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[VIC] Banh Mi $4.99 (Was $6.99) @ Costco, Ringwood (Membership Required)


Just grabbing my usual $2 hot dawg at Costco. Noticed they are diversifying their menu with some good old Viet rolls. No idea if they are tasty but giving it a shout out.

Cheaper than the AVG roll price according to this banh mi index


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    Dang - didn't know Costco had these - anyone had one?

    • +21

      Hit and miss, I'd rate them a 4/10. Chicken is better than pork. Plenty of meat but missing a lot of the veg in a normal viet bakery one

      • When you say missing a lot, do you mean in quantity, or the actual ingredients themselves from a good banh mi are omitted altogether?

        • +6

          Only spring onion from memory and some cucumber. No carrot, caramelised onion. Also just Pate, no butter. But as I said hit and miss the first one I had was much better than the second. Also the pork is not crackling, just a char siu style version.

      • +2

        Tried one yesterday and agree with the above. Too much carrot and mayonnaise makes it taste a bit bland, but the bread was actually pretty good (crusty outside, soft inside).

        If you have proper alternatives nearby I'd go elsewhere. It lacks the rich flavour and varied textures of the real thing.

        • Mine had no carrot or mayo 🤣. I guess it depends on how busy they were

          • @Kayfam: i hate saying this but it seems like you have to get these made by a true viet place

            it just aint right otherwise at any price

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      Agree with the above, as a regular banh mi consumer. They're just a bit lacking on all fronts. Meat especially. For $5 it's alright, but not for $7 given that's about the price of a banh mi from a virtnamese place.

      • Thanks all, will give the chicken a whirl - for $5, can't really go wrong

      • +4

        My local viet bakery does these rolls for $5. So not missing out then.

        • Mine too and they’re amazing.

    • +7

      try one for the hell of it.
      But IMO its criminal that they can sell it under the title of "bahn mi".
      no pâté. roll is really sugary. just garbage in general.
      I would rate it on par with the 7/11 "bahn mi"

      FWIW, I consider eating bahn mi to be a hobby of mine.

      • +3

        "banh mi", not "bahn mi"

        • +1


    • you aren't missing out.

    • These taste like arse, I threw mine out. I've had too many proper Banh Mi in St Albans!

      • +1

        Agree, they are shite, should not be calling these things Bahn mi

  • +3

    Minor typo in title OP

    • Not really, seeing as that's how Costco have spelt it in the sign in the image.
      I guess that way if someone complains and says that it is not a Bahn Mi, Costco can agree and point out that the name of it is actually Banh Mi.

      • +2

        No, check the revisions; stupid autocorrect made 'Banh MI' into 'Bunch mi'

  • +12

    I'm surprised they're not foot long Banh Mi's considering it's Costco :)

    • +3

      Your comment actually made me wonder how awesome it would be if Subway did a (good) banh mi.

      • +2

        They'd just recycle their salads.

  • +6

    They taste like a$$

    • Agree not the greatest pork rolls..

    • +26

      Sweet, thanks for the heads up. Getting in my car now

      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarssssssssssse

  • +7

    Bun Buns is the real deal

    • Springvale? No one compares to them.

      • +1

        Thought Nhu Lan was the best till I moved to East. Nothing can beat Bun Bun.

    • Bun Bun was only $4 less than 5 years ago, then they increased the price overnight to $6. And recently increased it to $7.

  • +3

    Banh mi places are like the this millennium's version of milk bars where every ones made the best hamburger with the lot.

    • -1

      I think there's a fundamental difference. Those milk bars usually made awesome hamburger and chips (remember when chips used to be wrapped in butcher's paper?) for a reasonable price. I don't think the banh mi described here (or in a lot of places) is on the same scale.

      • +4

        Miss the hot chips wrapped in butchers paper for $2. It was a kilo of potatoes at least.

  • +4

    worst banh mi I ever had.

  • Last time I was at Costco Perth, sold out.

  • Epping VIC has the same price, although they seem to be mixing the pork and chicken when ordering more than a couple. They don't put enough chilies in it.

    • +6

      I haven't seen banh mi for under $5 for a long time. Where is this local joint of yours? Is it in Melbourne?

      • +3


        • +2

          Bankstown also has $5 ones

      • Springvale. Between $3.50 and $7.00 depending on how fancy you want to go!

        • Where is $3.50 bahmi in Springvale?

  • +3

    Wish they were still $5. Nothing under 7 nowadays, some up to $9 which I flat out refuse to pay.

    • +3

      My local cost $7.50 for roast pork. Considering I need two to be satisfied, it can get expensive quickly.

    • Even cabramatta costs areas 6 bucks now…. everything is expensive now… Best to learn 2 Cook

  • +2

    these banh mi taste absolute garbage

    • +2

      Did you taste garbage before?

      • +8

        Everyone has tasted Domino's pizza

        • +6

          These banh mi taste absolute Domino’s pizza

          • @northerly: take these post to @bahnmiofmelbourne (on instagram)

  • +1

    Saw it at WA Costco on Friday. Given that it isn't great, I didn't bother to post the deal.

    • Do they have the hotdogs back yet? It has been at least a month since I last had one.

      • Not sure to be honest. I got a whole pizza that day.

  • +10

    Cmon guys, have some self respect. Eat a proper Bahn Mi from a Vietnamese bakery. Surely times aren’t this tough.

