How Many of You Who Enter Comps Have Multiple Accounts?

I got into comping in the last week, I was wondering if many people would go out of their way to have 2 or more accounts to enter, I find one enough for myself but i could see having 5 accounts would give you way better odds to win if you really just want to win a lot. For me its more just for fun.


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    Make sure you're not using your primary account as most competitions are designed purely to harvest user data. Many of them are fake too.

  • Yeh I was thinking some of them are also set up to try and get you to enter passwords for facebook etc and steal it.

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    5, why stop there? 69 better.

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    I've entered a few hundred prizes and only won a free game from MSI on Facebook. Don't bother with gleam prizes.

    • if you are really interested in winning comps, especially those on Facebook and Instagram u need to post all the time, hashtag every company u can, get as many followers and add everyone

      my wife entered and have a won a few, she does a little bit of that. her friend that does all thatvall the time (hashtags ever product she buys and service) she wins something weekly

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        so you saying they only award it to influncers?

      • That sounds like lot like influencing rather than entering comps like I did. I even had a twitter retweeting bot and it didn't help

  • How Many of You Who Enter Comps Have Multiple Accounts?

    what do you mean by "account"?

    • Multiple emails, Instas, Facebooks etc.

  • Have won actually a few giveaways/comps from this site, some from gleam and some from others.

    I only use 1 account (a spam one just for giveaways), would take too long and be too much effort to use more than that imo.

    It also takes up a relatively generous chunk of your time, can't imagine how long it would take to handle 3 or 4 different emails and having to sift through them to see if you've won or not.

    • Yeh that is true just to look if you won is a task, I imagine if you have more accounts you might even miss seeing you won if you skim read too fast.

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    Most of the comps I have won are game of skills. Won the ozbargain one. And a jbhifi one thirty words or less

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    I just use one spam email account. Unless it's something I really want then I might ask my partner to enter as well.

  • I been using main insta maybe I will change this but I made a quick 2nd Instagram, it made it easier to tag a friend not really using it to enter twice :) also Instagram has a switch log in so its pretty quick.

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