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Huawei X1 Android Smartphone - Optus Prepaid. Only $29 after Sharing Discount + $17.95 Delivery


Buy the Huawei X1 Black - Optus Prepaid on Sale now from MobiCity for $39 and save an extra $10 by using the social discount voucher on the product page.

This prepaid phone is heavily discounted from the original RRP. It was acquired in a bulk lot and is priced to move. This locked stock can be used on Optus as is, or you can have it unlocked for free after purchasing $80 of Optus credit.

The Huawei Ideos X1 packs smartphone technology into a very affordable package. The device runs Android 2.2 operating system and features a 2.8 inch 240x320 resolution QVGA capacitive touchscreen display. The camera is 3.2MP, and there is full connectivity on board. The device uses Qualcomm MSM7225 clocked at 528 MHz.

Other prominent features of Huawei Ideos X1 are Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5mm headset jack, MicroSD card support, proximity and ambient light sensor, Google Maps / Google Search / Gmail / Google Play and integrated social media clients including Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Android Market?? ;-)
    It's changed name now…

  • +2

    Cheers, updated to Google Play in the description. Probably is the Market out of the box though and updates to Play once connected though.

  • Not a bargain, LG spirit telstra deal from coles is better specs and value.

    • but locked to telstra

      • +1

        and this is locked to Optus…

        • +1

          yeah but being locked to optus means you can get cheaper phone service than telstra, can also use not just Optus but also Virign mobile and I think TPG sim as well.

          For me its a cheap pocket modem gor 3g and android tether.

          also for slightly more you can get this from goodguys for $79 less the 20% off gift card thing, comes to about $64

        • I can confirm it works with LiveConnected, so similarly it should work with other Optus resellers too.

        • I can confirm that Optus-locked phones work with TPG sims. My wife has this exact phone, locked to Optus, with a TPG sim, and it works fine. Had to install a task-killer program, however, to kill off the pre-installed non-removable Optus "crapware".

    • Another option, X3 is on sale at Woolies again this week for $69 (locked to Vodafone, but I & others unlocked free on Vodafone site). So plenty of better choices.

      Note: you need a FlyBuys card to buy LG spirit telstra deal from coles.

      • I bought an X3 at Woolies a few weeks ago, same $69 deal, but when I go to the Vodafone unlock web page, it says it has no record of my phone. Do I have to activate the Vodafone SIM card that came with the phone first?

    • LG Spirit Telstra - you can buy the unlock code from eBay for about $2.30. Huawei X3 Vodafone, well generally, if you are lucky, you can get the unlock code free on Vodafone site.

      In terms of hardware, LG Spirit is probably slightly ahead. Both need to be hacked a bit before you can use Adobe Flash.

      One thing though, if you planned to buy this for someone who prefers a language other than English:

      For Chinese, Japanese and Korean - choose X3.
      For German, Spanish, French, Icelandic, Italian and other European languages or Korean - choose LG Spirit.

      X3 is probably slightly easier to root.

      • how can you run flash on Huawei X3 or LG Spirit? CPU is ARMv6 and minimum requirement for Flash is ARMv7

        • I can use YouTube on my Huawei u8150, which pre-dates the Ideos X1, but it has a low frame rate, about 6 fps. The Ideos X1 is almost exactly the same as the u8150, but with fewer hardware buttons on the front panel. The Ideos X1 is also known as the u8180.

          If I save the videos from Youtube and watch them later with QQplayer (free on Google play), I get MUCH smoother video on my u8150.

          You asked about the Ideos X3 - it is better again, as it has a GPU. I just tried it on Youtube (through WiFi), and it was smooth, no problems.

        • LG Optimus Spirit is known as LG Optimus Net elsewhere.
          Chech this:

          Remember, it is a hack (you need root access) and do not move the app to SD.

          GSMArena says X3 supports Adobe Flash out of the box (not sure how true it is). Otherwise, google and search for a way to install it.

  • I can't imagine using a smartphone with a 240x320 display

    • I can't imagine using any phone with a 240x320 display, let alone a smartphone!

  • +6

    shipping kills it…..

    • yeah good if you are in Qld and can pickup but still a $10 handling fee.

      I am going to see if I can get an other store to match the price.

  • What is $10 discount code?

  • @zhenwen you can claim the voucher by hitting the "$10 Off, Share for Coupon" button on the top right of the deal URL.

    • How can I buy 3 to get free shipping with $39 each?

  • -2

    $39 pick up free instore for Harvey Norman



    $39.5 pick up free instore for Australia Post


    • +1

      Not a fair comparison IMO. That telstra smart is resistive screen, running android 2.1 and its locked to Telstra.

  • The LG spirit from Coles is better and less than $10 to unlock online.

  • meh. overrated

  • It's a crappy phone. Dont waste ur time and money.

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