  • +1

    Geez $7, I remember they were $3.50 just not long ago

    • when you say not long ago, do you mean 2012?

      • +2

        Like up to ~2019 I was getting them regularly, then hadn't for a bit and heard they were more like $5. I went to a place near me the other day (not in springy) and saw that sold them for $8, I thought cause it was outside springy but apparently that's their normal price now.

        Still, 2012 or not, the fact that they've doubled in price definitely says something.

  • +2

    They are actually okay, yes they aren't like the Vietnamese bakery quality, but is anyone actually going to Costco solely for these? They suffice for lunch or a snack.

  • +5

    Tried to get in on an expired membership, so they decided to banh mi

    • -2

      It’s pronounced bun me so joke doesn’t work

  • Don't waste your money. Even at a discounted price it's not worth eating something that doesn't eve taste close to the real thing from a viet bakery.

  • The chicken one was okay 🤔

  • +9

    Strongly NOT recommend it. Hit and miss is an understatement.

    Yes, $5 dollars is better than $7 to simply fill the stomach.

    Yes, lot of meat. We found the meat is somewhat too dry, but still acceptable.

    The biggest issue is with the bread. The texture is not up to par for Banh Mi. We expect the roll crispy outside and soft inside. Unsure if I say in the right words.

    Pâté is another issue. Classic Banh Mi recipe uses fatty, creamy, very frangrant chicken liver paste. This Costco Banh Mi just doesn't taste right in this aspect.

    I am unsure if my comment will change anything. So… Good Luck!

    Good on you for people who like it.

    • +2

      Good review, very aware of the critical requirements for Banh Mi, will give it a miss.

    • +2

      I wonder if Costco cannot replicate the real bank mi experience because of their scale, or they didn’t try hard enough, or they just thought theirs are already good enough for the average Costco customer.

      • +2

        The one I had had so much marinade on the pork, I figured it was because they were using meat that was either for something else (maybe the pizza?) or close to its use-by date.

        imho the correct amount of marinade is zero. If people like it, great, but I'm not going back for more. Hotdogs all the way for me.

  • +1

    banh mi index

    I luv this actually a thing

  • Costco ones are just terrible. Can't taste a difference between their Chicken and Pork.

    Bread got soggy quick and they give 1/2 the amount of veggies that the bakeries manage to pack in.

  • +1

    $7 is a bit rich?? For Costco I would have expected $5 as a normal price. Here in Sydney they are usually $4.50 - $6 depending on where you go. For grilled pork or crackling rolls $5.50-$7.50. Some places are stingey with the fillings, have poor bread or don't get the flavour balance right but most are pretty good these days as there is a lot of competition. $8 is the max i'd pay for a banh mi and it would want to be top quality and packed full at that price.

    • Nowhere in syd can u get a basic pork banh mi for 4.5 …. those days are long gone … very sad…

  • I wasn't a fan. Lots of filling which was great, the carrot in mine was minced and soggy. Wasn't a fan of what the chicken was marinated in too.

    I miss the chicken rolls :(

  • +3

    Back in my day they were $2! My top 3 Bun Bun Bakery Springvale, Tabac Springvale, Nhu Lan Footscray. Forget this Costco rubbish. Don't even bother with Rolld they're the worst

    • +3

      Phuoc Thanh Bakery’s in Richmond is pretty tasty too. A queue of about 5-10 during lunch time from what I’ve seen though (although a banh mi shop cannot be that good without a queue can it?)

      • +3

        They also have a store in chaddy now

    • +5

      Good advice for people with time machines.

    • +3

      Back in my day you couldn't even get banh mi in Australia.

    • +1

      Nhu Lan rules. RIP to the Richmond one.

      • +1

        Try Bun Bun in Springvalve then. Used to love Nhu Lan till I had a first bite of Bun Bun's banh mi

  • +2

    Not sure how new it is (I rarely venture into Costco), but they also have bubble tea now. It is more of a brown sugar flavoured frappe with pearls than an actual tea, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t tasty.

  • +2

    I don't have a Costco membership, so I'll guess they'll banh mi if I try to buy one

    • Yeah I’m curious you need a membership to buy food?

      • Nope. Just go in the out door to go to memberships and sail straight past the counter to the food court

      • +1

        Don't need membership to buy food :)

        • That's great, had no idea this was a thing :)

  • +1

    Costco not open on public holiday?!?! what is this malarkey?

  • +1

    The sign says it's Vietnamese style banh mi. Means it could be anything in a bread roll really lol I've seen some food reviews on Youtube of Costco food. Seems ok. I've tried the Korean fried chicken and it's awesome.

  • Can not recommend. You're much better off going to your local, my mate couldn't finish his (and I swear we're not snobby!). Bread was the only passable part about this roll.

  • +1


    • Yea their chicken burger was good.

      Bahn Mi wasn't worth me pulling out my phone to swipe…

  • those bahn mi orders take forever. they are already super slow, now time is standing still when i waited for my bahn mi. its ok if you can't get it locally.

    i get it for $5 at the local bakery. in the asian towns you can find them for $3.50-$4, and even as low as 4 for $10. I haven't been back to that bakery, but im pretty sure the price went up due to covid loss of business.

    • footscray bahn mi I used to get $4. 5years ago. Same place now 8.50…

      • whoa, now i'm scared to check out the old place where i use to get 4 for $10

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