process so opt-out options are visible.

                    In the OPs defence, if it worked for them, they would not have known that different browsers resulted in different experiences.

                    I'd have to re-create another account to document all the steps and I'd probably use a chromium based browser as they are the common denominator most websites target. But don't have time for that or motivation really - just waiting for my unsubscribe email to arrive tomorrow to get rid of the this bogus $3.30 per month recurring charge.

                    • +2

                      @airtime: Point taken, updated instructions. Thought it was pretty easy in Chrome but as you said, no idea about other browsers

        • There is usually a pop up that allows u to turn off the smart sub option, try another browser…

          • @bowtiehoon: I couldn't even get it to let me choose a payment option in Chrome or edge so gave up

            • @Dvbargain: I just tested again, its slightly different from when i bought it last night, in the choose a payment page, there is an option to turn off "smart", in the next page, the only extra i see when i click "payment details" is a service fee.
              Tried on both chrome and edge, i'm on windows 11…dunno,
              Gamivo seem dodgy AF with all these subscription and buy protection crap…and unannounced service fees.

              • @bowtiehoon: I had no problem unticking the subscription box, just on the next payment page I literally couldn't finish the purchase. There was no icons to choose PayPal or credit card or whatever. I've given up on the idea now lol

          • @bowtiehoon: That could be it. I saw no option to exclude the subscription. I was using Safari on MacOS

    • Select a different store at the bottom. It should show up as cheaper

      • I selected the StoForY store as advised by the OP.

  • +1

    I purchased it, then realised I already owned it! Anyone want to buy it off me? Lol

    • Edit: Actually better leave it to someone who'll actually play it haha

    • Sure I'll buy it off you :D

  • +1

    Login to redeem.microsoft.com and it says "Redeem your code or gift card. It'll be added to [email protected] (Australia)".

    how to make it to Argentina? using surfshark, when I logged into redeem webpage it still show as Australia

    • I'm having the same problem mate, no one seems to have an answer

      • It will work, as long as you have the VPN on, even stated Australia account

    • I had Urban VPN running with an Argentina IP, and it still said Australia for me on that page as you described, but I was still able to redeem to code.

      • Cheers

  • Make sure you uncheck the CCP option underneath the game in your cart before proceeding. I turned off Gamivo Smart on the next page, but missed the CCP part as it was somewhat hidden. Sneaky.

    Urban VPN worked on my android phone. You can select the free version, so you don't need to sign up for a trial or anything unlike others.

    • I installed UrbanVPN but you can not select the Argentina server unless you pay for the Premium version. How were you able to select it on the free version?

      • I have no idea, but I was able to select the Argentina server. I can choose all countries. The only one I can't choose is the US.

  • This is the first time using a foreign key has worked on my AU Xbox account, I just opened the VPN before going to redeem page and this one worked. Got this game in anticipation of the XSX version being included, not sure if it will but I assume so.

    update: It will be included, I couldn't enjoy in on last-gen consoles, hopefully XSX included motion blur off switch.

  • +1

    This is not expired, in fact its even cheaper now. The price for the game is only $3.48 AUD including service fee from StoForY

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