Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4matic or EQA250?

Hi guys

After seeing many cars I have narrowed down my choices to the above two car models. They are pretty much the same car however tossing up about whether Electric is the way to go now or in 5 years time.

I absolutely love the interiors in both cars and they both smooth and zippy to drive. I will mainly use it for driving in and around the city. I found the EQA only slightly lacking.

The price point is pretty much the same for both.

Was wondering if trusty OzBargain team would have some insights for me on these two. If you already drive them what's the feedback like.

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    GLA250 4Matic
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    Thanks to Comrade Putin price of Oil has surged, so now is a great time for electric.

    • Those were my thoughts but while the advertised range is 400kms a lot of the reviews on youtube are saying they r getting just over 300kms. Which limits use if on occasion you decide to go for a long drive. This is my primary concern.

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        How many times in the last 5 years have you gone on a drive where it was more than 200km in each direction.

        Then ask yourself again if that's a major inconvenience.


        • Thats a good way to look at it. Probably a summer issue mainly.

          • @Bargainhunter83: Do you have a second car that you could use for road trips, etc?

            Although, a lot of places have destination chargers (though a lot are Tesla only at the moment…)

      • from what i've seen, a lot of the advertised ranges are unrealistic, perhaps they could do that range in perfect conditions with a brand new battery, but real world ranges are always lower than advertised, the same way that you always use more fuel than advertised per 100 KM (if advertised 7.9, it's probably 8.2 or higher)

        carwow did a good comparison of a few EVs and their real ranges vs advertised range, though they did it all on a highway, so no benefit from the regenerative breaking or whatever it is.

        • Yes I saw that too. It is rarely as advertised.

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    If you like not having depreciation, the EQA any day of the week.

    • Would assume electric cars depreciate even worse?

      • And why would that be?
        10 year old teslas are still fetching 80-90% of their retail

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          In the current market, pretty much every car is fetching way overs

        • 80-90% Really???

          According to Carsales

          The expensive, high-performance electric sedans and SUVs from Tesla hold their prices very well. At a minimum asking price of around $65,000 for a five-year-old example, the Model S 85 has retained around 63 per cent of its new purchase price.

          And 10 Year old retaining more? Only way would be if 10 years ago the new prices were extremely low.

          And that wouldnt mean that todays models would gain that benefit.

          • @RockyRaccoon: Cheapest model s on carsales is $70k and made back in 2014

            The rrp of that was $96k

            So a depreciation of 27% over 8 years
            OK its a bit more than 20% but still better than many other ICE vehicles

            Mind you they've probably saved thousands on not having huge maintenance bills

            • @Drakesy: Fair enough, - wasnt questioning that they dont hold their value, but more the degree of your claim.

              Also 10 years but 8 years, and its the asking price not the sold price.

              Thats why I used Car Sales evaluation, which would be based on compiled actual sales, rather than some random wish by a seller.

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                Also 10 years but 8 years, and its the asking price not the sold price.

                Yep. People are quick to look at what the asking price is. I saw a car where the asking price was $15k last month. It ended up selling for $9k.

        • 1) Current car market is insane, so that's not really a good yardstick
          2) Teslas are a special case because of fanbois thinking they can run 100,000km on it and then sell it for more than they paid

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    Is there a neither option?

    • Haha I don’t want to get more confused. It has taken me months to reach these two.

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        … and you still dont have a winner.

        Keep looking.

  • Username does not check out.

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    Looking for a high yield investment that yields the most. Just make sure you enjoy poor customer service and daewoo levels of quality after you give your local dealer $150K for either.

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    The EQA is a nice car but it wasn't built on a dedicated electric platform. As Merc wanted to put an EV in the market before they were actually ready with a dedicated EV platform they took a GLA250 pulled out the ICE and in a way cobbled together an electric car which was the EQA. Starting with the suspension, most electronic modules, body panels, etc, etc were from the GLA250 parts bin which is similar to what Hyundai did with the Kona electric. Therefore it wasn't really optimised for electric so brings all the drawbacks of an ICE with it starting with the low real world mileage and a larger frunk that was made to house an ICE which is wasted space otherwise would have been used to increase cabin space in a properly designed electric. if I were you I'd skip the EQA and wait for their cars built on a dedicated electric/skateboard platform to come to the market or look for another "purpose built electric" that is already available for purchase instead of spending big $$ on a stopgap EV.

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    Damn this is some dire choices of cars. I'd rather buy a Kia.

  • Keep petrol cars alive, don’t go electric

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    Toyota Camry

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      The only choice

      • Or wait 4 a RAV4 that is also a sub SUV.

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    AU Falcon on gas.

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    im in the same dilemma. I would suggest waiting for another 1 - 2 years for more EVs to be launched, before spending that 80k on a car. i'm not convinced with a lot of designs (EQA / China EVs/ Kia Kona / Ioniq sedan), price (Audis), insurance costs (Telsa M3), availability (Ioniq 5 and EV6).

    it's probably not what you want to hear / read, but Australia is stuck on the lowest priority list for EV manufacturers.

    manufacturers are only motivated to sell EVs in countries who penalise them for selling petrol/diesel cars. Sounds like S&M to me.

