Meross Garage Door Opener - Only Works on Closing Garage (Help!)

Hi everyone,

Me being a noob, looking for some help with installing the Meross Smart Garage Opener

My garage model is automatic remote access rdo 3b - Manual

I already got everything hooked up, sensors are working ( App is showing the open/close state correctly).

Setup Photos:

However my problem:
When my garage is closed, I press the button on the Meross app to open the garage, the garage does not do anything. (i do hear a beep on the Meross box)
When my garage is opened, I press the button on the Meross app to close the garage, the garage does close! (yay)

Things that puzzled me
There is a self looping wire on the 0V and PE terminals that is there originally -
I tried removing it, and when I did, my remote clicker only works when opening the garage, and does not work when closing the garage.
So that wire needs to be there for my remote clicker to work.

Not sure if that wire somehow affected how the Smart Garage box work?

I tried a bunch of stuff like different combinations of the terminals, but that did not work, so I am at my wit's end.
I also tried changing the trigger duration in the advanced setting of the Meross App.
I contacted support but did not get anywhere with them.

What else can I try?


  • Does the garage door open and close when you connect OSC<ON> to OV<COM>?

    • When I insert the test wire provided to the OSC and 0V terminals, they do close and open which is a good sign, but for some reason with the Meross, it only works when closing which baffles me. I am starting to think I might have a faulty Meross unit unless i stuffed up somewhere.

      • was the self looping wire there when you tested using the wire?

        • Yes, the self looping wire was there.

          • @nitecafe: put it back on. may be required.

            • @PissLUR: Hmm what do you mean?

              I meant the self looping wire was there on 0v and PE when I inserted the meross cable.

      • +1

        Try flipping the wires for Meross the other way? If flipping the wires doesn't work, Meross could be faulty.

        • Ah yes, I tried that too by swapping the wires the other way around. Maybe just my bad luck for getting a faulty meross.

          • @nitecafe: If you have a multimeter, you can test the 2 wires on the Meross using the Continuity Test mode. The unit acts as a switch. When activated, the 2 wires completes the circuit. The multimeter should buzz for short duration when Meross "opens" or "closes" the garage door.

            • @trex: Just curious, will the "buzz" be different? Does the meross box sends a different signal when it wants to close or open?

              Just trying to see why it only works for close.

              Now I need to get myself a multimeter.

              • @nitecafe: No, buzz is the same. Buzz simply indicates circuit is complete.

                Meross simply completes the circuit of the 2 wires for a short while no matter whether open or close. As you have tested with the wires, when you connect and release the two terminals, garage door opens. When you connect and release again, garage door closes.

                • @trex: Alright, so I have another garage on my other side of the house (same brand but different model), I tried installing it there and it works (open and close)!!!
                  So it rules out if the Meross opener is faulty.

                  I tried reinstalling to my first garage and same issue. It still only knows how to close, not open.
                  I used the test wire to make sure again and it does make the garage open and close (so that rules out issues with my terminals).
                  I also tried all options of the trigger duration and nope.

                  Which makes this a mystery. any other things that i can try?

                  • @nitecafe: Very strange. O/S/C is Open, Stop, Close cycle (first wire). The self looping wire is referred to as P/E shunt which should not be removed unless you have a Photo Electric (P/E) Beam that detects an obstruction. If you remove the looping wire, does Meross work fully? Or still the same can't open but can close?

                    • @trex: Thanks for helping!
                      I don't have a PE beam, I tried removing the PE shunt previously, and the Meross did not work ( i forgot which way around whether it was close or open), but my remote clicker stopped working so I knew removing the PE shunt was not an option.

                      What else can i do to debug this?

                      • @nitecafe: PE beam is a safety feature, the system won't run if it detects an obstruction. The PE shunt is to bypass it hence removing PE shunt when you don't have PE beam would disable the unit from closing.

                        Does your other garage door opener has a PE shunt? What is the model of the other unit?

                        • @trex: "Does your other garage door opener has a PE shunt? What is the model of the other unit?"

                          So my other garage that works with Meross, i can't seem to locate the model number (will have to dig up my manual somewhere) but I have attached the screenshots. Both my garage motor were installed the same year at 2014 i believe.


                          The difference is that it has the terminals outside, so i don't need unscrew and open it to get access to the terminals.
                          It works for Meross by inserting the cables into PB and GND.

                          • +1

                            @nitecafe: It is a Mark2-V2 Elite Drive. Manual can be found here

                            Difference between both units seems to be how Photoelectric Beam is wired. Your first unit requires a PE Beam shunt while second unit doesn't need one. The shunt and how PE Beam is wired could somehow be incompatible with Meross. Meross can't open and can only close seems to be working in reverse of the Photoelectric Beam function.

                            Try the following at your own risk:-

                            1. Remove the shunt
                            2. Connect OSC to PE using a wire and see what happens

                            I wonder if it just need a diode to connect COM and NC so it is a one way flow.

                      • @nitecafe: Maybe we are over thinking this. Is your Meross garage open/close sensor (red and black wire) working properly in the first place? You should see the correct status of the garage door on the app. If the status is not showing correctly, Meross won't work properly.

                        • @trex: Yes the sensors are working perfectly both open and close. I might try messing around with the opening time to see if it helps.

  • Your door isn't on the compatibility list is it?

    GDO models are, not RDO

    • But chatting to Meross support, they say inserting the wires to OSC and the 0V terminal should work.

      • how do you chat with support? I tried texting them last week via amazon message centre but got no response from them.

        • Oh, by chatting, i meant through email from their official website.

    • My model garage door wasn't on the list either, so I emailed them to check it was compatible and they advised it was, so the list isn't definitive

  • slim chance but does anyone have an SDO-1V2 p roller door machine

    I have tried to get this smart garage opener to work but I obviously haven't placed the wires in the correct areas.

    I've put them in the fourth and fifth slots

    which is 4. COM (Common ground for accessories) and 5. OSC (Open/Stop/Close trigger)

    is this correct?

    because i already had wires going into those 2 holes, should i be meshing these wires together with them and putting them in or what?

    • Help meeeee lol

      • That looks right to me. You can mesh them or just stuff them in as long it is connected. Does it work with the test wire?

        • What's the test wire lol

          • @bigballerbrand: Is the small little wire Meross provided as part of the package.

            • @nitecafe: OK so i removed the other ones that I was trying to mesh it with and it works fine.

              so now i only have the meross wires in the COM and OSC

              the old wires are just hanging there.

              what are they for? I thought they were for the wall buttons but the wall buttons work without them anyway?

              i am so confused

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