[NSW, QLD] Flood Disaster Recovery Payment $1000 Per Eligible Adult, $400 Per Child + 13-Week Disaster Allowance for Lost Income

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NSW Grants
QLD Grants

Australian Government payments
Disaster Recovery Payment – $1,000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child if your home has been severely damaged or destroyed, or you've been seriously injured.
Disaster Recovery Allowance – short-term income assistance (up to 13 weeks) if you've lost income as a direct result of the floods.
New Zealand Disaster Recovery Payment – support for New Zealanders adversely affected by the floods.
New Zealand Disaster Recovery Allowance – support for New Zealanders who have lost income as a result of the floods.

Disaster relief grant
If your home or essential household items have been destroyed or damaged by a natural disaster, you may be eligible for a disaster relief grant.
Call 13 77 88 and ask about the disaster relief grant administered by Resilience NSW.

You have until 3 September 2022 to make a claim for the following Local Government Areas:

Armidale Ballina Bayside
Bega Valley Bellingen Blacktown
Blue Mountains Byron Camden
Campbelltown Canterbury Bankstown Central Coast
Clarence Valley Coffs Harbour Eurobodalla
Fairfield Georges River Glen Innes Severn
Hawkesbury Hornsby Inner West
Kempsey Kiama Kuring-Gai
Kyogle Lismore Liverpool
Mid North Coast Nambucca Newcastle
Northern Beaches Parramatta Penrith
Port Macquarie/Hastings Richmond Valley Ryde
Shellharbour Shoalhaven Sutherland
Tenterfield The Hills Tweed
Wingecarribee Wollondilly Wollongong

You have until 3 September 2022 to make a claim for the following Local Government Areas (LGAs):

Brisbane Bundaberg Cherbourg
Fraser Coast Gladstone Gold Coast
Goondiwindi Gympie Ipswich
Lockyer Valley Logan Moreton Bay
Noosa North Burnett Redland
Scenic Rim Somerset South Burnett
Southern Downs Sunshine Coast Toowoomba
Western Downs

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  • +7

    I'm a sole trader mobile car detailer who lost work for I think around 10 days, my home didn't get damaged luckily but was literally not able to leave the street

    Hopefully it isn't a huge mess around to claim, I don't want to claim tens of thousands just enough for the days I lost

    Will update how I go

    • +4

      Update - apparently license, medicare and birth certificate are not enough to create a digital identity for Centrelink application

      I don't have a passport

      Urghh giving up for tonight

      • +4

        Just call them honestly and ask for a linking code instead, then claim online.

      • yes it should be as none of my family have passports and we have mygov accounts

      • Birth certificate or foreign passport with permanent resident visa will do the trick

      • I had a similar issue until I realised that the problem was I had some ancient contact details that were in their system from some previous stuff when I used Centrelink about 20 years ago. Had to call and get them to update my details and issue a linking code :)

  • +2

    You can follow comments on their FB post. Apparently some people got payment within few minutes while others are waiting for a week.


    • +2

      Based on previous disaster hand outs they were easy for Scammer's to scam .

      • +10

        Gov policy always has to give out the most to those who need it, regardless if some are bad actors. Better to let a few through than to withhold from the many.

    • Still waiting for my so called approved payment. Others I know go it straight away. They rang me on Thursday to confirm my lodgment and asked me for MORE proof that I needed it outside of the photos, insurance claim lodgment proof and the fact that my ceilings/walls as asbestos (uploaded a report verifying that).

  • +7

    Is it a good idea to post this here? This is a genuine hardship payment not something that should be ozbargained by opportunists.

    • +5

      its more of a PSA, Not an opportunity for being to OzB on. People may not be aware they are eliable after losing their homes.

    • +7

      I am in a flood area and appreciate it, I couldn't find the info earlier

    • If your claim is due to property or major assets damage, you must first assess the damage. You may need to provide evidence such as photos to support your claim.

      This stuff is pretty hard to falsify so I don't see many people trying to take advantage of this program

      • One of my aunties did a claim and they didn't ask for any proof. Why would that be? Surely anyone could lie?

        • AI algorithm says your auntie is on the level

        • Wondering if she did the claim online or via a phone call

          • @plal: i did a claim over the phone i think last year for the rain damages and i had to upload photos of my caved in ceiling before it got approved but other i knew didn’t have to prove anything

          • +1

            @plal: Online. No evidence was required.

    • +1

      I had no idea about this and my mother & sister in law have both had their houses made inliveable. Both are now living with friends. They also had no idea about this. So now I can refer them to it and they can get something to help tide them by.

      Yes it can get taken advantage of but it brings awareness to those that otherwise would have never known.

  • Good initiative.
    Gov will need to cut cost somewhere else to make the budget.

    • +16

      I mean, they could use the 5 Billion dollar disaster relief fund that has been put aside for the past 3 years.

      • Or the $16 Billion of "unassigned funds"

  • +8

    As predicted by climate science models 60 years ago.

    The predictions are dire: more severe, longer lasting events (literally storm systems are slowing down as they get far more intense) compounded by other category natural disasters in close proximity or simultaneously. That's the next decade.

