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Samsung LS01T 43" The Serif QLED 4K TV (2020) $795 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys / Harvey Norman (OOS)


Looks it be a clearance price.

We got it today because it fits our décor perfectly. I'm not a fan of the Samsung interface, but it's ok as a third TV. We originally wanted the Frame TV yet this better complements the living space we placed it in.

43" The Serif QLED 4K Smart TV

The Serif blurs the lines between modern design and technology. With its iconic I-shaped profile and harmonious design, The Serif gives you the freedom to place it virtually anywhere in your living space.

Harvey Norman ran out of stock now
2nd link:

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    Is this the new fontier for TV's?

    • +1

      I think it's the old :-)
      I am pretty sure it's being discontinued hence the price

      • +1

        Firstly, I think gimli is making a pun!

        Secondly how’d your test/ compare the serif vs the frame in your space to see which you preferred?

        • Got the pun:-)

          In our space, a TV suites better not wall mounted. And a white bezel TV looks great with our furniture/wall-paint/floor.

          We wanted the Frame, but then we saw this and knew it would look better here. However the Frame is overall a better TV and looks awesome in most all areas I've seen it in.

  • its the glare version. Also i think JBHIFI regular price

    • I'm pretty sure this is the clearance price. The Samsung rep told me this is the 20/21 model. So I'm guessing they are making room for the 2022.

      Jb hi-fi hasn't got the 43" listed on their site. At least not in WA. But the 55" is also marked down.

      • Apologies, got confused with frame

  • Can it be wall hung and stand scrapped?

  • Frame is better.
    When are the new Frame release?

    • April I think . 2022 frame is the one to get, it comes with anti glare screen

    • Yes it is. Depends on the style too want.
      We didn't wish to wall mount die to the way the room is setup, so this one suites us better.
      We were going to get the Frame and mount it, before we saw this. The Frame is the better TV. For $800- this is pretty good quality

  • How good is it to be used as a monitor?

  • +1

    Two days into ownership an my wife loves it. I'm not too fond of the Samsung interface. Its not terrible, its not great. Its OK.

    Also, the Samsung SmartThings app does not have a keyboard…. it has a number pad only. That's it. Flip what a bad design. Gotta use the scroll buttons on the on-screen keyboard to type.

    I found an old LG mini keyboard and mouse pad USB wireless I had stashed. Hooked up about an hour ago and it seems to work. It lets us browse the net with a touch bad mouse and full mini keyboard. Seems to work ok but I haven't figured out what buttons do what yet in the context of fully navigating the menu. But it works good for typing.

    IT HAS ADS!!! Yes, it has advertisements for services (such as Disney streaming) in the menu bar. I googled and it doesn't seem removable.
    It's not a massive bother, but on principle I wouldn't buy any Samsung TV as a main TV because of this.
    Apparently I can DNS block the ads, but it isn't really worth the effort on an occasional TV.

    Am I happy with the TV overall? Sure thing! It's a unique design and it complements the room perfectly. Good picture quality and pretty good inbuilt sound for what it is.

    • Do you mean i can use the normal keyboard and mouse to browse/type? Can I use a wired dock with the USB keyboard and mouse?
      Its tiring to type on the www on my 'Frame TV'

      • +1

        I never tested it with a wired keyboard/mouse. But the wireless I have plugged into it runs of a USB dongle.
        Note; this post is about the Serif not Frame. But should be the same, or maybe not. I'm no Samsung expert, just what I've learnt on the Serif last few days.

  • Looks great but im just wondering, would it be look ugly when you connect all the cables?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKmSzscbOxo

    I do find it funny, how in some marketing photos it magically powers on without a cable connection.

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