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[NSW] Heineken Zero Beer 330ml Bottle 6-Pack $5.20 @ Woolworths


6pack of zero beer for $5.20, not my cup of tea but a decent price.

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    Store in title OP

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    not my cup of tea

    That is because it is beer

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      beer ?

      at most cordial with soda water…lol

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        More like wheat/barley and water lol. Yum

    • Is it beer when it doesn’t have alcohol?

      • often these low alcohol (less than 0.5%) beers aren’t called beer but just a brewed beverage …. not sure if that is a legal thing or not.

        check ingredients ….some are just barley, hops, yeast and water (beer) some have added stuff like glucose or flavour …….

        there is a market for these products …. my work has a 0% alcohol tolerance policy during work hours , and i think P plate drivers in some state at 0% ……

        if you associate beer with alcohol these might not be your thing, if you want a brewed beverage with less crap than kombucha in it , this cheaper , less additives , refreshing and and not as sweet as soft drinks.

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      Hi jv

    • Try finding the word beer on the packet or bottle. Not beer.

    • You beat my comment

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    Drink water instead

    • cheaper than kombucha, and less additives ….

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    I didn't subscribe to the tag 'Alcohol' for posts like this … .

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      Agree, zero alcohol zero interest

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    last time i saw a wollies deal on this here instore it was full price.
    I'd pay $5 for it, but the $12 or whatever they charge is just extortion

  • Nice one! Looks like there is stock near me.

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    It’s soft drink for crying out loud, this is more like how much it should cost normally!!

    • Let's ok it "speciality soft drinks" :) apx $1 per 330ml bottle, sounds about right.

    • soft drink is easier to make ….this stuff is still brewed from barley and yeast which is more time consuming and expensive than making soft drink ……. why is kombucha so expensive ….. it’s fermented tea …..

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    $13 at my local woolies

    • Same here. What state OP?

    • Same for me $13. Sydney metro.
      Cheaper for real beer.

  • This price is where ???

    Perth ??

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    If you need an alcohol free beer, this is the most palatable in my opinion.

    If you don’t need one don’t bash it.

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    I got this for $2/6pk at Savemore Sujpermarkets in VIC (springvale). It's pretty palatable for 0.0% beer. I finished the slab. I threw the Carlton Zeros out.

  • Gah… $13 in SA

  • $13 in Brisbane

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    Why is non alcoholic beer so expensive? It doesn't get subjected to any excises?

    6 packs of real beer are <$10 either permanently or regularly depending on where you shop, so why is the non alc variant normally $13

    • normal prices for most drinks is silly ….who buys a box of coke at RRP or a box of pepsi at RRP …nobody i know and same with 0% beer there is always one on special, i’ve never paid more than $10 for heineken 0 , what i haven’t seen is these 0% beers being promoted at slab prices like a box of coke or pepsi or regular beer by the slab ….. supermarkets sell them as a 6 packs not slabs and hence 6 pack prices … imagine they sold pepsi only in 6 packs and not boxes of 24 or 30 … a big part of the cost is shelf space and turn around …. a box of coke or pepsi sells in a day, hours if on special….. a slab of 0% beer might sit there longer , hence 6 packs which cost more to get to a consumer .

      part of the cost is you need barley hops and yeast and it needs to be brewed …… i don’t think tax on alcohol is the cost although it’s why craft brewers claim their products cost so much …..look at the cheapest beers e.g $40 slab and then a premium craft beer at $80 slab …. both have paid tax for the alcohol at say 5% ……. there is a base cost to make a brewed drink and get it into the shelf and the alcohol, tax isn’t the biggest part of the price .

      the coopers birell is just under $30 slab, $7.50 for a 6 pack and they still need barley hops and yeast …. the extra costs between brands is why is slab of heineken $45 and a slab of pirate life or bolter $80 ….. beer industry reminds me of startup companies in silicon valley ….you hope that you get bought out by lion or heineken or asahi and strike it rich …. the multinationals pay millions for a craft label once it gets a following….. beer brewing is an industrial process …. craft brewers don’t grow their own barley or hops , they just have a recipe which they think is better than the next brewer …. and with so many beers on the market some are starting to taste similar ….like coke vs pepsi and then it’s what’s on special when i shop .

  • How is this NSW only when it's on the Woolworths website for $5.20?

    I rang my local after driving there and coming home empty handed only to be told it 'might' be online only and she will honour the price but for 1 six pack only, this was in Victoria.

  • we drink these at work,the boss gets the shits..fnnn funny.

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