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[NSW] $50 off Your First Order of Ready-Made Meals + $7.50 SYD Next Day Delivery @ ChefPrep


$50 off your first order

Enter code '50OFF' at checkout. 1 use per customer. Promo ends 8 March @ 11.59pm.


Edit: Free delivery is no longer available according to 3 reports.

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    Very expensive! Seems to be $15-$30 mostly for single meals lots of the lower priced ones being pies, pasta or Indian style curry (butter chicken, Thai chicken ect) that you can buy through other meal delivery services for $6-$8 in a bundle/subscription pack. Some look really nice though and definitely a step up from the average given they get the meals from a variety of restaurants but I think is only for people who eat out a lot and aren't too worried about the cost. Even at half price it's a bit expensive for me but I live in the wrong state so the point is mute.
    I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it though to hear how good the food is. Maybe there's lots of people happy to pay $15+ for frozen meals (convenience) if they prove to be high quality.

  • nice.
    grabbed myself some chocolate fondant, chicken& mushroom dumplings and the beef orzotto for $8.05 delivered.
    hopefully it rocks up when I booked delivery and is decent.
    admittedly I probably wouldn't buy these normally as they seem rather pricey for the amount, although I find that when I look at most of these meal kits/pack things.

  • With $50 off, it's worth a try. But I don't see how anyone is paying ~$25 + ~$7.50 = for a mushroom risotto.

  • This has dangerous abuse potential.. is there anything stopping you from ordering 50 of these seeing its freezer friendly

    • by creating different accounts**

    • Can't they know if it's a duplicate by mobile number or address ?

  • +1

    $7.50 charged for delivery even if you spend $50 or more

    • Cart <50 after voucher = 7.50 shipping
      Cart ≥50 after voucher = 0.00 shipping

      Tested with postcode 2000. YMMV

    • I am also still getting charged $7.50. More than $50 spend after the $50 voucher applied too.

      • I don't know why the discrepancy but this is what I see with a test run. Good luck.


        • When I proceeded with Pay now, price updated with a $7.5 delivery fee

  • Can confirm that free shipping does not work.

    Still not a bad dead with $7.50 shipping

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