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Triple Eight Dog Leash with Light - $49.95 Delivered @ Panmi


Special discount on the Triple Eight Dog Leash with Light for all Ozbargainers!

The Dog Leash features hidden doggy bags, a 3m leash, hands-free capability, LED light, USB-C charging and a modern design.

Apply coupon code: OZ-10-DL at checkout

Free shipping from Sydney warehouse. 12 months local warranty.


  • Hidden doggy bags
  • Dog leash with LED light
  • USB-C charging
  • 3 meters rope length
  • Hands-free capability
  • Modern design

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  • Hands-free capability

    Hands-free leash ???

    • You can hang the leash on your wrist and free your hand to hold the phone ect.

  • 8 dogs at once is a bit much

    • You can never have too many rescues

  • OP, how is it different to something like my first search result on Amazon?

    • Triple Eight one has hidden doggy bags

      • +1

        I don't think I could personally justify $18 to include doggy bags, but perhaps others may.

        • +2

          After trying a few different bag holders that attach to the leash and more often than not are awkward to use or slip down to the collar etc I do find this feature handy but I just can’t justify $50 for a leash, $30 would be my max for a premium type leash with these sorts of features. Until then an ordinary old sub $10 leash will do

  • I will pay for a good illuminated solution, no problem, but this doesn't seem to be it. Small or big dogs? What lights up? I have black dogs that disappear into the bushes at night.

  • It's for dogs less than 30kg in weight.

    The light range is 3m with 100lm

  • Perfect for when I take my dog for walks into a deep cave or down a coal mine.

  • +1

    Cheaper on Aliexpress - US$24.93 + $1.56 del + GST (~AU$40.60 delivered)

    This doesn't appear to be a bargain, more like normal price & just using this website for free advertising

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