Can I Use My Friend's RACV Membership to Buy Tickets?

I am looking to buy cheap acquarium tickets which RACV offers. Does anyone know if i can use the tickets if I use my friends RACV membership to get discounted tickets? or do they have their name on it?

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  • Yes. Did this for Taronga Zoo for friends recently.

  • yup woks fine.

  • -1

    Sometimes they ask to view your membership card and ID on entry.

  • You used to be able to put anything in as your RACV membership, and it would give you a discount

  • Went to sealife last week using racv bought tickets, they just scanned the barcode on the phone.

  • Just ring up someone who cares … RACV :)

  • Yes. I have done this.

  • +3

    OP, why delete the post and remove the text when it could be helpful to others?

  • I sometimes put random strangers RAA number on repco to get RAA/RACV/NRMA etc Auto club discount

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