Looking for TV Recommendations

Hey everyone,

Looking at purchasing a new TV. I've had a good look at 4 of them and I want some opinions.





I have an Xbox Series X and perhaps I'll get a PS5 down the line.


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    www.rtings.com for full breakdown reviews.

    • Noting that the Rting's qn85a review is not a VA panel. Therefore scoring relatively low. the 85" variant is much closer to Rting's review of qn90a with the key difference being peak brightness being lower

    • Fantastic website. Thank you :)

      • Cheers :D

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    I would have gotten the QN85A if I couldn't afford C1. Since QN90A 85-inch uses the same panel as QN90A best to look at QN90A reviews on rring.

  • I bought the LG Nano75 86" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV about a month ago, I can't fault it at this price point.

    2x HDMI 2.1 is great for my PS5 and Xbox SX at 120fps

    Sound is great (no soundbar)

    Magic remote is cool.

    Firmware / Software is smooth, easy to use.

    • The downside is that this is an IPS panel - bad for movies

  • Oleds are better if you are into gaming.

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    LG C1 is phenom. I've got a PS5 and Xbox Series X and both look sensational on it. If you're into that generation of gaming you really want to go OLED.

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