      • +5

        Lol u do realise Jesus didn't write those novels.

  • Really hard to know what major means, just classifying “serious” isn’t helpful. We have had to move into the lounge because of water damage in the bedrooms, but it’s not from flooding of creeks or anything, it’s from stormwater drains in our yard and leaking through the roof.

    Any reasonable way to check specifics without a six hour call to Centrelink?

    • Examples of major damage to your principal place of residence can include:
      it’s been destroyed or must be demolished
      it’s been declared structurally unsound
      this disaster has caused major damage to the interior
      this disaster has exposed the interior to the elements
      sewage has gotten inside your home
      this disaster has significantly damaged a major asset or assets you own at your property.

      • +5

        I did see that, it just doesn't clarify anything.

        How does "Examples of major damage" get defined as "caused major damage to the interior".

        Oh good, major damage can include times when there is major damage as long as that damage is major.

    • Just do the claim online through myGov. Much easier.

  • +6

    Seeing the names of some of the suburbs on that list,,, this is gonna be taken advantage of badly

    • Which suburbs?

    • For example:
      you were seriously injured
      you’re the immediate family member of an Australian citizen or resident who died or is missing
      the flood caused major damage to your home.

      If your claim is due to property or major assets damage, you must first assess the damage. You may need to provide evidence such as photos to support your claim.

      This stuff is pretty hard to falsify so I don't see many people trying to take advantage of this program

      • +4

        I know of some at my workplace that have done false claims and gotten the money today. I was stranded but no damage to home they said I should do it but I won't be as I am definitely not eligible. I hope they do some follow ups on claims as it seems very easy to falsify

        • +2

          Well the good thing is the LNP aren't ones to roll out schemes to get the money back, even if the claim was valid.

          Although I do think they need some robo way to reclaim the debt.

        • +2

          Follow ups on 90,000+ applications expected? Wishful thinking?

    • +2

      Just being in the suburb doesn’t mean your automatically eligible, you have to have experienced damage or injury as well. They can audit it and prosecute people who falsify information. I’m Gold Coast, and obviously not all of the Gold Coast was damaged, but the effected areas were not just those that went under. Quite a few people I know on sloping blocks had waterfalls basically running through their house.

    • +4

      definitely agree

      Canterbury bankstown, liverpool, fairfield, blacktown

      they are all gonna rort it massively, especially the canterbury area

      • +1

        as my name suggests, u know where i’m from and 100% i can agree

  • FYI the list of approved areas changes daily so if your area isn't listed but you're affected, keep checking back.

  • +2

    I guess covid doesn't exist anymore….

    • +1

      Nope. It's a whole new(s) cycle!

    • -2

      did it ever?

      • +2

        Probably need to check with those who died to confirm

        • Ahh but they died from something else and the gov is trying to hide it /s.

  • -2

    Genuine question here, why should the Government shell out money because people dont want to pay for insurance for circumstances like this? I dont own a business, but im pretty sure there would be insurances for things like this? Just smells of the Harvey Normans of the world rorting this.

    • +7

      bcz Insurance is generally freaking expensive, not many can afford. Even if you do, the insurers always try to find a way out to not compensate. which is why it's bigggg business.

      Besides, it's not as if govt. is shelling out their own money. Its taxes paid by you and I that goes here.

    • +5

      Surely your aware that insurance doesn't provide cover for everyone… There's whole suburbs that are in flood zones. Your comparing normal working class people to a multimillionaire with his own corporation don't think it's analogous.

      • -1

        So do your due diligence and don't live in a flood zone..

      • -1

        I actually wasnt aware, but i wouldnt buy a Ferrari if i knew i couldnt insure it where i lived

        • Not sure a Ferrari is analogous to a 3 bedroom house in south lismore….

          • @Goremans: Irrelevant of the cost comparison for my point, but okay, if i knew there was a flood plain (which i have before when the wife and i were looking for a block of land), and i did my fact checks about it (which we did and found that it may not be insurable) then i would move on to land that was coverable (which we did).

    • This round of $$$ is meant to help immediately. When has an insurer ever given someone money on the same day?

      • We got burgled on Christmas Eve morning one year, money in the bank that afternoon after providing receipts for the presents purchased. Maybe it was because it was Christmas and we had young kids, not sure.

      • If the Insurer had all the information given within the hour of the claim, yes, they can pay the money on the same day.

    • Believe me if you could see Lismore town and surrounding area, then this would be quite an elaborate Harvey scam. There will always be ppl looking to get something for nothing, there always has been. But this truly is a state of emergency. Lots of arguments as to what a government should provide, from anarchist to libertarians, long story short govs want tax and private enterprise. They know they need to support in times like this. Lots of ppl, lost their businesses and their houses.

      Half the town in Lismore can't get insurance. Companies won't insure the houses. This is the case for thousands and thousands of houses all around Australia as a ton of towns were built on rivers way back.

      If half the town left, Lismore would crash. This includes businesses suffering and all the surrounding areas and townships and their businesses.