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    you love the interiors? they are so plastic. all mercs are up to the E.

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      I am coming from a honda so the merc definitely appears to be better. Never had a merc before. Finally buying my dream car.

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        Well, you aren’t really buying your dream car if you don’t know what to buy!

        Hang onto your Honda a little longer and wait for a decent range of EVs to be available here.

        • Well the dream is to buy a Mercedes. The dilema to choose ev or petrol.

          • @Bargainhunter83: You may need to rethink your 'dream'… those cars are Mercedes only by badge. The actual good Mercedes are so much more expensive. Is it worth spending so much money just to have that badge when you could have a cheaper equivalent car with a different badge and pocket the difference?

            • @jrowls: Mercedes by badge only? They are still manufactured by Mercedes Benz in Germany!? Genuinely asking.. can you explain what you mean?

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                @Bargainhunter83: They're just 'cheap' by Mercedes standards. Unless you spend a LOT of money on a Mercedes, they're not any more luxurious than any other car, and you can get cheaper ones from Korea.

                I'm a big fan of German cars, but unless you spend a properly large amount on them, they are not 'special' compared to more affordable cars.

      • try driving one for more than a quick test drive, they're very plastic imo. entry level bmw are much better quality.

        • Top spec Toyota’s probably better - and cheaper.

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    Where is the “neither” option?

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    I have test driven both, EQA is under preforming shit in a pretty outfit. Worst of all, it's not dual motor, average battery life.
    You not comparing Apple vs Apple , try compare electric with other electric. Although GLA 250 is a good care compare to similar petrol cars.

    I probably stuck to petrol for now, EV on luxury brands still doing catch up.

    For Electric, Volvo drives much better, but boring interior.

    For Petrol, GLA 250 is good, Lexus is OK, perhaps better with next upgrade, I'm moving towards Audi Q3

    • I had the same thoughts that the ev options for the price they are asking are basic. I did test the xc40 recharge the car has nothing going for it on the inside although the ride was smooth. It beats the EQA quite easily with the drive quality. But the merc has a lot of additional features for the same price whether petrol or electric. I think the comparable car to the xc40 recharge would be the EQC350 and thats where you see the real price difference too but i don’t need a car that big.

      My dilema was whether to wait it out another 5 years for the EV hopefully by then there are more options in smaller cars too.

      Audi’s are great!! I hope you will enjoy it.

      • Merc with dual motor for same price tag as EQA, take my money lol I have a feeling one day it will be out with $120k + lol
        Haven't test drive Audi yet but like the price and offering, I really want the GLA 250, long wait, most of the options are not available due to chip issues.

        • The wait is not too bad. The gla and q3 are almost on par (when you added taxes etc) depending on what model you choose. They have a few available here in Melbourne they said but if you want to custom design they arrive in June.

      • Please buy the Audi so Volkswagen will have another day to live!

        • Plenty of ppl buy Porsches, VW are fine as it is.

  • I test drove the EQA. Really nice car, only downs is that the real wheels do nothing but trail.
    Slapped the cash on the table but too bad!
    Mercedes has changed the dealer model.
    Sales personel now been re-employed as sham contractors.
    Available models were all sold to clients choosing a finance package. Now in wait for the Y.

  • Kind of in the same boat as op. Looked at the EQA250 and VolvoXC40 Recharge. EQA has no cargo space for the pooch,and compromised rear seat space as they have had to jam in the batteries.Volvo XC40 Recharge is as plain as a milk arrowroot biscuit inside, with both vehicles severly compromised by not having been built on a dedicated EV Platform.
    I have decided to hang out for the Y. My thoughts are that some of the EV's out there are far too powerful for the chassis. ( not the EQA)Just because you can put a motor on both axles and achieve 600nm of Torque, and 300kw doesnt mean it has to be done. Rev heads feel free to neg me.

    • Agree. I think i have decided to hold off getting an ev for the next car few years down the line. Hopefully a lot more options available then too.

    • Between Volvo XC40 and EQA, Volvo XC40 way better, not the same thing, one is pretty other got dual motor better range. Even lexus electric is better.

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    OP I order a red merc. Audi is $17k cheaper but Merc got pretty good features and look and feel. RIP my bank balance lol

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      Woohoo Congratulations. I got the Black one😁. Yes RIP bank balance indeed!

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        Congratulations too, only die once, fully option Merc once in my life lol only negative I noticed that it didnt had the wireless phone charging lol I think I could live with that lol

      • When is your I've arriving, were thinking of the gla 200 or 250, but I'm seeing waiting times up to 6 months.

        Does yours also have electric seats? I hear the newer models won't have these due to chip shortages.

        • I got lucky and got one already in the showroom that met my requirements. The waiting time was until July. And yes for electric seats.

  • Neither!MB Aus will throw u under the bus come warranty time, they have a chequered history.

  • Something random just happened guys! Thought I would share. Mercedes finance called us and said they will return the whole deposit we paid and refinance it into a new loan and lock in a loan at a higher interest rate! How bloody dodgy is that! I cannot believe companies would go this far to rip people off!

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