expired Targus Stylus Pen & Stand $5- $15 in Store Only. Limited Stock. 50% off


I was gonna pick a stylus from Officeworks, but found better deals (50% off RRP) on Dicksmith.
Yes, eBay have $1 cheap stylus delivered, but Targus stylus would totally worth $10. For extra $5, you can get laser/pen fundtions as well, great for presentation.

Note: Stock are limited. Check your local store stock level before going there.
Stylus reviews from Amazon:
Laser stylus reviews from Amazon

Targus Clean Vu Cleaning Pads $5
Targus Basic iPad Stand $5
Targus iPad 1 and 2 Stylus - Silver $10
Targus Laser Pen Stylus $15

Dick Smith Electronics (DSE)

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    these price are good, are they regular prices or on sale?

    And does anyone have some experience with these? I'm looking for a stylus for the new iPad but it seems like the quality varies quite a bit from company to company


      I bought one from officeworks for $20, it's really good, great for drawing/writing and I like how it has a bit of weight


    I read that they only last a few months, and the point is thick making it hard to do delicate tasks.

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    I know this one isn't branded or anything but I bought it from ebay and a similar one from dealextreme for about 1.70$ delivered. They are fairly high quality and I reckon very comparable to these targus ones, I'm currently using it on an ipad. Works extremely well compared to other ones I bought.



    Deebs, how long did it take for the ebay one to get delivered to you?


      I don't remember but I think it was 1-3weeks, free shipping so can't complain.


    Thanks Blinda, just ordered one, most shops around where I live are sold out.


    Thanks Deebs, I prefer to pick it up tomorrow rather than waiting for 3 weeks.


      I end up getting one from office works, as I finished a bit late today. OW price matched dicksmith price for $9.50.

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