      My mother's house went under 2 weeks ago, it was built (raised) to meet 1974 flood, in 2017 it came about 1.5m under 2nd story floor boards. This flood it came 3m above floor boards! No one saw this coming. Insurance has now come back saying they will cover this time but she is no longer insurable.

      This means more than half the town is now re-classified as uninsurable. This is the new norm, it's not greenies or the left arguing this, it large insurance companies realising that if events like this, ( slow moving low pressure systems), 1 in 100 is more likely to happen they need to re-assess their business model. Shitty situation for everyone unfortunately.

      "Story" goes: when lismore was settled the local Indigenous folk told them don't build the town down near the river, build it up on the hill (Goonellabah/Lismore Heights), because it floods. Not sure if it's true, but I suppose it was easier to get the timber on a ship and booz off a ship closer to river, it probably wouldn't have made sense to do. But would probably be better in hindsight.

  • +2

    Thats my whole point i guess, I pay for my insurances, why should i (and others) pay extra taxes to cover this. If i dont pay for car insurance and hit someone, thats my own stupid fault, i wouldnt be crying to the Government to suck taxes from hard working Aussies to fix my car.

    • agree mate… there's always 2 sides to the story… nobody is right and nobody is wrong…

      • True. Just frustrating, you work your guts out, pay all the right things and keep getting taxed to cover things like this. Bit like the health insurance scam

    • From someone who works in Insurance, I agree that you have a valid argument.

      But, the flipside of the argument is that people cannot get insurance in that area. Or, if they can, it's 4x more expensive than anywhere that isn't marked as "flood prone".

      Additionally, all of this money is the Federal Government being like "my bad" on selling city councils "residential" land that they knew was flood prone.

    • The "hard working Australian's" drum is a little done.

      Plenty of hard working (tax paying) ppl in my town mate. Only half of them could get insurance. It's not a matter of not wanting too…the companies won't insure them. I know of a street in Lismore that because a hardworking diesel depot owner didn't secure their tanks (after being directed to after the 2017 flood) the houses on the street are now all condemned because of contamination: insured or not they've lost everything. Many have just bought their properties…they were woking hard…paying taxes…trying to get into the property market..giving it a go…

      3 grand each is not much to get them out to the shit huh?

      Interesting side fact regarding the none-hard-working Australians (happy to be fact checked):

      82.6% of taxpayer receipts are paid towards social security and welfare bill.

      Only 7% of the “welfare bill” goes to support the unemployed and sick.

      Do some calculation of how much of every dollar of tax you pay goes to a job seeker. I'll give u a hint… it's not a lot.

      Excluding the anomaly of the pandemic. There has traditionally always been fewer jobs vacancies than unemployed. This means some people will never gets jobs, as the jobs aren't there to get. In otherwords, there will always be "lazy" Australians. This gets worse if you incorrectly calculate the underemployed.



      Context Disclaimer: I've worked and paid taxes from the day I could legally do so (i think 13 / 9 months).

      • Its a shit sandwich i agree, but my point still remains, if you buy in a flood plain, expect it to flood at some point in life.

        • It's crazy that a slow moving low pressure system can cause this much destruction all up and down the east coast. One township near us, Kyogle, realised that part of the town was down in a flood zone and after every flood they bought up a few houses and allowed ppl to relocate. Obviously expensive but govs need to start acting on some long term mitigation plans. There was a plan to make a man made overflow for Lismore which could help a little. But ultimately all the towns on rivers along the coast will need to start acting over the next 20-30 years to adapt. Forgetting climate change: there is nothing stopping the same system coming through in another 5-10 years or even next year. I'll never buy in a flood zone myself ever. It's not worth it imo

          • @Goremans: So true, Australia flooding one day, burning the next.

  • We live rural with a shared private dirt/gravel road that gets smashed every summer with floods, especially these recent ones. I've heard conflicting things. Can we claim $1000 for road and fence damage?

    • In the last floods one of the conditions was damage to the internals only.

  • Hell yeah free money!

  • +1

    Lots of people got away with fraud last time and got approved again in minutes this time 🤮

  • Great they have an emergency payment but for people with homes destroyed or demolished it’s nowhere near enough.

    • This payment is to assist in the short term for essential needs. Their insurance companies will need to look after the rest.

  • +1

    we had damage on the roof from the rain, can i claim this payment or is it just water damage from floods? i.e. just anything on ground level

    • +2

      Choose "other" and put that details. They will let you know the outcome once submitted. No one can answer you from here. Let them do the decision.

  • When you read the details of the damage claim. It’s meant to be for actual floodwaters in your main residence, and or roof damage causing significant rain to enter.

    It’s not meant to be for people whose boots and mower got wet in the shed.

    Regarding external damage, seems you cant claim for exterior of main residence. But you can if major assets on property are damaged. So if a fence/shed/pumps etc needs replacing you should be able to make a claim for those.

  • Anyone know if this is tax free?

  • I put a claim on Monday morning and still being processed, still no outcome on Wednesday morning

  • My swimming pool got filled with flood water may be sewage as well lot of mud is in pool now.
    Do I qualify for this grant?

    • If it's an indoor swimming pool and internals are effected. Yes qualified

  • It must be an election year.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. W.C.

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